Report: Bravo Casting New Housewives For RHONJ


As new report claims that production on season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will begin this April and will chronicle Teresa Giudice’s release from prison, but a new source is coming forward and revealing that this report is false.

Manzo’d With Children is going to be filming in March/April, and talks are that Housewives will not be filming until after Manzo’d wraps,” a production source tells Real Mr. Housewife, adding why they wouldn’t film the two shows at the same time. “They use the same production company for both shows and this would make it impossible for Housewives to film while Manzo’d was filming.”

So what’s the real scoop on RHONJ?

“They are currently casting for new housewives. Bravo was not happy with the new people. It’s uncertain if they will give them another shot,” the source continues. “Nothing is 100% set in stone yet.”

Do you agree with the decision to cast new Housewives for RHONJ? Sound off in our comments section below!

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  • Anonymous

    Yayyyyy! I didn’t like the new girls last year.

  • kat

    YES!!!!! Get rid of all of them (including the convicted felon) and recast!!

  • It’s very hard to believe anything regarding the RHONJ franchise. Literally everyday another story comes out leading in another direction. I think I’m going to wait to see the word “confirmed” in the headline before I click again.

  • Tom

    Good they were awful last year. ALL of them. I say recast the entire batch and start fresh. It has become so stale. Enough already. Either end it like you did Miami or start over. Maybe move to an entirely new state. RHW of Boston? or Hawwaii?

  • jennyd

    I didn’t like the twins much and Amber was Ok but her hubby was a douche bag. For some reason I don’t like Melissa either. I like Joe but not wifey. New Jersey is probably my least favorite of the housewives. With or without Teresa, it has just lost its ability to hold an audience’s attention. Maybe they should just recast the entire thing.

  • lauren

    I wasn’t a fan of the twins or Amber, but I loved Reno! Can they keep just him? haha

  • Lena

    Get rid of the twins and Amber and I’m sold for the next season! Make it happend Bravo!

  • imaroyce

    yes !! starting with replacing teresa !!

  • Go away

    I wish they would just let RHONJ die like Miami

  • Andre


  • One Rotten Egg

    I’m not holding my breath on this “recast”. Bravo the big Hoe that it is, will do anything for money. This station has no morals. They will pay out the wazoo and give the convicted lying thief $$ just like they did with that heffer in Atlanta.

  • Melodie

    Thank god… those twins and Amber were a mess. I fast forward through most of the show when they were on it. I cannot imagine what kind of story line they would have if they are asked back. Let’s see who’s mother is Reno going to sleep with this year? Just stupid. Bring back Caroline,,, Jaq (she and DIna have made up but Im sure that will be ruined very soon.) Talk about Teresa will have people interested but if Danielle comes back all shit will hit the fan because Dina vs Danielle is a mess, Danielle vs Jaq is a mess and Danielle vs Caroline is a mess. Maybe leave Amber so Danielle and she can form a friendship then Danielle can screw that up also.

  • Viktorya Blygnadnjova

    Season 7 cast should be:
    Teresa G
    2 new wives

  • jerseybaby

    I have also read Laurn Mandzo might be joining the cast. That might be interesting.

    • Melodie

      Is Lauren Manzo married to Veeeetoooo yet?

  • anab4

    Oh no, the Manzoids keep putting out rumors about the RHONJ, hoping it will stick. Andy is probably getting phone calls daily. If he does, he’ll put it in his next book. I hope the the rhonj will not be picked up. How many of the cast do not have financial or legal problems ? It’s financial to the cast. I stopped watching when Bravo kept Teresa even knowing that is or would be a felon going to prison. They have no shame. Rumors from sources close to production will be a daily occurance.

  • Cristian D’Lanza

    I really feel that the twins and Amber didn’t really bring much to the table. I want to see more Kathy for sure!!! Now that the family drama is over between Teresa and her brother Joe. I say add Jacqueline so we can follow the drama between her and Dina!!!

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