Brandi Redmond Gets Rejected By Her Grandmother

As RHOD viewers saw on this week’s episode, Brandi Redmond’s maternal grandmother hasn’t spoken to her in a year and a half.

The episode showed a very sad moment when Brandi attempted to fix their relationship by showing up to her grandmother’s house in Senatobia, Mississippi, with flowers in hand, only to have her grandmother not even open the door.

“It’s just so painful coming from somebody that you knew that was by your side from the moment you were born,” Brandi said later while crying. “She named me and I feel like, how has it come to this? How is it that she can’t answer her door and let me in?”

According to Brandi, the problems started when Brandi reached out to her estranged grandfather in an attempt to start a relationship with him.

“My grandparents divorced before I was even born, and I grew up only knowing my grandmother and having a relationship with her,” Brandi explained. “Last year, my mom encouraged me to reach out to my grandfather to start a relationship with him and his new wife. And It really didn’t sit well with my grandmother.”

“She hasn’t spoken to me and my mom since I formed a relationship with my grandfather,” Brandi continued. “That whole side of my family felt like it was almost like a betrayal.”

Brandi admitted that not talking to her grandmother has been hard as she described her grandmother as her, “favorite person.”

“When I was a little girl I remember shaking and crying trying to tell my grandmother that she was my favorite person,” Redmond recalled. “I would give anything to see my grandmother. …  I just want to wrap my arms around her.”

Unfortunately for Brandi and viewers her grandmother didn’t answer the door despite her many knocks on the door.

“Grandma, I know you’re home. Please. Grandma, please talk to me,” Brandi said while knocking on the doors.

“I can hear the dogs barking and I can see the cars in the driveway,” Brandi explained to viewers. “My first thought is that maybe she doesn’t hear me. But the dogs are going crazy. Typically when I come to my grandmother’s house I just walk right in the back door off the driveway. And this is just awkward.”

As soon as Brandi reached her car where her mother Jana was waiting, she just broke down in tears, as many of us probably would.

“There’s nothing you can do,” Jana told Brandi. “I’m sorry. I appreciate you so much and you are the best daughter in the whole wide world.”

Brandi and Jana then headed back to Memphis, Tennessee, where earlier Brandi had visited her estranged grandfather and his family with Housewives Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber.

“I do have guilt that I’ve hurt her by having a relationship with my grandfather,” Brandi said. “I’m sorry if I’ve hurt her and maybe I should have made more of an effort to come see her and not wait so long.”

“It’s such an empty feeling when you love someone so much and you just feel, you feel shunned,” Brandi said. “You feel like they’re not letting you in. It makes me second guess even trying.”

Brandi’s whole experience with grandmother put into perspective how she treated fellow housewife Stephanie after ignoring her for four months.

“I think the biggest lesson that I learned was don’t just cut people out of your life. I did exactly what my grandmother did to me, I did to Stephanie. And I feel like it’s definitely a learning lesson.”

“At least I know how she feels,” Brandi added. “At least I know that I tried.”

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