Bravo Producers Come To Teresa’s Defense- Plus They Say Melissa Was Never A Stripper!

After all the allegations that Teresa Giudice set-up Melissa Gorga in the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo Producers are now coming to Teresa’s defense. Lauren Manzo tweeted, “Guys! Want the best tweets for tonight’s ep?! Follow our producers @PurveyorsofPop! They know more than us! Theyre live tweeting tonight!” So that’s just what we did. Bravo Producers are coming to Teresa’s defense, you can see screen shots of their tweets below!


So there you have it! Bravo Producers defending Teresa wasn’t involved in a set up! So who was it, Kim D? They also clarify that Melissa wasn’t a stripper or a dancer. Interesting information…

Tell Us- Who do YOU think was involved in the set-up?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter