Bravo Producer Didn’t Know Vanderpump Rules Would Be a Success

With Vanderpump Rules being one of Bravo’s biggest hits, it is kind of shocking to hear that a producer at Bravo wasn’t sure it would be a hit at all. Bravo’s executive producer Ryan Flynn, who has been working on the series since season one, spoke with the Daily Dish about the show.

“We knew there was something really interesting and special about it,” Ryan said. “But I think the biggest concern in the halls of Bravo with Vanderpump Rules that first season is we are a network that’s known for showing sort of exclusive luxury—you know people, places, houses that the average viewer never gets a view into and loves it. They love that exclusive look into a world that they don’t have access to, and we were turning our cameras on to cocktail servers, hostesses and bartenders with apartments that have cottage cheese ceilings and window air conditioning units, something like a lot of places we’ve all lived in in our 20s.”

Even with the producers concerns, there was one person who helped the show get to where it is today.

“You know, Lisa Vanderpump was really and still is in many ways our entree into that world. We knew we could always ground ourselves in the familiar Bravo world of Lisa Vanderpump,” he said. “And you know a talented, successful restaurateur with her house and her dogs and her swans and her multiple businesses, and we could always deliver on that while also living in the world of small claustrophobic apartments and in cheap clothing. It just…it worked.”

The other big concern was whether or not the viewers would even like the SURvers.

“I think the concern about Vanderpump Rules early on was just that [question] will people want to invest in these people who, you know not to be mean, but can be shallow and vapid and in many ways lives are very simple day to day,” Ryan added. “And as you responded, the answer is yes.”

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  1. Duh…put beautiful people who are vindictive, shallow, and mean girls/crybabies, and of course you have a hit!

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