Is Bravo Planning To Fire Brandi Glanville From RHOBH?


There are more rumors surrounding controversial Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville’s fate on the show. First, she revealed she was thinking about quitting the show and now a new report reveals the network might fire her first.

Brandi “has stirred s–t to get attention,” a source told US Weekly. “And it’s backfiring.”

The insider reveals that Andy Cohen has also had enough of Brandi’s antics. “He thinks her actions aren’t a good look for the show,” another source tells the mag.

And Brandi is firing back at the report, saying she isn’t so fond of how Andy has treated her either!

“I was just really sick of the questions that he was asking!” Brandi told HollywoodLife. “Get some new questions. I can write them for you if you’d like. He knows better than that. I decided to call bullsh-t on bullsh-t. He’s my boss, but it’s bullsh-t.”

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56 Replies to “Is Bravo Planning To Fire Brandi Glanville From RHOBH?”

    1. AGREED..why is she even on the show..a housewive to whom?? I think she is a total wanna be..& she is like a leech upon the wealthy@@@@@ I personally can’t stand her…she is crude…she is rude…she is totally NOT classy…..she is a free-loader……..Good riddens bit$h!!!!!!!!!

  1. Well this since both Brandi and Andy are not beneath faking out or setting up audiences for (wink, wink) “jokes” it could be just a big old PR stunt to build up ratings for the RHOBH reunion. However, just a probable it could be Brandi doing what Brandi does best setting HERSELF up for more bridge burning. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  2. Brandi should have been Gone 3 seasons ago her Mouth has done nothing but hurt people season after season .Brandi has a Problem and I’m not talking Kim, Kyle ,Adrienne ,Taylor ,Joyce ,Camille ,Lisa V ,Eileen or even Faye for this Matter her issue are with her LONG gone Ex Husband Eddie and his Mistress Now Happily Married Wife LeAnn . she needs off this show and join a show that talks and deal with her real Life Problems

  3. Brandi should have been Gone 3 seasons ago her Mouth has done nothing but hurt people season after season .Brandi has a Problem and I’m not talking Kim, Kyle ,Adrienne ,Taylor ,Joyce ,Camille ,Lisa V ,Eileen or even Faye for this Matter her issue are with her LONG gone Ex Husband Eddie and his Mistress Now Happily Married Wife LeAnn . she needs off this show and join a show that talks and deal with her real Life Problems

  4. Don’t hold your breath people, Bravo loves to disappoint viewers. Tamra’s supposed firing comes to mind. This smells like more Bravo BS. I won’t believe it til I see it.

  5. I’m not even sure how Brandi or why she is on the show!!!! It being “housewives” who is she married to. Plus Beverly Hills she really brings the image down of class as she has none!! Plus as the others kids get older they see the things she says about their parents. Brandi needs to seek out therapy to get to the root of all her problems. And her constant “I push back” is BS. That is just her way of changing the subject with not even truth. For example when she told Yolanda about people talking about her daughter’s dui. That was just hurtful so that Yolanda would concentrate on that and not Brandi and her issues. FIRE HER

  6. Trashbox Barbie is NOT Beverly Hills and needs to go! Maybe she would be classy enough for Jersey, though truth be told those ladies would snap her in half.

  7. Brandi needs to go. If Bravo really cared about Kim they would get rid of her biggest problem. And Kemya needs to go because she is a thief. They two women are poisonous monsters & Bravo is making them rich. Without Bravo these witches would have to do some honest work for a living and I don’t think they know what that word means.

    1. Amen…Get Brandi off the show. I have had it with celebrating bad behavior. Kim, needs to bow out of the show as well. Clearly, the show is a trigger for her issues and it isn’t right to expect the others to pretend she isn’t in trouble. She is always on something, whether it is given to her by her Ex (or anyone else) , or whether it is prescribed to her…Same difference, they are all substances and they all alter her personality, and they are all a problem for her. She acts just like my sister who has been on one thing or the other, for 25 years. I no longer communicate with her because I cannot stand her “altered states” nor can I sit and listen to the contant excuses of “how she had a bad another bad reaction”. If you haven’t lived with an addict, you may be buying Kim’s malarky, but that is exactly what it is.

