Bravo Adds New Clause To Real Housewives Contracts, Ladies Forced To Bring Drama


According to a new report, the story lines for The Real Housewives are going to be put to the test by the network. It sounds like Bravo executives have been listening to viewers, who are sick of fake and boring story lines and women that join the show just to hawk and promote their products.  Naughty But Nice Rob reports that all of the ladies will have a new clause added in their contracts, and if they don’t bring the drama, they will be fired!

“Now ladies are being offered only 8 week contracts. If they don’t deliver the drama in the first few weeks of taping they will be dropped,” a Bravo insider tells the site. “In the past, cast members have promised the world, even getting married and having a baby. But once filming starts all those promises go away and instead the cast focuses on selling their dull products. But no more!”

“Bravo has got [sic] super smart. They wont be followed by false promises anymore. If the ladies don’t deliver the drama fast, they will be cut,” one cast member tells Rob.

How do you feel about Bravo adding this to the contracts?

Photo Credit: Instagram