Bravo Plans To Fire Kim Richards From RHOBH? Kyle Threatens To Quit?


According to a new report by RadarOnline, Bravo executives are planning to fire Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards after this season because her storyline is “boring.” “The network is not entirely happy with the ratings for the current season of Beverly Hills and sadly, despite being Paris Hilton‘s aunt, she has little going on in her life,” a production source tells the site. “Viewers don’t care about watching Kim’s dog getting training. It’s boring!”

But this decision could cause problems for the network because Kim’s protective sister, Kyle Richards has threatened to quit the show if her sister is fired. “As you can imagine, Kyle is very unhappy about Bravo’s plans. She has made no secret of that fact that she’ll threaten to quit if her sister is fired.” The source adds, that the main reason is because the show is the “only steady income that Kim has and Kyle doesn’t want to financially support her again.”

Ratings for RHOBH are at a steady decline. According to BravoRatings, the show has suffered a 30% loss in viewership.

However, RumorFix is reporting these rumors are NOT true. The site’s source reveals, “It will be a while before next season is discussed.”

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Thank you baby Jesus! Its about time! dont let the door hit her where the good lord split her on the way out either! Kyle too! if she quits when Kim is(hopefully) fired that’ll be even better! I mean seriously this has been looooooong overdue! seriously 90% of her stuff is about her dog for Pete’s sake! riveting tv…. said no one. and if rhobh is her only income then maybe she should manage that money better n not be buying a $200,000 trying to showboat and impress people in front of the camera! especially if you’ve got no income… Read more »

A $200,000 Bentley* lol

Knowing bravo, Kim will be demoted next season, rather than be axed completely. That or Kim and Kyle will fight again to drum up storylines for each other

Hey Sam, I can’t agree with you more and the hundreds of other people that have seen through these two sisters what I actually call “s*** stirring Twisted Sisters” because I have never seen such immaturity and I am begging Bravo and All things Real Housewives to start campaigning for Bravo to allow Kyle to Quit! Both sister’s storylines are so ridiculous that I put nothing past these two sisters that clearly have not grown up since there “has been” childhood acting days and when they mention Paris their niece they clearly still have not gotten the memo that she… Read more »


Let the viewers decide who stays and who goes. Get rid of yolanda, brandi, kim and kyle richards. Keep lisa, carlton, and Joyce!

Two points: 1) Kyle would not be missed. Her story line is hawking her local dress store. 2) I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t quit. She’s never put her sister above her own wants.

Kyle is a fame-monger (in place of a word that would probably not be approved by the moderator). 🙂

She would either stay on, or be fired. I highly doubt she would quit. She craves being relevant – just like Kim.

Kim is hanging by her sister’s shoestring. Let her go and if her sister (faker) wants to quit let her go too! But she is too much of a faker to really go if Kim is let go!

It’s about time… Bye Bye Kim.. you got nothing to give..

I agree! I’ve been ready for her to go for a LONG time!

They usually don’t decide on any casting changes until after the reunion which will probably film in the next few weeks. I do however believe if bravo is discussing who to fire, Kim is at the top of the list. If they do let her go she should be replaced with someone like Lydia from RHOC who has a quirky naiveté, similar to Kim.

I will admit that Kim has grown on me this season. She is harmless and I wish her well in her recovery. If anyone needs to be fire, it should be Brandi and Carlton instead!

I love kim and her narratives during the show. Id be totally bummed if she left the show. Kim received $25,000 a month from her divorce settlement so this show is not her only source of income….just FYI

I too wish Kim much success, she really grew on me this season, however, if Kyle isn’t happy bcuz sis might get her walking papers then I have one word for Kyle, Bye!

Now Bravo needs to get rid of Brandi, Yolanda and Carlton, these two useless do-nothing’s need the Axe big time!!! Bring in wealthy, interesting, charity Divas surrounded by loving friends & family, Bravo would then have my full attention!!!!!!!!

I agree, yaya. Brandi and Carlton should get the axe! While I don’t completely dislike Yolanda, I wonder why sometimes she is not on the show. For example, this past week, she wasn’t featured at all. I remember this happened once or twice last season. I wonder why they would keep Yolanda on full-time if she is not present every episode.

bye and kyle dont be stupid but so long if you go with her

fire them all!

No Kim has not been harmless this season. shes the same old kim. randomly out of nowhere picking fights with people over absolutely nothing to be more relevant and get the camera turned on her. relentlessly going after lisa for not going to her kids party. get over it! Lisa was not obligated or required by law to attend lol so who gives a rip where she was or wasnt. lisa also didn’t have to send an expensive gift either but she did. she rsvp’d no. that means no. end of discussion. also kim is the last person who should… Read more »

Yes please! Get rid of boring, incoherent Kim and Kyle and take Brandi with them.

Truthfully, I read the blogs but no longer watch the shows….The HW’s are all the same: screaming,
drinking and each season they pick on one person.

I would much rather watch Kim and her dog!

They should fire Kim (lack of storyline), Carlton (lack of interaction with others) and Brandi (eventhough I used to love her in season 2-3, she shot herself in the foot this season with all her controversy).

Which would leave Yolanda, Lisa, Joyce, Kyle. They should add 2 new ladies (3 would be too much, we need to actually get to know the families).