Bravo Planning To Fire RHOBH Carlton Gebbia?


There are more rumors of a cast shakeup on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as RadarOnline is reporting producers are looking to give Carlton Gebbia the axe next. An insider tells the site that Carlton “hasn’t struck a chord with fans of the show this year. Producers are planning on firing her after this season…they are planning on revamping the entire cast like they did with the New York franchise of the Bravo show.”

“With ratings down, it’s absolutely essential that the show get back to it’s original theme. Over-the-top lifestyles, parties and an influx of celebrities would also be good. Carlton’s witch storyline is just creepy and weird. Viewers have sounded off on social media against Carlton, with some saying they are just grossed out by her sex room and lingerie. It’s just so forced,” the source continues.

The insider revealed that fans want to see more of, “Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, Brandi and Joyce,” adding, “Producers could ask those ladies for recommendations on potential housewives. The cast is just fighting over ridiculous nonsense, and it doesn’t make any sense. There is a lot of pressure to make sure the next cast members are a hit with the audience.”

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  1. Most of this story sounds believable, until I got to the part where it said fans want to see more of Brandi. Sorry, but that’s just absolutely ludicrous when Brandi is enraging viewers left and right. The vast majority are revolted by her! I bet if Bravo took an honest poll of who to yank off the show, Brandi’s name would be #1 on that list, hands down. No doubt Carlton is a huge FAIL, and she should be on the chopping block, but not before Brandi. I would scrutinize the source of that particular bit before posting such nonsense.

    1. Agree. Carlton has to go! Kim is doing well on her personal life but BORING! Joyce is really annoying and not entertaining at all. Love Lisa! Give her daughter a shot. Brandi, well how many drunk stories are left. Get with it Bravo!!!!!

      1. I cannot agree with the person who submitted the above comments this recasting was long overdue and should have been done after the second season! Kim’s whole story is about a DOG, but more surprising and upsetting is that Bravo is not at all mentioning that they plan on getting rid of Brandi Glanville, now let me tell you I have never heard someone in the media offend most every single warm bodied person in America with her salacious, vile comments and she’s constantly getting book deals?? They are actually going to be launching her second book in February? Why are they backing up is this drunken wreck of a woman when she has to be poured into a car. SHE makes these reckless, tacky remarks THAT would hurt victims of actual molestation and my sister was molested at 14 and she just turned 21 how dare someone that married a D list actor and got a break and couldn’t turn her sailor trash mouth around and make a good example to her sons of what a single mother can do without any help from a man, but instead we see her continuously drunk staying up podcast were these remarks were made once and then again on Bravo’s executive producer, Andy Cohen on his show “watch what happens live!” Can we please send this train wreck, by derailing her and giving her a pink slip and tell her to take a walk instead of have a seat!

    2. I so agree! Bravo got it right during the first season with showing the extravagant lifestyles of classy ladies mixed in with drama. When they brought in Brandi (who doesn’t fit in with the original classy group of women with money), it started to become trashy and depressing. When she became officially on-board, it got worse. Now Carlton is there, there’s a deeper level of trashiness and negativity. Although Yolanda annoys me and I miss the original cast members, she does fit in. If Carlton is still on this show next season, I’ll be done with RHOBH.

  2. Well thank God! Bye Bye Carlton! Although I do want Kyle to stay on the show. I like Kyle. I know that BROVO is looking to Axe Kim too, but Kyle is a huge part of the show. I guess it would be hard to continue on a shoe that fires your sister. 🙁

    1. Totally agree…cannot wait to see Carlton go. Hard to watch any scene she is in. Kyle and Kim are great and let’s face it, Kim has come a long way. Her story line may not be fun but she is real. While you are at it, get rid of drunken Brandi.

    1. Me too. Giant chip on her shoulder. Loves to fight with anyone. She has NO CLASS and looks and acts like trailor trash pulled up into Beverly Hills. Contradicts herself constantly NOTHING APPEALING about her at all!! Should NOT BE ON THIS SHOW!! RUINING THE WHOLE GROUP. SEEMS BRAVO made 2 bad choices this season bitchy ,shock value,ex-porno girl Carlton and Way too full of herself Joyce. both very annoying people. Makes you actually miss Taylor and Adrianne!! Didn’t like Kyle at all on Brandi’s 1st season. She was cruel but now like her and feel she’s being ridiculously picked on by mostly Carlton. Get rid of the weird self proclaimed “witch”!! SHE’S. S JOKE!

  3. I do NOT want to see more of Brandi. She does not live up to the standards of wealth, power, refinement and elegance that the others portray on the show. She is trash and is the reason the show is tanking. I hope Bravo finally comes to their senses in light of Brandi’s latest scandal regarding the child molestation “jokes.” She should be fired and needs to be taught a lesson. If she is returning next season I won’t be watching because all that tells me is that Bravo is rewarding her for her bad behavior and that is unacceptable.

    1. well no shit they are bringing her back idiot, she’s the DRAMA…they want drama. i’m sorry but you all complain about her and want her off, but the minute all the drama is gone and it’s boring again you would be bitching about that too.

      1. Umm, speak for yourself bitch. I don’t want to see that kind of drama on my television screen, okay? Yes, drama is fine, but not the kind that bitch brings. PS, don’t worry about me or what I do, focus on yourself. Asshole

    2. SDC — I know myself, as well as many of my friends, were faithful watchers of the RHOBH but have decided to quit watching since Brandi and Carlton came. They have ruined that show. If I wanted to see childish bullies, I would go to the school yard. I hate that Yolanda is becoming as childish as them, and I hope that once they are gone, Yolanda will remember that she is a lady and much better than to act like Brandi and Carlton. If she continues to acts like Brandi, then I think she should get the axe too.

