Brandi Redmond Thinks LeeAnne Locken Should Stop Playing the Victim


Brandi Redmond is taking to her blog to discuss the big fight in Austin on this week’s episode of the RHOD. Redmond thinks that LeeAnne Locken should get help after her big fight with Marie Reyes and should stop labeling herself as the victim.

“First, I have to say that I was looking forward to getting away on a girls trip. I am always up for a good time and I typically do not let anyone or anything stand in my way. The ride from Dallas to Austin takes about three hours and unfortunately with the drinking on the way, I had to tinkle. Peeing in a solo cup is one of my hidden talents and I’m sure I will do it again some day. LeeAnne’s reaction was ridiculous considering her poop in a bag story. I actually didn’t believe LeeAnne when she denied it because Tiffany had already confirmed the story. So, all I could think was whatever, poopy pants!

I enjoyed my conversation and opening up with Tiffany and LeeAnne. I feel that it’s important for friendships to feel connected through love and support and I wanted Tiffany to know how much it meant to me that her and Aaron did such a thoughtful moment.

I know I had a little bit too much to drink, especially when I chose to do a roll on the table. What was I thinking? Um, well Cary always stands on her head and does these amazing tricks and I wanted her to do one on the table. She declined so I volunteered myself. I was definitely in Brandi Land and I’m thankful I didn’t break the table. Watching it I know I was a HOT MESS to say the least.

After the roll I went to bed right away and woke up to screaming. Stephanie and I had our door shut and I started hysterically crying because I didn’t understand why LeeAnne was going to gut Marie “Carni Style.” I wanted to be sober so bad so I could comprehend. Stephanie and I were holding each other shaking.

The next morning when I realized what was going on I understood that LeeAnne felt hurt because Marie apparently shared her story. However, this gives no one an excuse to threaten someone’s life. It was disturbing and I felt like LeeAnne once again needed help. It’s not rational to argue with what was clearly crazy. Her continuing to use her past as excuses for her behavior really does bother me. So she should take her own advice and quit labeling herself as the victim. I think her apology to Marie was to move on and not necessarily genuine being that they are no longer friends.

This leads me to our dinner. I was trying to understand why Tiffany is always supporting LeeAnne and contributes to her excuses. I also brought up the fact that Tiffany contributes to Marie and LeeAnne’s fights and realized it’s not worth it. So I walked away feeling frustrated. I want people to walk in their own shoes and not make excuses for their behavior. When we don’t live up to whom we say we are, it makes affirmations and our heart for charity seem like a joke. By no means am I discrediting anyone’s good deeds but live by what you claim and the rest won’t be so toxic.”

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2 Replies to “Brandi Redmond Thinks LeeAnne Locken Should Stop Playing the Victim”

  1. Why do all these women on the RHW shows act like such low class idiots. I am 71 and have a nice group of friends and never in those 70+ years have I seen anyone act like this – not even in grade school????

  2. I like Brandi, Stephanie, & Cary. I agree with Brandi, they need to own their own stuff. I do think Leeann may be a little jealous of Cary. Leeann definately needs to quit blowing up & raging. She needs counseling.

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