Brandi Redmond Thinks Plastic Surgery Caused Her Miscarriage

RHOD star Brandi Redmond is opening up more about her miscarriage that she suffered and believes that too much plastic surgery could be the cause of it.

On this week’s episode, Brandi and her husband Bryan Redmond went to see OB/GYN Dr. Holt to check about Brandi’s fertility.

“I’ve been having baby fever in a major way,” said Brandi. “Bryan is the only boy in his family. So it would mean a lot to him to have a little boy to carry on his name.”

During the visit with the Doctor Brandi said that last year she underwent a “mommy makeover” which is becoming more popular these days. It consists of cosmetic surgery that addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues by (typically) combining a tummy tuck, fat and stretch mark removal and breast lift, augmentation or enhancement in a single surgery.

“With my mommy makeover, my core of my stomach was separated,” Brandi explained. “So they sewed it back together very tightly, and I was made aware that if I were to have another pregnancy, that baby may not be able to grow to full term.”

While on vacation in Florida Brandi learned that she was pregnant. Brandi went to a local hospital to get an ultrasound and found out then that she had experienced a miscarriage.

“I feel like I just blame myself doing the mommy makeover,” Brandi said in tears.

Dr. Holt then did what he could to console Brandi. “I wouldn’t blame yourself at all,” she said. “Tons of people get pregnant after mommy makeover without any problems whatsoever. While you’re here, if you wanted to see your fertility potential, then we’re able to do that for you.”

Brandi then feeling a little better about what the doctor had just told her was still worried about the future of having children.

“If I were to get pregnant, it’s scary just because of all of the possibilities that come with it,” she told PEOPLE. “I might have another miscarriage or I might have a child that’s a premie. So all of those things, they weigh heavily on me.”

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2 Replies to “Brandi Redmond Thinks Plastic Surgery Caused Her Miscarriage”

  1. Prayers are with you Brandi! Pray and ask God to send a little boy to you (likevHannah) and dedicate him to God! cheering you on in your journey!

  2. As a society I think we’ve gone to far with our obsession to pursue perfection through plastic surgery. What ever happened to proper diet and exercise, and using the correct product for your skin or supplements for your overall health? Her story is very unfortunate, but can provide a teachable moment about the dangers and sacrifices that come as a result of a lot of these elective plastic surgeries.

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