Bravo Executives Debating Canceling RHONJ After Giudice Indictment


Following Joe and Teresa Giudice’s indictment, The New York Daily News reports Bravo executives are debating the fate of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. New Jersey remains one of the most popular shows in the franchise, but the site reports that since the show is supposed to be about the lavish lifestyles of five ladies from NJ, the frenzy surrounding the Giudices and their legal troubles has given the show bad publicity.

Andy Cohen is reportedly not happy about the way the show is being represented, because RHONJ is “his baby.” A network source says, “Nobody wants to see their talent in this kind of a situation.”

Sources also confirm that Teresa has been pitching a spin-off show to Bravo execs in the recent months. “They are not interested,” says an insider. “Bravo only spins off happy situations — marriages, baby news. Not prison.”

When leaving the courthouse Tuesday, Joe Giudice and his parents engaged in foul-mouthed behavior before and after he and Teresa made their first appearance in federal court. News that Bravo is contemplating canceling the show comes one day after videos and pictures were posted of Joe and his parents cursing and flipping off the paparazzi.

Bravo has yet to release an official statement regarding the fate of the show or the Giudices.


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30 Replies to “Bravo Executives Debating Canceling RHONJ After Giudice Indictment”

  1. It figures. Teresa was never happy just destroying her own marriage and family. She and he louse of a husband had to ruin it for everybody on the show. I’m so happy so see people like Kim G tell the truth about her, I’m sure there will be more in the days ahead. The only “friends” of her who are standing by her are the “friends of Housewives.” and I’m guessing they secretly want her to go to jail or at least get fired so one of them can replace her.

    1. I’m quite sure your right, the next couple of weeks more will come to light. Too bad the Bravo exes. think the show isn’t doable without Teresa/Juicy. Why not replace Teresa and keep the show going? Teresa’s fans can start a penpal prison website Friends of Frauds, Anyhoot, It’s an idea and the show continues…or maybe just can the whole show bcuz this whole mess just leaves a sour taste in everyone’s taste-buds. Andy must be kicking a can right about now. What failure of a show this turned out to be.

  2. It’s been too dark too long now after Gorga’s & Waklies joined!! Laurita’s are also in big trouble for fraud ect but nothing is all over news abt that!! Just sick of NJ & IF Teresa’s not on it they need to do away with it!!

  3. Hmmm wonder if it ever occured to the bravo execs how distasteful Rich Wakilie and Joe Gorga, Jaco, etc., all their disgusting rhetoric and behavior turned off majority of viewers. The fact an elderly , sickly grandfather looses it with some unthinkable stress and grief is much more understandable than these low class idiots and their sleeezy remarks week after week. The show was dying until Gorga started his girly fight. It needs to be cancelled, it had run its course with the boring, stale storyline anyway.

  4. Bravo!! Wake up. U were warned. And Tre-Karma has finally caught up to u. FINALLY. YOU DESERVE THIS AND MORE. Try blaming this one on Melissa and Kathy and Jacqueline.

  5. I don’t buy this story. Bravo likes getting publicity good or bad and Teresa isn’t the only RHONJ who has been in the press for legal reasons. If anything I think they’d consider pulling the plug on RHONJ because lets face it, love Teresa or hate her, she is the show. For three seasons now the show has completely revolved around Teresa and the ratings will tank without her. Bravo knows this. If Teresa is behind bars by reunion time, they might as well not even tape one. WTF would they even talk about?

  6. Can’t say I’m surprised at slimy Joe’s father. What do you expect from parents who bring up scum like their son. Can definitely see where Joe gets his lying cheating bad behaviour from.

    1. How tacky and STUPID was it that old man flipping the bird at cameras. These people are trailer trash, and how that would have escaped BRAVO from the first interviews is beyond me. I think BRAVO knew exactly what they were promoting when they hired the Giudices from the get-go: The grown up version of the Jersey Shore, bad taste, bad behavior, bad grammar and all.

  7. Boy, we must be watching a different show. Yeah, sure T was destroying it everyone. Okaayyyyyyy!
    As for the the foul gestures from the GuIdices, again really. When TSIL gave the finger in her TH, that was okay?
    The others better be careful because if the Jacaloon and the Creeper have done much, much worse. How about Ritchie? Oh I forgot, it’s T’s fault.
    Bravo will not take this show off because of T and J. They didn’t take BH off when there was a suicide, which was much worse than this.

    1. So why was his father there anyway? Because his son and daughter in law were so greedy that they ripped off the government and small businesses. Got to love the Theresa “fans” – still blaming everyone else but the slimy couple who caused all this crap. Delusional just like Theresa.

