Bravo Begs Bethenny Frankel To Return To RHONY!


Former Real Housewives of New York Star Bethenny Frankel is busy with her upcoming talk show, raising her daughter, Bryn, managing her SkinnyGirl empire, and divorcing Jason Hoppy, but that isn’t stopping Bravo from inviting Bethenny back to the show that put Bethenny in the limelight.

“Bethenny is the biggest star the franchise has ever created. She is double the size star of Teresa Giudice or Andy Cohen– of course the producers want her back,” a friend of Bethenny’s tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “However, don’t hold your breath.”

Bethenny’s talk show will go into production in the next couple weeks, and she has reportedly spent the last several months researching and interviewing guests for her show.

“She will always be grateful to Bravo, but she knows when the party is over. Housewives haven’t produced a stand out star since Teresa and Lisa Vanderpump. Now there are so many of them around every corner, it is no longer special,” Bethenny’s friend says. “She is 100% focused on her new talk show and being a great mom. She has no plans to return to Bravo, but never say never!”

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8 Replies to “Bravo Begs Bethenny Frankel To Return To RHONY!”

  1. No other stand-out stars since Theresa and Lisa? What about NeNe Leakes? She has quite a successful career these days, and I think she may even have a higher profile than Bethenny. Glee, Celebrity Apprentice, The New Normal… Anyway, I’d love to see her back on RHONY. I wonder how she would get along with the new girls! Carole, Heather… Aviva! Oh. My. Gawd.

  2. RHONY is honestly shit without Bethenny. It was very hard to get through the last couple seasons. The girls bring absolutely nothing to the table.

  3. Glee= was a guest role.
    CA= She quit because everyone wasn’t kissing her ass, in NeNe’s mind they were not being real
    The New Normal = have you watched that show? It is a copycat of another and the ratings are embarrassingly low.

  4. Atleast Nene has been on other shows and doing something other than housewives. I’ll wait to hear what the other ladies are doing…. waiting….. Ryan Murphy went to NENE himself. She didn’t beg for a job unlike other people.

  5. Me? LOL I co own 2 salons and my husband owns a business. My favorite job I have is being a Mother. What I do for a living has no merit. I was merely pointing out that NeNe isn’t all that. I like how Nene gets on Kim for her wig while NeNe sports a damn toupe.

  6. Noooooo please don’t bring this B back. Even with her new face cuz it’s the same old wah-wah, snarky attitude. I’m rooting for Jason in the divorce, she’s a mean person and a snob.

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