Bravo To Fire The Entire Cast Of RHONY?


The fate of The Real Housewives of New York City is in limbo and the show is on the verge of being canceled.

“Ratings have dropped to just 1.134 million, which isn’t terrible. Bravo will be watching tonights [June 10th] ratings very carefully. If they continue to drop, the ladies know they will be replaced,” a network insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

And the ratings are in, only 1,125,000 people watched the fourteenth episode of the sixth season, according to Bravo Ratings.

“No-one is safe, including Ramona. Everyone is blaming the new girls, but lets remember that the long-time cast member haven’t been able to bring in viewers either. After tonight show, if the ratings decline, expect casting notices to go out,” another insider says.

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16 Replies to “Bravo To Fire The Entire Cast Of RHONY?”

    1. I don’t even watch anymore. Can’t stand crazy Aviva, drunk Sonja and bug-eyed Ramona. Like Kristen said, it’s like watching “drunk Aunts”. If I’m curious about what the last episode was about, all I have to do is read about it on here. That’s all the catching up I need to say this franchise has finished digging it’s own grave. now it’s time for these ladies to jump in, lay down and be done.

    2. Ramona = No class.
      Sonja = No shame.

      Let the new girls (except Aviva) have a shot of improving the show. They are new and refreshing.

  1. I think it’s definitely time to fire Sonja and Ramona! It’s been a long time coming! They need to go asap! Especially Ramona she just seems rotten to the core! and Sonjas name dropping delusional fantasies that she is somebody important are boring and have been for quite some time! keep the new girls and bring in a couple new ones! Theyre why I watch because it’s definitely notfor Sonja and Ramona!

  2. The biggest mistake they ever had was siding with Ramona against Jill. If it was Jill, Kelly and Luann back last season, I can bet things would be different now. Ramona just won’t allow people to see her dirty laundry and Sonja’s just a mess.

  3. I have never been able to get on board with RHONY, and the primary reason is Ramona. She is a different kind of crazy than we see in each of the other franchises, and ultimately I just don’t like her. Add in that awful Aviva woman and delusional Sonja, and I just can’t with them.

  4. I love RHONY except for Kristen whose so -called beauty escapes me. She’s a bad actress and quite annoying. Her mouth is so weird looking.

  5. Time to pass on Ramona, Sonja, and Aviva! Kristen is boring and brings nothing to the show. I think the others would do well. BRAVO, however, seems to just look for sensationalism and overall makes questionable cast choices for all the RH!

  6. Get rid of Heather. Ugh. Loved her in season 5, but she has been a pain in the arse the whole of season 6.

    Can they get in some diversity? Its NEW YORK and they only have WHITE women.

    I think they should do this to refresh everything:

    Main Wives:
    New Wife 1
    New Wife 2
    New Wife 3
    New Wife 4



  7. Jody r u ramona or someone from ramonas team? Lol cuz ur kiddin urself if u think anyone is gonna agree that kristen isnt beautiful! U may not like her but to say she isnt attractive is a joke! And i think she adds to the show! She doesnt let anyone, especially the now physically assaulting instead of just verbally ramona, intimidate her or walk all over her!

    Keep Carole
    Keep Heather
    Keep Luann (and re promote her! shes been surprisingly great and not obnoxious at all tjis season. And gettin along with nearly everyone…even Carole! I enjoy seein them bonding! Last yr it wouldve seemed very unlikely.)
    Keep Kristen
    Fire Ramona. Its time. 6 seasons was a good run. But this woman,much like Sonja only worse, thinks shes gods gift to humsnity. No redeeming qualitied at all.
    Demote Sonja to Friend of the Housewives(so we only have to hear her talk about St. tropez and pretend shes the most cultured famous important in demand respected person on earth for half a sesson)
    And im honestly not surr about Aviva. The show needs one crazy! Lol and with Ramona gone whos it gonna be. No more george though.

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