Bravo Execs Furious With Lisa Vanderpump For Appearing On Good Morning America!

Lisa Vanderpump

RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that Bravo executives are furious with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, Lisa Vanderpump, for appearing on Good Morning America to promote her new book and spin-off show today. A source close to the situation tells Radar, “Lisa’s appearance on Good Morning America has Bravo network officials seeing red. NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, couldn’t believe that Lisa appeared on GMA which has been routinely been trouncing TODAY.”

“Lisa is in New York City doing promotional press for her housewives spin-off show, which is airing on Bravo. It didn’t help that Lisa was promoting her lifestyle book, Simply Divine,” the source added.

Lisa’s appearance on rival ABC couldn’t have come at a worse time. Good Morning America‘s ratings advantage over the TODAY show was finally achieved this past April after 16 years of losing to their NBC rivals. When 2012 came to a close, in December, GMA boasted yet another solid win over TODAY, with 5.09 million total viewers to TODAY‘s 4.66 million.

Lisa is confused why anyone would be angry about her appearance on the show. Lisa “doesn’t understand why anyone is upset about her appearance on GMA. She was asked to come on the show by her very dear friend, Lara Spencer. The two have known each other a very long time, and Lara asked her about the show,” the insider revealed.

Lisa is set to appear on Watch What Happens Live tonight with Andy Cohen.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Pinky

    How sad that THIS angers NBC and not half the crap Andy Cohen says and does practically every week. I would see him as a bit of a liability. They only focus on ratings…but to me, they should also moniter certainn peramiters that are a direct result to the ratings. I hardly think they will lose any $$ of any significance because Lisa promoted her brand today.

  • GoneWithTheWindFabulous

    Lara Spencer should have tipped Lisa off that Bravo and NBC Universal would frown upon Lisa’s GMA appearance. GMA and Today are in a ratings war! It’s a well known practice for talk shows to keep things all in the family and to expect loyalty from their talent. Lisa is an intelligent and worldly-wise woman. I’m surprised she didn’t know that already.

  • Why is it a problem that Lisa Vanderpump appears on “Good Morning America”??? Any publicity is welcomed!!! Actualy NBC Universal should thank GMA fro having Lisa on their show!!! Turn this into a positive… instead of a negative…
    You will gain more fans that way…