What Is Brandi Redmond’s Husband Bryan Redmond’s Job?

During the first season of RHOD we saw some of the marriage issues that Brandi Redmond and her husband Bryan where having. We also saw Bryan having to work a lot and travel for his job, so it makes you wonder where does he work? Or what does he do?

Bryan Redmond is a real estate developer who works with luxury marinas, according to his LinkedIn profile page. Bryan is the Founding Principal and CIO of Suntex Marinas, which, is one of the “largest and most respected marina operators in the country.”

If you keep searching around on their website you will see that Bryan is a very busy man with a lot of responsibility. “Having overseen approximately $1 billion in transactions for Suntex, Sun Resorts International and other entities in his 15-plus years of investment experience, Bryan Redmond is a Founding Principal and the Chief Investment Officer at Suntex.”

Certainly interesting, what do you think?

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