Bravo Producers Come To Teresa’s Defense- Plus They Say Melissa Was Never A Stripper!

After all the allegations that Teresa Giudice set-up Melissa Gorga in the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo Producers are now coming to Teresa’s defense. Lauren Manzo tweeted, “Guys! Want the best tweets for tonight’s ep?! Follow our producers @PurveyorsofPop! They know more than us! Theyre live tweeting tonight!” So that’s just what we did. Bravo Producers are coming to Teresa’s defense, you can see screen shots of their tweets below!


So there you have it! Bravo Producers defending Teresa wasn’t involved in a set up! So who was it, Kim D? They also clarify that Melissa wasn’t a stripper or a dancer. Interesting information…

Tell Us- Who do YOU think was involved in the set-up?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter


12 Replies to “Bravo Producers Come To Teresa’s Defense- Plus They Say Melissa Was Never A Stripper!”

  1. Key words : “As far as we know”…get over it, trolls. Your troll Queen Teresa is actually more malicious than any of the other ladies.

  2. Connor go back and watch the last two episodes. I will have to be #TeamTeresa on this one… Not only did she leave the room when KIM D. Was gossiping; but when the bald guy went to the table… LOOK AT HER FACE… That is not the face of someone who has a master set up plan… She looks freaked Out of her mind and very uncomfortable. As a family member I would want my brother or sister in law to tell me if someone was spreading rumors. Teresa took Mel to the side to let her know what was going on. Mel Overreacted. Riddle me this: If Jac knew the day before that she heard something was going to go down…why didn’t she warn Mel…? Why did Caroline have a giant smerk the whole the time…? I think Kim D wanted something to happen…and it did… If anything she planned everything and tried using Tre as a scapegoat. Lets not forget Melissa- she is the one who contacted Danielle Staub because you hated Teresa so much. Just Saying.

  3. Actually, Angelo told allabouttrh a long time ago that Mel was a stripper. Allabouttrh showed that Angelo lied, that Mel was a bartender. I don’t believe that Tre set her up, but I do believe that SOMEONE did.

  4. Oh yeah…. so who was exactly involved huh Bravo?!?! I cant get past where Jac says that there was a “mutual friend” that knew 2 wks prior to the event…why didnt Jac or the other friend confronted Teresa or alerted Melissa? ..that would make them accomplices, no?

  5. Like I once said don’t like to point fingers at anyone, but if Jacqueline is a good friend of Melissa like she says she is. But then not tell her. Carolyn is mean and selfish along with her daughter. I can’t believe how she raised her children to be selfish has she is. If Carolyn likes to attack people that she dislike and have that smirk look at all times, what example is she giving to herself and her daughter. Come on little daughter you need to get some manners. If they Carolyn, Jacqueline, Teresa, if they were all friends for a long time, why all of it sudden they both turn against Terasa. Maybe after all Carolyn and Jacqueline were never her friends. Melissa please let the truth come out about Danielle and I live Danielle dearly, wish she was coming back. Please ladies high school is over and done, face your problems like normal adults would. My last word is, why is Carolyn always have a smirk on her face, and always looks so miserable on the show. And why she always has that look on her face when someone talks, that look of vicious, Carolyn it’s rude of you. Give a chance when some one talk and look like a person that is listening not being smirking all the time. If you want to post please do

  6. Who has contact with “stripper bars”? The Manzos. Caroline and her kids are behind the set-up. Now she has permanently divided Jacqueline and Theresa and that was her motive.

  7. Bravo says it came to Tresea Defence well spill the beans who set up Tresea. Oh my it was one of BRAVO’S producers CAT dint know her last name but she was texting Jac so come BRAVO tell the truth

    1. Her name I think is Cat Rodriguez from the crew Bravo hired to film NJ. Teresa is the one that got set up. Jax assisted with the set up by blaming Teresa in an attempt to make Tre look bad. All a big phoney plot that Jax was part of. Last year’s crew was fired for aiding and abetting the Manzo/Laurita/Gorga crowd.

  8. They adimitted that Angelo didn’t say Teresa was in on it it was edited by Cat Rodriguez!!!Melissa even knew about the set-up!!!!It was supposed to make her look like the victim, and make Teresa look bad!!!

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