Bravo Doesn’t Fold on RHONY Contract Demands Reduces their Role


It was reported that Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Ramona Singer have all been holding out for a higher salary and apparently in a new report from PageSix, Bravo has reduced their roles to a “pay for play” system.

“They tried to power play Bravo,” said a source. “They tried to hold out for more money, and the network said, ‘Guess what? We’re not even going to give you a contract.’ ”

“If they are necessary and it works in the context of their scene,” a source close to the Bravo show explained about the situation. Apparently both de Lesseps and Singer, who are now part-time, have done the pay-by-scene structure before and it actually worked out better for them. A source said the rate per scene is $20,000.

“They actually can make more money on [this] rate,” said the insider. Because “they don’t have to work six days a week, and they don’t have to go to events or go on vacations.”

We do know that Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley have all signed new contracts and have been seen filming with each other.

De Lesseps rep said she “doesn’t discuss financial issues.”

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31 Replies to “Bravo Doesn’t Fold on RHONY Contract Demands Reduces their Role”

  1. A show focused more on Bethenny, Carole and Dorinda, and less focused on Ramona, Luann and Sonja but still having them around sounds great to be honest.
    I don’t mind Ram, Luann or Sonja, but they’ve been front and center for a long time, and their storylines have run their course. These 3 particular women haven’t had interesting storylines for a long while.
    Bethenny, Carole and Dorinda were the highlight last season, I loved Carole and Dorinda trip to england.

    1. Aunt Bee, you have never liked her, and you were so right, again, that she wouldn’t change. At first this season I saw her have a soft spot for Bethenny and thought for a moment maybe she was coming down to Earth with the rest of us commoners, but I was again disappointed. You have a way of seeing them for what they are.

      1. 3D You have more class than Luann has ever had. Just because she pretends doesn’t make it true. Aunt Bee the same in fact 80% of this blog!!!

  2. FINALLY!! thank god cause the thought of having to see Sonja Morgan on a weekly basis gives me the creeps..Ramona nut job is also not worth watching. Bethany is big and only getting bigger.

  3. Maybe this means they are slowly letting them go. However I hope they hire a few other women as a season of only B’s snark, Dorindas bipolarness and carols well I’m not sure what carol does would be rather boring.

  4. Bullocks.

    It’s not $20,000 per scene, from my understanding they’ll be compensated as per industry standards with a day rate.

    For the network to pay anyone $20,000 per scene over the course of a 22 episode season plus bonus epsode specials, this essentially amounts to the nearly $1 Million dollars per person they refused to shell out in the first place. Who on earth do they think will actually ok that expenditure given the show isn’t even the network’s cash cow? Radar Online needs to have several seats.

    1. Radar are stupid, I had read it was a day rate not a scene rate. This is why I hate their stories they are normally rubbish or at best incorrect!!

  5. I hope the show doesn’t become all about Bethenny. I liked her return last season (and I liked her in the early seasons), but now it seems like everything is changing because of her… If the show is going to be all about her, then she should go back to her spin-off Bethenny Ever After.

  6. Can’t you just see both Ramona and LuAnn as they try to claw their way into every scene and every situation so they can up their salaries? Neither of them are interesting or tolerable after a while, I wish they’d just told them to walk.

    1. I agree, putting those two fame hungry ladies on that type of contract could be genius for Bravo- it will most likely cause all sorts of ridiculous drama!

    2. Hi DebBren haven’t seen you here in a while and I agree with you completely. Those two offer nothing but the same old same old.

  7. I’am new to this website. I’am so glad to read comments from everyone. I’am a big fan of RH & i always wanted to say how i feel! I pray Luann Is will be out & Ramona will also be out! Luann thinks she is better than all the other ladies. I would hate to see her somewhere only to have her make a snobby face! Ramona acts the same way but Ramona seems if she is on cocaine with her eyes popping out and swaying her head side to side!!! Come on bravo you guys can’t see the drug abuse!!!

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