Bravo To Fire Brandi Glanville From The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?


Brandi Glanville has been one of the most controversial women to ever appear on The Real Housewives, and RadarOnline is reporting that the RHOBH star may be too controversial for Bravo. Brandi is reportedly worried that the network will fire her after the current season. There have been reports of a major RHOBH cast shakeup for season 5, with Kim Richards and Carlton Gebbia already on the chopping block.

“Brandi is fully aware of what a big mouth she has and doesn’t really censor anything she says, and doesn’t want to,” an insider tells Radar. “But she’s also aware that it might be too much for Bravo and it looks like her fan base might be falling, which has her worried.”

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world for producers to push Brandi off the show, she has so much going on with her book deals and Podcast,” the source said. “But she genuinely enjoys filming the show. She’d rather stay on board, but it’s pretty clear right now she’s on the chopping block.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Soni Ray

    I would fire her for making those appalling comments about child molestation. If BRAVO retain her after this season, that would be tantamount to an endorsement of sexual abuse.

  • Plus, she’d like to keep the income… those $200K plus per season…. I can’t imagine she gets lots of cash for podcasting…

  • Ann

    Maybe now she will learn to censor herself. She had everything going for her. What she did to Lisa and
    Ken (for that matter) was so uncaring.
    Doesn’t she realize that she is in front of a camera. Her behavior leaves much to be desired and she
    could end up losing custody of her sons. Leann Rhimes does not have to do anything but sit back and
    enjoy the train wreck.
    I hope that she wises up.

    • Julie

      It’s more than not censoring herself. She’s just downright mean. They way she treated Joyce and now Lisa is horrible and not entertaining to watch. She has trashed up the show big time. I hope they fire her and replace her with somebody who is actually from Beverly Hills.

  • Cin

    I really thought Brandi was going to be fun to watch and was happy to see her as a new addition … but…. Women get tired of whiney ladies…. especially when it is constant. A good deal of us have had cheating husbands etc…. and never acquired an attitude like she has.. it’s offensive to our sensibilities as women. Get over yourself Brandi….. your 15 minutes are up.

  • DebBrenn

    “F*** this! F*** that! F*** you!” WHO KNEW that wasn’t an interesting answer to every situation? Answer: Everybody.

  • carlie

    brandi needs to go. she is racist and has a trailer park, ganster mentality. she is vulgar and bad for business.

  • whynot

    NOOOOOO!! Leave Brandi alone!!

    • jeana

      damn you’re delusional

    • Anonymous

      Shut up Brandi – Bravo should have kicked Ann amoral loser like you after your first episode!

  • Leesa

    I think its time for her to go. I used to like her & root for her when she first joined but now she tries too hard to be relevant and shocking. Her ignorant comments about African-Americans were disgusting, and as someone who was sexually molested as a child, I am very offended by her insensitive and atrocious comments. Many innocent children are victimized each year not to mention murdered by these sickos. Shame on her & good riddance.

  • RHO Norm’s

    Nope betcha all she’s staying. As much haters she has, she still has followers, her new book will prove that, her podcast n she has a new trick up her sleeve that no other housewife has done yet!

    • DebBrenn

      RHO’s Norman, I think you’re right. Bravo keeps the characters that get the most talked about – whether its because they are hated or loved.

      • Julie

        Jill was talked about and they fired her.

  • Lisa

    I’d prefer not seeing her on the show. She is a vulgar, socially-awkward, rude person who thinks being cruel is being authentic. Like no one can be nice and real.. (wth is wrong with people?) She has nothing going on in her life to air on the show but her fights with the other cast mates. She has used that story every season. The affair is old. She’s boring. Very high school with her cursing like that makes her a badass.. ugh. She obviously isn’t a nice person, as she can’t get along with anyone unless they pity her.. Everyone who defends her says she is kind, but they have nothing to say about that kindness. They do, however, talk a lot about her being alone, struggling. et. al. She wouldn’t be Okay without the show. She would have to get a job. Her book deals and podcast are a result of the show. She is no Author, nor is she qualified to interview anyone.. Her popularity -what’s left of it – would fade very fast. I’m sure she could live comfortably within her means with child support and savings for a bit, but she’s a bit delusional about her stardom, and qualifications. No show, no more books.

