Brandi Says If Yolanda Talked Bad About Lisa Bravo Would Have Aired It

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the events at Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. She explains she was very nervous that day and felt the Richards sister’s attacks on Yolanda were too harsh and she felt the need to defend her. Brandi says she knows Yolanda didn’t say anything about Lisa in Paris or it would have made it to air.

Brandi writes, “The reunion — leading up to this reunion I had almost never felt this much anxiety, (besides possibly promoting my book), in my entire life. I had to be walked to my seat and do breathing exercises to calm my shakes before the show.

Even though we were all in an OK place at the time of the reunion, I knew that this would soon change. I was relieved that Adrienne didn’t come, but then again I kind of figured she wouldn’t if she couldn’t bring her lawyer with her.

It seemed that Yolanda was the first to be in the hot seat. I would first like to say that Yolanda IS a straight shooter and doesn’t try to stir the pot, but really tries to help people resolve things. I love Yolanda and have never sat around gossiping about the other women with her. That just isn’t our speed. I called Yolanda after Adrienne’s party to see how it went and she as any good friend would do told me what went down with Marisa. I thanked her and said I would take it up with Marisa. Funny enough it went down EXACTLY as Yolanda said and nothing like what Marisa tried to make it seem.

When Kyle started in with Yolanda I really thought, “Wow this is a bit much knowing she had just flown in from her treatment in Florida.” So of course I defended her. Yolanda was an amazing friend to Kim in Paris so it really pissed me off when Kim started to have a go at Yo also. Did I get a little bitchy with some of my comments? I did, but it was like Richards sister tag-team hour against Yo.

I wasn’t there when Kyle and Kim say Yolanda trashed Lisa but if had actually happened that way I PROMISE it would have made the cut to our TV screens. I 100 percent believe Yolanda, the other two women have such a history of back-stabbing and twisting peoples words that I don’t even have to see it to know the truth.

As you will soon see the “sisters” tag team moments come and go as the flip on each other. I understand that Kyle wants to be Lisa’s best friend, but I don’t think trying to take her other friends out one by one by throwing us under the bus is the way to win Lisa back.

Taylor seemed very vulnerable and sweet the day of the reunion and I believed her apology to Yolanda was sincere. I don’t know the true story of how she hooked up with a married man who was already separated or if she helped break up a family. I don’t have all the information on this one because I’ve never talked to his wife. Therefore Taylor got a bit of a pass from me on that.

I think Lisa was right on when she said Kyle and Mo became close to Adrienne just to get the listing on the house, the house has sold and they don’t speak anymore. . .speaks for itself.

The time to be there for a friend is through their divorce and break up and they weren’t.

I am really glad that Faye wasn’t invited to the reunion because that would have gotten even uglier much faster. Lisa is an amazing human being, mentor, and friend, and Yolanda is the same. I would “cut a bitch” for either on of them. Kyle, Kim, and Taylor can be fun at times but those are the kind of girls you have to watch yourself around.”

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  • Love Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda!!! Please remove others and do not ask Faye Resnick to be on the show. She is SICKENING. No many how many Chanels she wears, SHE IS NO LADY— NOT THEN, NOW OR EVER!!

  • Trixie

    Yes I agree with S.Rico but sometimes I would like to stick a sock in Brandi’s mouth. She needs a filter on that mouth.

    • kiki

      Hello… Yolanda DID say something meanish about Lisa “the Queen of Sarcasm” in Paris to Kye and Kim. I wonder if we only saw a small portion of that conversation. I like Kyle and find her honorable and classy. I think Kim is with out guile… and BrandI is a foul mouthed trouble maker.
      There is a group of twenty or so of us that watch at 2 different houses and if Brandi doesn’t clean up her nasty act we are going to quit watching. In fact last week was almost the end for us….no wonder she is single and what an example she is portraying for her boys. She is TT, foul mouthed and so rude. and intentionally hurtful…these rough and aggressive symptoms hide very unhappy woman.

  • Deborah Brenner

    Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda do something I didn’t think was possible in the Housewife franchises: They are FUN, and INTERESTING to WATCH, without being self involved, lead-with-their-money, me-me-me, and looking-for-a-fight women. I don’t feel like I need a mental bath after watching them. Whodathunkit? And for all the flack Brandi takes for being unfiltered, she’s never conniving or trying to raise her own status by diminishing others.