  8. Please dont cancel the show! It doesnt revolve around T, she isnt the show!! All of the cast members are great except T and Joe. I have never liked them. Bravo do not cancel!!! And for those of you that think the show is all about her and ratings will go down, you are crazy and must be just like T! Ratings will go up without her and Joe. Everyone else on the show are great!!! Bye bye T and Joe yaay!

  9. Sad to say but this franchise has run its course. It has been a train wreck for a couple of years now and no longer entertaining. You can now add a real dose of reality to the mix and it just plummets further into the abyss.

  10. Teresa is the star! Judging by the poll to the right it looks like many would consider her to be the “star” housewife as well considering other than Lisa no one comes close in the poll for favourite housewife. All the other NJ cast mates votes put together don’t even add up to a third of Teresa’s. She also won Ryan Seacrest’s poll for favourite housewife. Just sayin…

    1. i agree with you and honestly im not just a teresa fan i like all the other ladies aswell and we can all see that people do like her good or bad. and she is a BIG PART OF THE SHOW I MEAN COME ON THE RATINGS ARE THE WAY THE ARE FOR RHONJ SUCCESSFUL EVER SINCE IT STARTED BECAUSE OF TERESA and the other ladies aswell dont get me wrong but come on everyone tunes in to see what crazy ass teresa does next even if u hate her lol

  11. i think its funny how people say the show has run its course but your probably still watching it and still commenting a blog about it. lol sigh its terrible that its come to this but they possibly might have too. praying for their families because even though they did wrong wrong wrong wrong and trust me they do deserve a punishment for it! but at the same time we are human and we make so many mistakes even big ones like this and i cant imagine HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED BY THE FEDS but just not shown on tv. ofcourse because these are reality tv stars it gains more attention!!! still love teresa tho always was my fav even tho shes crazy and lies and gets herself in trouble. i hope that the rhonj cast cant atleast lend a piece of support we all could be in her shoes its just that we are otherwise minded when it comes to situations like these. and like someone said before this IS REALITY bravo should be taping this LOL

    1. A ‘mistake’ is something some does not realizing the cause and ramifications. The Giudices systematically screwed people over for years and years. Their only thought being what will it do for us, not what does it do to others.

  12. I don’t think Bravo should cancel the show. I understand why the would consider it, but I think Andy is a coward for not saying anything about Tre and Joe. Regardless of if you believe they are guilty or not.

    1. i agree with u when it comes to andy. like andy this ur your baby this series cant u come out with a statement that says “i am devastated by the news of Teresa and Joe, we at bravo had no clue this was happening behind close doors and cameras, we hope that justice is served but i am still praying and keepign my thoughts on the gudicies for the sake of their children involved as well that the court system deals with this in a mindful caring way” something like that LOL

    2. Ms.andy,loves the strangest thing.let’s her get away with everything,when her hubby calls him fag.just don’t get it.why ms.andy?used to watch all u shows now don’t watch any.wwhl has only people he favors on.he neds to go too!!!

  13. Cancel! Cancel! Cancel! All of these so called celebrities are all fake….. Every single one of them., not one is true blue. Teresa should be scared outta her mind, this federal indictment is real, so Bravo and Execs should cancel show and pleaseeeeeee for the love of God, pack your cameras up and leave Atlanta at once. Melissa can now do her happy dance, she finally won. Teresa what a disappointment you turned out 2 be.

  14. Let’s get serious for a moment. Without T what would the story line be? The rest of the bunch are rather boring. Jaqueline is busy dealing w/ her own lawsuit/BK and child (serious issue). Caroline and Al are basically a couple of boring grandparents (without the grandchildren yet), the wakilies…well I don’t even know anything about them (that says it all)…what’s left?

    The gorgas? Melissa’s singing career is on the outs and without Teresa’s drama, they are irrelevant.

    I think Bravo would have to. Blow up the show and start from scratch! Which leads me to: Why bother starting from scratch in New Jersey?

    They are better off starting in a new market…Real Housewives of LAS VEGAS baby! LOL.

  15. Most of you who commented against the rhonj off. and the teresa and joe guidice 39 count indictment are absolutely accurate. They are scum, low class, stale, ignorant, stupid Jack asses, who committed these crimes knowing they were ripping people and companies and banks off. This was no mistake they made this was a choice they made. And from the way they fooled these companies and people it looks like they were pros and doing it for along time. Bravo and Andy Cohen its time to draw the line before you all look like you don’t care that criminals are part of your world. Enough of these broke ass fake idiots already.


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