Brandi Redmond: My Heart Ached When My Husband Walked Away


Brandi Redmond is opening up about the difficult talk she had with her husband on this week’s episode of the RHOD in her blog. Redmond says her heart ached when Bryant walked away from her and also weighs in on Marie’s sit-down with LeeAnne and Tiffany.

“Okay yall, If you haven’t figured out by now that I love to laugh and sometimes a little exaggeration goes with it. So with that, I hope your laughing with me.

My friendship with Marie has grown. She has always been kind and loving to me. She takes the time to call just to say hi and see how my girls are doing. I know Marie is a busy woman with her business and family life so I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

“Dust the Dirt” was a joke and I laughed at myself watching. I wanted to thank Marie for having me at the party and of course wanted to address what set LeeAnne’s behavior off or dust the dirt…

I shared with Marie what I was told that I needed to respect LeeAnne, as my elder I also included my thoughts to Marie that LeeAnne is crazy. Marie expressed an emotional concern for her friend and that she agreed she needed help.

What I was shocked to see was that a text between Tiffany and Marie somehow reflected back to me. Get over yourself and quit blaming other people for your behavior. Own your mistakes and move on. I can honestly say that I am sick of this and I think everyone will agree to move on already. I have real issues going on that are sucking the life out of me. Did Marie lie? Absolutely she did and I don’t agree with that. She should have been upfront and I can assure you its not gossip when I’ve already said what I said to Leanne’s face. So that was disappointing knowing how close LeeAnne and Marie are. If Marie was trying to protect me, thank you but I’m a big girl.

I want to address a comment that came from Cary Deuber. Cary is beautiful and her body is insane but unfortunately I took offense to the freckle comment and removing them. I have a Ginger Family and I tell my girls that freckles are Angel Kisses and hope they will embrace them. They are beautiful and I hope everyone that has them believes they are Angel Kisses too. #Rockfreckles

Okay, so I know everyone is wondering about Bryan’s hygiene, it was a joke and funny. He apparently would put his toes in his mouth as a toddler. He does not do that now, I assure you but if he did that would be impressive. Also who hasn’t picked their nose, and if you need tissues for the car, they have circle boxes that fit in your cup holder and Bryan loves them. LMAO

Cooking with my girls is always a good time and I could not get that damn jar open. I had some Marinara Vodka Sauce and I openly joke with everyone and if you find it inappropriate, it’s your problem because I am who I am. My girls know me. If anyone is concerned about the alcohol in the sauce, it evaporates and cooks off once it’s cooked.

Moving on to my marriage, I don’t think anyone should judge others on their personal relationships with their spouse. We all know our hearts and know behind closed doors that we all have a story. I chose to share my story and wore my heart on my sleeve. I was a little taken back with Stephanie stating that the communication between Bryan and I is a recipe for disaster. I agree that communication is key to anything however when you are dealing with feelings emotionally and physically it’s harder to open up for some and easier just to avoid conflict. Stephanie’s comment hurt me because it seems as if she doesn’t believe in my marriage and future. Sharing personal things with your best friend warrants the truth but not negativity.

I was nervous speaking with Bryan about the bbq because I knew he didn’t want to talk about it. He just wanted to go to dinner, have some drinks and spend alone time together. I believe his thoughts were that he was spending time with me in that moment and it was ridiculous for me to go there. However, I did go there and it resulted in him feeling unappreciated for the time he was giving me. I’ll admit this date was hard and I couldn’t line up my words correctly and Bryan is a straight shooter. Bryan is incredible and I can’t thank him enough for all that he does for my family. However, he doesn’t like drama or confrontation so this just annoyed him even more. My tears set him off and my heart was aching. When he walked away it made me regret trying to talk to him. I love him so much and my heart was heavy. Bryan and I are no strangers to ups and downs and I assure you we love each other. Hope you will keep watching and I will keep making you laugh. Thank you all for your love and support. I will never stop thanking y’all.”

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  • DinaO

    Honey stop justifying your husband’s behavior or lack there of emotion. You would have got a better response from a corpse. No way in hell I stick with a man so cold a emotionally detached.

    • Krista

      I see it the same way. I don’t know if he physically abuses her but he definitely emotionally abuses her. She seems so sad, hurt and lonely my heart goes out to her. Aside from being a real jerk, Bryant is not even attractive. She could do so much better

  • Martie

    Yes Brandi is a handful…for anyone…including a husband. But Bryan is a cold, insensitive jerk. This marriage is a disaster. Brandi would get on my last nerve but I feel sorry for her.

  • I love how open she being on this show. You can say what you want about her but unlike another castmate she being real. She opened up about her family her marriage and next week her brother. She maybe a handful and crazy but in my opinion she putting the “Real” back in “Real Housewives”

  • Amy

    So I like her but here is my issue with women like her… Their husbands work their ass off to provide a good life for their family. She has most of what any woman would want financially and doesn’t have to work or worry about money every month BUT she wants all of that but also wants her husband to work part time so he can stay home and hold her hand ? This episode she was acting like a it was HUGE deal she had no nanny and she had such a hard life but yet is financially privlidged and does not have to work. She really needs a dose of reality. Spoiled little brat. I don’t blame her husband. She should be greatful and great her husband on her knees when he comes home from long trips to support her lifestyle

    • Amy

      I’m so sorry.. I’m a financially secure mother, not wealthy but secure, and my husband works long hard hours and he does what he has to do to support our family. He works much harder and longer hours myself. Why does she think she is so privlidged that she ca have her cake and eat it too?? Because she was a cheerleader years and years ago? I like her but I don’t like her privlidged attitude. And I don’t feel sorry for her a bit having to take care of two kids and one of them is even in school for Christ Sake. Huge turn off . No sympathy here. My sympathy goes towards her husband just trying to keep up with the jones.

  • patricia

    I felt sorry for her at dinner with her husband. I think Brandi does have a good & loving heart.

    • Amy

      She does however I think she is out of touch work reality and expects too much from her husband. She wants the life style but also wants her husband there all the time to help her. She needs to tune into reality

    • Miss Moneypenny☂

      I agree patricia, she appears to have a very sweet heart. Poor girl

  • Miss Moneypenny☂

    I never thought I’d watch this show, but I’ve found myself watching the last couple episodes out of curiosity, and I don’t know the characters or the storylines much so can’t debate details. All I know is what I saw last night viewing this poor woman and her husband dining out – I was cringing on my sofa, and I was pissed. I was feeling so sick watching this poor girl grasping for the words to express her feelings to this piece of assphalt sitting across her. I could feel her nerves, her fear, her smallness. What kind of man strikes this kind of awkward pensiveness in their life partner? What kind of man sits there unfazed and b o r e d by seeing his wife drop tears in her lap and does nothing in front of cameras and millions of people no less, then deserts her in disgust. Really? What a rogue bucket. What a heartless swine. And he’s uglier than a hedgehog, sorry, not nice I know but he’s a hateful ape. Leave him! Makes me so mad animals like that.

  • One Rotten Egg

    I wonder if Brandi is really in the doghouse now because her husband made a complete ass out of himself–and of course, it’s ALWAYS Brandi’s fault (according to her louse of a husband)

    • Amy

      I agree. His first appearance he was ok. I could tell he was not very happy on being filmed. That might be part of his issue . He seems uncomfortable when they are filming. After the first shot I saw he seems to be getting more distant. With him might be very uncomfortable and against the filming and the combo of him just being an asshole is a mix of of most of it it think. Just my thoughts anyway

  • chilebye

    Not defending him at all, but I do wonder if he was annoyed it happened on camera?

    • Amy

      I’m sure he was. And if you notice he always walks away from the camera. He clearly is not comfortable filming and for sure not discussing personal issues. I can’t blame the guy

  • Anonymous

    At first, I was an uninterested viewer, but I’m into the show now. On Brandi, wrong place, wrong time to approach a cold, insensitive spouse. It was their date night out. Just enjoy, not be in therapy. The time would’ve come to address her frustrating concerns. But, I doubt it’ll do any good. That type of spouse is the worst kind. His way or the highway, walk away from any deep conversations leaving the other spouse dissatisfied with the relationship & lacking badly in what a real parternship is all about. Poor Brandi is very wary each time on how to approach the simplest concern with & about him. He wont change–ever. He’s a cold turkey & a male chauvinist. This marriage is definitely a disaster. I’m sure they have good moments, as long as it’s way to keep the peace. But that’s not a good nor a fair marriage. She needs to grow a spine or she’ll always be trod on by him. She’ll never be happy with him & more’s the pity. What he did to her at dinner is not to be forgiven easily. Her closest friend is correct & her advice is not negative, but caring. Wake up Brandi, everyone deserves a true soul mate in marriage.

    • Krista

      You said it perfectly!

  • starr

    Above Anonymous was from me. Sorry, I forgot to sign in.

  • Head of reason

    Very unfortunate that he failed to recognize a crazy woman earlier.