Bravo Not Interested In Airing Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga Make Up


Teresa Giudice is echoing claims that Bravo doesn’t show the whole truth on The Real Housewives when she said in an interview the network wasn’t showing the truth about the feud with her family. Teresa has been involved in a feud with her bother Joe for several seasons, but according to Teresa, she and Joe have made up and Bravo isn’t interested in airing that. “Bravo is not interested in that – they only want the drama!” Teresa said at the Daytona Beach Lifestyle & Boat Show.

RadarOnline reports Teresa has turned down a spin-off many times because she doesn’t want to expose her daughters to the scrutiny that goes with being on reality TV. “I was offered many times,” she said. “I don’t want a show that focuses on me and my children…I would not want my family ripped apart!”

Teresa also reveals she doesn’t force her daughters to appear on camera. “I don’t force them to go before the cameras. I only let them on if they feel like it,” she explained.

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  • Julie

    I realize Teresa misses her brother and wants a relationship with him. She probably also feels an obligation to her parents, because she loves them, to mend fences with him. I just wish she would realize she is better off without him, her parents are better off without him, her girls are better off without him and walk away. Joe and Melissa are con artists who have not hesitated to destroy family members to get what they want. If Melissa is ever out of the picture, Joe MAY come to his senses. More likely, in that case he will blame everything on her, claim to be a victim himself and never take responsibilty for his own actions. I don’t think Melissa will ever leave Joe because he validates her behavior and supports it.

    • I would love to know where you get you’re information. Teresa is very obviously the troublemaker and a very sick one at that.

      • Julie

        These are just my observations and my opinion.

  • Mike

    If she feels that way, then maybe she will have confronted Andy about that point when she did the one-on-one interview.

  • italian lover

    bravo is so dumb,this storyline is old. fans are not watching anymore. there is a better story with melissa’s cheating, more drama there,than the teresa and posion joe fighting. one of these days he’s going to really hurt teresa with his rages,then bravo won;t be able to cover it up. his trial for beating man up,with waclo and chris is tommorow

  • Elizabeth

    I’m calling B.S. on Tre turning down her own show because of her children. She was on Wendy Williams six months ago saying that she wanted her own show and Wendy told her “it ain’t gonna happen.”