Report: Bravo Casting New Housewives For RHONJ


As new report claims that production on season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will begin this April and will chronicle Teresa Giudice’s release from prison, but a new source is coming forward and revealing that this report is false.

Manzo’d With Children is going to be filming in March/April, and talks are that Housewives will not be filming until after Manzo’d wraps,” a production source tells Real Mr. Housewife, adding why they wouldn’t film the two shows at the same time. “They use the same production company for both shows and this would make it impossible for Housewives to film while Manzo’d was filming.”

So what’s the real scoop on RHONJ?

“They are currently casting for new housewives. Bravo was not happy with the new people. It’s uncertain if they will give them another shot,” the source continues. “Nothing is 100% set in stone yet.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo