Did Bravo Fire Andy Cohen?


As we previously reported, Andy Cohen has inked a new deal with Bravo where he will be stepping down from his position of executive vice president of talent and development to become the “face” of the network and focus on Watch What Happens Live and his new production company. This has many people wondering, ‘Did Bravo fire Andy?’ TVFishBowl reports network sources claim Bravo did fire Andy and the contract he signed is allowing him to walk away quietly.

According to the report, in attempt to save face, Bravo has given Andy a 2 year deal on Watch What Happens Live and he will also remain a producer on many of The Real Housewives shows. But, Andy had to agree to walk away “quietly” and Bravo has the right to refuse any of the shows his production company, Most Talkative, develops.

As many of you may know, Cohen has been blamed for the demise in ratings for many of the network’s most popular shows, accused of encouraging fake story lines, planting stories in gossip magazines and the horrible editing, in which many of you noticed on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So what do you think? Do you believe Bravo fired Andy?

Photo Credit: Bravo