  • mg

    What you call gossiping amongst the housewives is exactly was you define as Yolanda being a good friend. All of you get together and talk about each other’s issues. You on the other hand, viciously brought out something you knew Adrienne wanted private, THAT WAS WICKEDLY WRONG. Lisa has your back because she is not in goods with Adrienne.

    Yolanda butting in where she does not belong is no different than Faye. As callous as Lisa may be, it was improper of Adrienne to stop by and announce her separation during such special occasion for Ken and her; just as it was improper of Yolanda and you to use that celebration to bully weakling Marissa on a stupid matter. This could have been avoided if you Brandi mine your own business how Marissa treats her husband. You are not exactly equipped to give marriage advice.

    Too much meddling in defense of one another speaks poorly of each of you “ladies” as public images, friends, wives, mothers, etc. This is why Kyle opted to stay out of Lisa and Adrienne’s issue and only commented in defense of someone that you Brandi were talking behind her back about something sensitive and private. And you dare claim in the Bravo reunion not talk behind their backs! Also, for a woman that has been cheated on by her husband, it is tasteless of you to “playfully” put the moves on Ken, a married man and tasteless of his wife Lisa to find humor in it. Brandi, Lisa, Yolanda and you are VINDICTIVELY FUN, and INTERESTING to WATCH!

  • Lisa

    Exact-a-mundo! Every single word, so truth!

  • Lisa

    I can’t help thinking back to Brandi’s first few episodes and how badly she was treated, especially by Kyle, Adrieene, Taylor and Faye as they were boldly, loudy, laughing and cackling away at Brandi and making fun of her. That truly showed the way Kyle was then and is still, now. A “mean girl”, ganging up on the new girl, a flip flopper friend. Taylor also played the mean girl that day too. Brandi held her ground from day one and she stands taller now than ever before. You cannot say that about Kyle, she still has the behavior of a teenager and not a woman. Perhaps it is due to the disease of alcoholism in her family. Kyle is severly affected by has yet to uncover this fact.
    Yolanda said it best in Ojai, “don’t you girls discuss things like grown ups in a civilized manner” or something to those words. It’s strange how the women who portray that they have a perfect life are the most screwed up women on the show.
    Anyway it’s been great to watch Brandi come into full bloom and also to watch Yolanda inject a ton of class into the show. Lisa is perfect as is, check! I pray that disgusting Faye goes away, far away. She brings nothing but sadness to the Brown and Goldman families by airing the true evil being she is. She does not deserve this opportunity. I hope Kyle comes to her senses and realizes Faye has played her for years just to be a part of her life and the show. And believe it when I say it, Faye is the mastermind behind Adrienne’s entire year. Faye is the definition of liar and deciet.
    Brandi just keep going with you gut instinct, your intuition.

  • Nannan#1

    I agree with Brandi IF there was anything said it would be on tape,,Kayle though she would back in Lisa’s good graces so she came up with this lie BUT it came back and bite her on the a**…
    Brandi PLEASE go on DWTS it would be great to see you on that show..

  • DebAnn

    Hello??? Are we watching the same show??? Yolanda has taken MANY digs at Lisa behind her back & behind closed doors, and it IS on tape and I heard it myself!! And Brandi did make that snide comment about Lisa to Joyce which she later denied. Brandi and Yolanda are BOTH big fat LIARS and I for one cannot stand them or that gross Carlton either. Tonight’s episode (jan 13, 2014) just disgusted me so much. Brandi did not apologize to Joyce. What a narcissist!! She is never wrong & always rationalizes her ugly, embarrassing behavior. Brandi has a true personality disorder!!!! It is infuriating to watch her and then watch that bubble headed Yolanda who hasn’t got a working brain cell try to defend her. And now Carlton flinging her crotch at us every chance she gets on that pole?? This lady is NOT attractive. And her pentagrams and tattoos of religious symbols with F. U. In the middle are just too offensive. I’ve been watching this show forever. I think tonight just did me in. I can’t stomach Brandi or Carlton. They seem like they both need a good scrub. And then there’s dumb, lying Yolanda who lives like a queen because she was ONCE young and pretty causing as much trouble as the other two in her own way. STFU all three of you disgusting vile women!!! You have ruined the show. You have taken it to a really dark, creepy place. And congrats, you have a bonfire witch hag to fly you three straight to hell and back on her broomstick that probably doubles as some kind of imaginable sex toy. I never intended to sit and watch garbage like that. And now that it’s so clear that this ship just keeps going further & further down & dropping off onto some dismal, evil abyss, I can truly say I can watch no more. And I know I’m not alone. Good riddance
    RHOBH & Andy Cohen!