      1. I completely agree. I am truly disturbed by Carlton. She is disgusting and creepy! Brandi is just a drunken moron. You can’t helo stupid and for that, she needs to go. I am so happy that someone else see what the high and mighty Yolanda is really all about. I would love to see her go with her fake relationship, along with the other two.

  4. Get rid of Kim, Brandi and Carlton… other’s I’d digest somehow… to be honest, the original cast was much more interesting, even Camille and Taylor, let alone Adrienne…

  5. Yes, Carlton has got to go! She tries to hard to be this alternative, edgy chick; yet, she makes me uncomfortable to watch. That insider is also wrong about fans wanting to see more of the Brandi and Joyce feud. Viewers are tired of it and want Brandi gone! In fact, there is even a petition to get Brandi off the show as nobody wants to see Brandi go through her downward spiral!

  6. This is the BEST news so far- Get rid of Carlton- I never liked her from the beginning. She’s extremely inappropriate for the show and is clearly cheating on her poor husband with every woman around. She quiet disgusts me.

      1. Alex — yes I am sure they heard of open marriages, but I (as well as many others) don’t want to see it as entertainment. Calling Jackque what you did is certainly not classy. Where do you get off thinking that YOUR view is the RIGHT view and others that disagree are (as you so intelligently put it) “narrow minded loser”.

    1. I agree Carlton is gross, she is English rubbish. She thinks because her husband has money that it suddenly makes her upper crust, not. She is a petty bitch and must go. Hopefully her husband will divorce her and she will have to move back to England

  7. Although I like Carlton (more than Joyce actually) she would be the first I would get rid of. She has very little story line and Is pretty much uninvolved in any of the drama this season. Kim is the next I would axe, once again I like her but no storyline. I hope Kyle is still around next season though, I want to see her and Lisa reunite before either one leaves the show.

  8. Carlton is weird, boring, and quite frankly doesn’t connect with the audience of Bravo. I don’t even know what her story line is.As sad that I am to say this, Kim needs to go too. She should have been gone long ago. She just isn’t exciting. I am happy she’s sober but there’s not much to her. Joyce is annoying and Brandi is good entertainment if it was bad girls club or her own show. Other than that, she doesn’t belong on this show. I wish the housewife franchise would go back to the way it was. Now it’s all about trashy drama.

  9. I believe Carlton is too weird for the show but I do agree Brandi has to go for her comments, she’s a train wreck. I would like to see Bravo fire her or I may have to boycott the station for awhile and I would hate to do that since I do like most of the housewives

  10. glad she won’t be back….. totally fake lady… and Brandi!!! I won’t be watching next year if she is signed on again…. that’s not entertainment

    1. Cin – I don’t watch now because of this duo and will certainly join you next season if they are on this show. I am aware that one or two viewers not watching the show is not going to make any headway with the producers, but if many more would join the ranks, then maybe they might rethink this terrible duo and their effect on the fans of this show.

  11. I think Carlton met her husband on the set of the soft core porn they made. Wonder why no one has brought that up. She is so ostentatious with her sexuality, yet this seems to be a secret.

  12. RHOBH is now a train wreck. You have three BIG bullies: Brandi, Carlton, and, yes, Yolanda (what a fake). Lisa is a type of bully, but she should stay on the show. I love Kyle – it’s great seeing a couple staying together anywhere – especially in Bev Hills. Please fix the mess.

  13. Can’t stand Carlton. Never before has a housewife been so vile. Please fire her Bravo. I don’t know if I can watch anymore if she’s on next season. Not one attractive thing about her…….nothing!!!!

  14. I agree with the majority of comments. Carlton is HIDEOUS inside and out. She has no redeeming qualities and I can hardly stand to watch her. Brandi has no class at all and no respect for anything. Get rid of both of them.

  15. Please fire Carlton. She is the worst thing that has happened to this show.
    The sister duo is one of the best parts of the show. Please keep Kim and Kyle.

  16. i dislike Carleton she is weird nd her wicca bs brandi is rude and acts like high school but face it she’s 41 years old

  17. I cant stand Carlton!! There is no class anywhere in her nasty body… Saying someone was talking shit about her, maybe it was all the people watching her on the show… Brandi seems to be calming down and im likeing her alittle more.. Kim, shes to boring and some of the things she says and does, annoys me… I just started watching the show this season and Carlton needs to go…

  18. Bravo/andy cohen: Can’t wait for Carlton to go! She was a huge mistake for this show. Where did you all find her? Please consider bringing back Adrienne & Paul. I don’t even remember who Carlton’s husband is or what he does for a living or even his name, but I remember Paul! That tells you something. Carlton could be on her own show or a different show, but not a fit for this show.

  19. Carlton: You are So Disguisting.. You are a Witch, I feel sorry for your husband and Children… You are so Filthy Mouthed You should be Ashamed..And your a Filthy Porn Star…Go Away!! Be GONE!!

  20. WoW!! Carlton… Shut the He** up with the Wiccan Are A Witch but With No power on this Earth… GoD is Much more Powerful than Your Practicing of Witchcraft As We all know God Created Earth and Your Nature Belief or Your BS Remeber::GOD created the Heavens and the Earth, the light, the Darkness,waters, land,Nite,Day,Living Creatures,water creatures,GOD said let us make Man in his own image,Male/Female..GOD Created All.. His power is Much More Stronger Than Any….Mrs…Gebbia

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