Did Bravo Fire Andy Cohen?


As we previously reported, Andy Cohen has inked a new deal with Bravo where he will be stepping down from his position of executive vice president of talent and development to become the “face” of the network and focus on Watch What Happens Live and his new production company. This has many people wondering, ‘Did Bravo fire Andy?’ TVFishBowl reports network sources claim Bravo did fire Andy and the contract he signed is allowing him to walk away quietly.

According to the report, in attempt to save face, Bravo has given Andy a 2 year deal on Watch What Happens Live and he will also remain a producer on many of The Real Housewives shows. But, Andy had to agree to walk away “quietly” and Bravo has the right to refuse any of the shows his production company, Most Talkative, develops.

As many of you may know, Cohen has been blamed for the demise in ratings for many of the network’s most popular shows, accused of encouraging fake story lines, planting stories in gossip magazines and the horrible editing, in which many of you noticed on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So what do you think? Do you believe Bravo fired Andy?

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  • Aunt Bee

    Sounds plausible to me.

  • notatrehugger

    Glad to read this!! Hopefully Bravo will replace Cohen with someone that has a moral compass. Thank goodness the Bravo Executives realized that he turned what started as a good reality TV franchise into TRASH TV.

    • Angie

      I agree with you. Real Housewives of New Jersey is the only RH show I enjoy. What I’ve noticed on the reunion shows is that he seems to stir crap and then when the ladies try to speak and straighten things out (even if they get passionate about their point of view) he comes in and tries to be the peacemaker to try and move past it. I’ve got no respect for that man.
      How can he feel good about stirring crap? Is he aware that he’s creating bad feelings between family members (the Giudices hadn’t Gorgas) who already had issues to begin with? Why only make a bad situation worse? Are the ratings really that important to him?

  • only1me

    not our luck,

  • DebBrenn

    If Andy is the one that brought the idea of these Housewives to the network, they really owe him. I’ll bet nobody there imagined then how lucrative it would be. But he’s lost sight of why we were curious to watch. We wanted to see life a little better than average, and what we too often got was closer to Jerry Springer in rhinestones. Humility and social graces are all but missing. The only thing Andy ever reacts unfavorably to are gay slurs, but every other piece of bad behavior is spotlighted and encouraged. He’s used Watch What Happens Live to inject his personal advocacy for Liberal politics and politicians. That’s not how you nurture a larger audience. I think he does need to be reined in with some oversight. I hope that’s “What’s Happening.”

    • Angie

      Right on! He stirs the pot, which in turn gets all the participants in a lather. He then refuses to let them hash it out (only allowing sound bite worthy lines to come in). He then tries to play the good guy, the mediator, the knight in shining armor riding in on his white horse. There to make everything better.
      I realize there’s a certain amount of editing that goes into these shows but I wonder how much goes on behind the scenes in creating drama between the housewives and their families. If the producers and staff behind the scenes are acting as agitators to make the story lines more “tv worthy” then the real housewives franchises fail as reality tv. They become something contrived to get higher ratings and therefore get more attention for the Bravo network and in turn Andy Cohen.
      I’m left to wonder how many relationships between family and friends will have suffered irreparable harm because someone (read: Andy Cohen and Bravo) wanted more attention for themselves and the network.

  • Angie

    It’s about time. He always stirs the pot and then tries to make it better

  • Anonymous

    I am a white woman from the south. I am not a racist nor am I a bigot. I love most people but don’t tolerate liars and thrives. That being said….
    I have a hard time understand why the homosexuals have accepted and actually seem to embraced the Bravo Housewives and Comedians saying WE LOVE OUR GAYS.
    If they said we love our African Americans or we love our Jews there would be rioting in the streets. Why is this acceptable?

    • Anonymous

      Interesting you say that. I encourage you to watch Chelsea Handler who will say all of those things, Sarah Silverman ditto, Lisa Lampanelli. Might need to get that remote checked and turn on The E network & HBO. Plus the gay agenda has been a personal story for bravo and Andy Cohen. Why can’t he express his views on what he cares about? I remember a few housewives saying gay marriage is not something they believe in and I’m sure if someone really did their homework just imagine the slurs that end up on the cutting room floor.

  • Susan Mcleary

    @Andy, Be gone with his head! About time Andy was fired! I used to enjoy all the seasons 1 & all the HW’s, not anymore though, too much editing and the glamour went out the door. Bring back the luxury living! The classy women! The charity events, etc, etc, etc. Yes sir, its grand news! Bravo to Bravo!

    P.s. to bravo, please get rid of dead weight wives! Bring in the new!

  • NitNit

    He doesn’t need Bravo. He can always take his talent elsewhere. I would follow him. We all love Andy. Now I know why there are so wrong changes to the housewives show. Bad move.

  • Eileen Wilson

    Andy how dare you talk about blacks being compare d to gays and the housewives dont own gays we as black people were owned catch up on your black history you are a racist and you proved it by saying what you said……..