Bravo Casting Brand New Housewives For RHONJ Season 7


Another new report has surfaced claiming that Bravo intends to move forward with The Real Housewives of New Jersey without imprisoned Teresa Giudice, and the show insider claims that the network is casting brand new ladies for the show.

“The show will absolutely go on without Teresa,” a source says. “Bravo isn’t expected to make it public until the end of February, but filming has been loosely scheduled for late April, early May. No formal dates have been made for filming to begin because producers are still looking for potential new cast members.”

Christina Caparoula is a casting director and a producer who worked on the fifth season of the show, RadarOnline reports. She posted on Twitter on January 26th that she is “Casting Season 7 of Real Housewives of New Jersey,” with a link to her email address.

Caparoula also posted the following message on Facebook:


Major Cable Network is currently casting groups of New Jersey’s most GLAMOROUS FAMILIES AND FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES. Your sisters, in-laws and/or cousins should all be more fabulous than the next! These affluent families and friends will be living “the good life” in one of New Jersey’s most EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES (North, Central and Monmouth County).

This is FANTASTIC exposure for anyone involved, as it is an opportunity to showcase their current business or utilize as a PLATFORM FOR FUTURE PROJECTS.

This series will air on a MAJOR CABLE NETWORK. If you believe you or any of your clients, business partners, friends or acquaintances would be interested in this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity, please contact me or forward this information along. I look forward receiving any recommendations or referrals.

So what will happen with the current cast?

“They are seriously considering getting rid of some of the new girls,” including twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea. “It doesn’t seem that they worked out.”

As we previously reported, the network hired a focus group to determine whether the show should move forward without Teresa Giudice.

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10 Replies to “Bravo Casting Brand New Housewives For RHONJ Season 7”

  1. Maybe the producers have seen the really positive response Eileen and Lisa R have gotten on BH and they are looking for good, positive and HONEST – NON CRIMINAL- type of ladies that are of a higher class. I hope so.

    1. They should get rid of Teresa, sorry but I think they should not ever ask her back. Ever since she made a comment about I would never live in a used home I never cared for her. And the one house wife she flipped a table over. And look what happened? Bring in some new woman.

  2. I feel like RHONJ is a total fail at this point. The current cast is awful and Teresa is a convicted felon doing time. What a train wreck. Bring in a whole new cast and NEVER have Teresa back. She is scum.

  3. This is a clear case that the new girls did not work out. They are putting out a casting call. NJ usually premiers in May or June, with the exception of last year which premiered in July, There is no way they will have time to film a season by the summer unless it is very short. My thought they will start filming in late 2015 and have Teresa back on for 2016. My prediction no season seven until 2016.

    The truth will be told at the NBC Cable Universal Up fronts to see who appears as a representative for Real Housewives on New Jersey. That is scheduled for May 2016.

  4. They wont get rid of Gorgas, they are household names now. Same with Giudices.

    They should do:
    Season 7:
    + 2 new wives (one who turns Jacqueline on Melissa and one that goes after Danielle/Amber)

    Teresa G – recurring (starts filming when she is back)
    Twins – recurring (mostly scenes WITH RENO and at events)

  5. This line up just turns me off…I wont be watching if that is who is on. I didnt watch last season because of Theresa, Terese’ and her twin sister and the other obnoxious couple that started last year. Seriously – perhaps and entirely new cast? This one is all used up and broken down. I cant even watch this RHW anymore but would if they did a really really big shake down. I would rather watch the mafia wives on this RHWNJ than the wives and husbands they have on here now.

    1. I’m with you Tom, I’m kind of over this group of outright felons or quasi-criminals that are so shady and sly. I’m also done with the low-life “your mama” skezzy drama- I don’t want to hear about mothers sleeping with sons in laws, vagainas, the lives of strippers, or bathroom issues. It’s become such a low-rent show.

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