  8. Helloooo. Like Brandi or not, she is the storyline this season for all of the other ladies except for Kim. That is just a fact. Even though Brandi does not fit the Beverly Hills stereotype, without Brandi’s drama & the other ladies being so focused on Kim’s sobriety issues, there is no show. There are not any other storylines that are drawing viewers attention other than Brandi & Kim. So really, the other ladies would never admit it, but Brandy is really doing them a huge favor as to the show’s continued existence as it pertains to ratings. Without Brandi & Kim, the ratings will fall to the floor no matter how elegant the other ladies may seem to appear. And I am not a Brandy fan, but I think she has that ace in her corner, and from a business standpoint, I am sure Andy and the other producers realize that as well. Rewind this season again for yourself being totally objective and I think you might agree.

    1. Exactly. There is literally nothing going on this season, every story involves Brandi.

      I think Lisa V. is the only one interesting enough to pull off the day to day living stories, Eileen, Yolanda and Kyles lives seem dull and dont make good tv.

      The most played out story is Kim/Kyle, we get it you don’t like each other just move on, and don’t blame it on anyone, we’ve watched 4 previous seasons of you being bad sisters to each other.

      Also agree about the ratings, no one really cares about just seeing their glamorous lives (well very few people), which is why the highest rated episodes this season are the ones involving Brandi and drama.

      Brandi said it herself, she doesn’t like Kyle, but in a choice of who to fire she’d drop Eileen as at least Kyle makes for good tv.

  9. one can only hope!!!! I don’t find people like Brandi entertaining… she’s crude, foul, nasty… not something I want to watch weekly so if she is not fired…. I’m done with the show!

  10. Get rid of Brandi and Kim and replace them with Carlton. That way you have real, organic drama that is not manufactured (as most of Brandi’s is) or malicious.

  11. Let’s be very clear –

    Brandi is the STAR of HWOBH &
    the only one who speaks the truth!

    The other HW are BORING and have
    No story lines.

    No Brandi – No ratings

    Team Brandi all the way! !!

    1. Brandi if not a star of anything. She has no class. She has no respect for others. She keeps saying I pushed back as an excuse for saying I don’t want to talk about it. There is a difference between being real, honest, and defensive. She is fake, I’m sincere, a liar, and the biggest bitch that ever been on TV

    2. You are the most moronic and ignorant troll on this site. If you think Brandi speaks the truth I would seriously suggest you check yourself in for some form of delusion therapy.

    3. I agree with the others Brandi isn’t the star, but she is pivotal.

      She is the one that gets the most press, and she is the most talked about, good or bad that’s still press for the show.
      Even here, in rankings of most talked about housewife she is second and Lisa V. is third.

    4. Brandi would not know the truth if it slapped on the back of the thighs with a hairbrush. In fact, she’d probably be too drunk to notice.

  12. Brandi has never been and will never be a good fit for RHOBH. Because of Brandi’s horrid behavior and the terrible way she treats everyone around her, the show is getting more difficult to watch with each passing week. I definitely think she should be fired from the show. I also think Kim should either be let go or demoted to friend of the Housewives.

  13. Unless Brandi does a total, complete transformation of her dirty character, for example, join the nunnery, then & only then, should Bravo consider keeping her on. Otherwise, no dice.

  14. She just said on Twitter that she hasn’t been fired nor did she quit. We’ll know when Bravo announces it. There’re rumors every year, it’s getting old

  15. Well it’s her or me.I believe she is ruining the show especially for us AA supporters.Most of us have lost a loved one to alcohol abuse and me i am dry drunk for 21 years and then my brother basically killed himself at 34 from drinking,so i really don’t know how much i can stand of her!!!

