Bravo Adding Two New Women To RHONJ Season 5?

RadarOnline is reporting that Bravo will be adding two new women to the cast of The Real Hosuewives of New Jersey in Season 5. They are specifically looking for women that are ‘Team Teresa’ to balance the cast out. According to a Bravo insider, all the cast members have been asked back, and filming will begin shortly. There are three women that are frontrunners competing for two spots. The new ladies are Priscilla DiStasio, Gia Casey, and Linda Berger.

“Priscilla is Teresa’s new best friend and her makeup artist. She would be perfect because she’s full of drama and has a mouth on her,” the source reveals. “And Teresa knows what she’s doing. She’s been making sure Priscilla will be faithful to her by featuring her in her cookbook and doing cool things with her that way if anything goes wrong, Teresa can say, ‘But I was so good to you.’

Next in line for a spot on the hit Bravo show is Linda, who the insider says is a ‘Teresa soldier.’ Linda is divorced with two sons and does whatever Teresa says,” the source claims. “She will be the perfect puppet for Teresa to have on her side.” adds the insider.

Finally there’s Gia Casey who Teresa calls a “close friend” but the source says it’s debatable. “Gia is married to DJ Envy who hosts a morning show on Power 105 in New York and Teresa has always bragged that she is friends with Gia,” the source explains. “But so far Gia has steered clear of the Bravo show, even though she’s been attending Teresa’s children’s parties for years. How close they really are has yet to be seen.” the source unveils.

Tell Us- Who would you like to see added to the cast?

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  1. cant get enough of allthisrh articles!! YOUR THE BEST!! im postive that gia casey is part of the cast this season, my friends aunt is neighbors with gia and shes told her shes joining the show

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