    • Angie

      Brandi will be just fine without the show. She has the income from her books and television appearances and there is also a deal in the works to make a movie based on her books. Bravo needs to let her go and bring the show back to what it used to be.

      • Betty

        You are absoulutly correct. She have noting but rudeness and vulgarity. I feel sorry for her kids.

  • THK:/u she does need to go along w/Carlton , I see brandy getting on tT big brother show, can’t stand them both
    Whole point of Bevhillhw is their lifestyle, have u ever seen brandy throw a party ? Book a trip? Spa day? Nothing screams bev/hills$ in Brandi /wine life, she’s a mess
    Vile is wat she is. As 4 miss cast me a spell “Wiccan” UR a very weird person . U talk in tat most iratating voice w/UR follower lizy somthing embarrassing herself . She is too raunchy 4 this show. Beautiful kids yes sweetheart u do. She is a 1way kind of girl,I think she is like Brandi in a lot of ways tats why she sides w/her. So many incidents w/Kyle 4the stupidest crap, clearly singling her out. I think we all fast fwd her in most scenes . Get it 2gether bravo, I mean Andy!!
    Bring Bac this show to wat it suppose to b. Lisa, Yolanda, Kyle, maybe Joyce if she stops w:tat hair flipping & something else to talk about besides herself , most of the time
    Otherwise tat I enjoy her, I give her a lot of credit handling herself w/composure while dealing w self destruct Brandi, I think b. should come along w/a warning along w/her tag line. Lol , wat’da u guys think?

  • Patty B

    Brandi need to go. I am a loyal house wife fan. but, This season I just can’t bring our house wife ladies ( 14 of us) do not want to watch RHOBH. all because no one want to see the vaguer classless Brandi and Yolanda… It is a shame the net work do not realize how much people really want to watch the show and just because of Brandi we choose to watch other shows. She have to go….

  • Anonymous

    Sick of Brandi!! Fire Her!!

  • Lacy

    She will do anything to be famous. Brandi made Taylor feel bad for writing a book, yet she wrote two books. I am so over her 15 minutes of fame. Nobody cares that she will say ,or do anything to shock viewers just to stay on the show. Yawn, yawn!

  • Angie

    I sincerely hope this is true. i will believe it when I see it though. Bravo loves the craziest, most outlandishly behaved women and they are the ones who are usually kept on the shows. I would love for it to be true but i have a hard time believing it.

  • ruth

    BRAVO needs to clean up their act. They have not demonstrated an ability to caste for
    the RHOBH. Keep their only STAR; Lisa Vanderpump is a class act and certainly belongs
    on this show. Dismiss Brandi Glanville; she only brings trash talk to every episode she
    appears in. Evaluate the others; if they whine, are delusional, do not have interesting
    lives apart from their husbands and children, dismiss them, also. There are many smart,
    educated, and interesting women in Beverly Hills who have the mental equivalent for
    appearing on RHOBH much more effectively than the ones we watched this season.

  • needle

    I recall a comment that the only thing that could make her censor herself was money… so obviously she does not think friendship, relationship… cultural or social presentation has anything to do with this need for her ‘money’. Fire this bitch… we can call her that… right … she calls everyone a bitch… she in spite of a video refection of who she… it changes nothing…indeed…amplifies all that makes us hate her. I get a character who pokes at whoever she puts in her sights… being provocative and helpful for drama… but this bitch is mean and purposeful in her damage… obviously not enough ‘money’ in being a good citizen, friend, or companion for her. I also get her deep pain and unwillingness to look home to solve her misery… all deflection no personal growth or evolution. Sick of her.

    • Yodit

      i hate Brandy.. she is so evil and out to hurt one after the other. we had a housewife group that we watched every Tuesday getting togather at each others house. we stopped …. we can’t watch her anymore …. too much

  • satittx6

    She makes for good t.v. she knows what to say,when to say it and what it takes to keep her relevant to RHOBH . SHE has invented herself as a character. I think she is just doing what she has to stay in the spotlight. We don’t live with her off camera..don’t know how she really is in the real world.

    • DebBrenn

      Well, we DO know a couple of things: 1) If she has any class, decency, or common sense she has done a remarkable job hiding it. 2) None of those characteristics are important to her, or she wouldn’t abandon them in front of millions.