  16. I don’t care if ppl think it’ll be boring without Brandi, it won’t be boring for me! Brandi & Kim make me NOT wanna watch the show. And if Brandi is talking trash about her boss like in the above interview, surly Andy won’t stand for that. She doesn’t get along with anyone, doesn’t that say something about her?? She has an issue with everyone including her boss lol why keep this trash mouth. Now if Andy could take Kenya’s two faced butt off too…..we’d be in great shape!!

  17. anyone that says RHOBH would be a snooze fest without Brandi is crazy. It would be so. Nice to get back to how it was. No one minds bitching but it has got out of hand now. She is bringing the show down. In Uk there is a programme called ‘Geordie Shore’ She would fit in on that!

    1. It was a good show before Brandi and it could be good again. I stopped watching because of her. If she were gone, I would start watching again (but not if they brought back Carlton).

  18. Brandis first year I thought she was terrific. But over the years she just sank lower and lower witv the things that come out of her mouth! Terrible!!!

  19. Well Theresa must be a serious butt kisser then because he has no problem keeping a convicted felon on his show.
    The insider reveals that Andy Cohen has also had enough of Brandi’s antics. “He thinks her actions aren’t a good look for the show,” another source tells the mag.
    What about Theresa antics.

      1. Besides, everyone knows about the Bravo favourites:
        Vicki, Bethenny, NeNe, Teresa and Lisa Vanderpump.
        Your job is only guaranteed if your name is listened above…

  20. I just say either fire her or show much LESS of her trashy mouth and actions for her sons sake. She doesn’t seem to have the brains to not make a total fool of herself, so Bravo PLEASE think of those poor boys that have such an embarrassing mother. I can’t begin to imagine the crap those boys hear about their own mother. Even if they do not watch, you can bet the bank teachers have, friends parents have, etc. Get her SOBER and SANE or feel ashamed Bravo for your contributing to the kids’ mental health.

  21. I don’t know why Yolanda takes up for Brandi. Probably Yolanda and Brandi are only friends during taping. Brandi has said a lot crap about Yolanda’s family. First she said that one of the housewives from Miami, was responsable for the break-up of her marriage to Mohammad. Yolanda said that it was mohammad’s infidelity that broke up her marriage, and she asked Brandi to stop talking about her family. Brandi thought that yolanda dissed her, because she wasn’t able to whatever it was that Brandi wanted her to do. She said all these things on national tv. Yolanda said that one of her children needed help with somenthing medical and Brandi knew about that. Next, Brandi said that Mohammad told her someone’s pussy smelled bad. To which Mohammad, denied , he would never talk about someone that way.She made it up. Now she said on tv that people were saying people were saying Bella was and alcoholic. Why does Yolanda take up for Brandi ? She’s caused a lot of problems for yolanda’s family. Brandi was even rude to one of David’s friend, babyface, at Yolanda’s house.

  22. They should get rid of Kim as well. Did anyone watch the first look of the next episode? Why is she so hostile towards Rinna after she apologized again for the 200th time. Her behavior as Eileen told her was “disgusting” and insanely inappropriate. Everyone at that table looked shocked and embarrassed; even her “friend” Brandi looked uncomfortable…..

  23. Please please make it do. She is one of the most irritating person I’ve ever seen besides being disgusting. She gives no value to the show. I’ve given

  24. Brandi is disgusting.. it’s no wonder that her dad didn’t talk to her for so long, and why “her husband left her for a much younger, much more beautiful woman”~ Kenya Moore.. I hope that she gets the boot, along with Kim.. they are both tired, old stories.. Please bravo, bring in some new blood.. Brandi will leave with one friend, and then i’m sure that she will destroy that.. Kim, she is a lost soul..

  25. Please FIRE Brandi! I can’t watch the RHOBH anymore if she stays! She has no class, is vulgar, disrespectful to Andy Cohen & everyone in the cast! Her voice gets squeaky high when she fights! Just listening to her speak is hard. Brandi adds no value to the show.

  26. Lisa Rinna was vile this season and was hell bent on Kim having a relapse.
    Eileen Davidson is condescending and lacks the ability to look objectively at all personalities.
    I’ll not return to viewership until they are gone

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