Brandi Redmond Still Doesn’t Trust LeeAnne Locken


Brandi Redmond is sharing why her guard is still up with LeeAnne Locken and why she believes Cary should also have her guard up with LeeAnne in her blog this week. She also wishes Cary good luck in getting an apology from Locken.

“Ok, I want you all to know how much I love the Hollman’s and I always enjoy Travis’s National Holiday. When Stephanie called to tell me that she invited LeeAnne to Travis’s party, I truly didn’t care. It’s not my place to say whom someone can or cannot invite. I own that I’m a big girl and can control my emotions and behave at social gatherings.”

Brandi jumps right in to talk about her meeting with LeeAnne.

“I called LeeAnne to have an opportunity to meet with her and clear the air. I was a little nervous because LeeAnne clearly has outlandish reactions to situations. She is “Loud Mouth” in my phone and I like it that way. She can put “snot nosed little kid” in her phone since that’s what she thinks about me. Anyways, I felt that our conversation went well. I apologized for the things that I felt needed an apology but I never heard an apology back for calling me “little piece of shit trash.”Truly at that point, I was over it and knew I would need to move forward and be the bigger person especially having real issues going on in my life.”

As for Travis’ party?

“I obviously had an amazing time at Travis’s party and bonded over LeeAnne and Tiffany’s story that was right up my alley. It was hysterical and I might have to try an ice cube the next time there is fire in the hole. HA! Tiffany looked stunning in her costume and I apologize if I offended her by my humor. I hope she can take a joke, otherwise our bonding might be at a halt. Stephanie did an amazing job on the party and she should be proud. Everyone had a fantastic time and the fact that she then popped out of cake for Travis? Wow! She looked stunning and hot. Go Cinnamon…”

She also weighs in on Cary’s situation with LeeAnne.

“As far as Cary and LeeAnne, that issue is with them and I didn’t get involved. Do I think that LeeAnne owes her an apology? Good luck with that, Cary! Watching LeeAnne previously gossip about Cary and the situations she was put in, I do think Cary deserves an apology and I don’t blame her for not trusting LeeAnne. LeeAnne is definitely someone I have my guard up with, too, when it comes to trust. However, at this point moving forward, I look forward to hearing LeeAnne’s story and look forward to our friendship.”

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