Brandi Redmond Confronts LeeAnne Locken on RHOD


The series premiere of the Real Housewives of Dallas aired on Bravo Monday night and we were finally introduced to the ladies from the South. We met cast members Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, LeeAnne Locken, Stephanie Hollman and Tiffany Hendra.

Charity season was in full force in Dallas and the cast gathered for a trunk show at Cary Deuber’s home. Self-proclaimed “mouth of the South” LeeAnne Locken explained how she dedicates her life to volunteering for various charities and some of the other ladies had opinions on Locken.

“Growing up on the carnival showed you the dark side of life,” Locken told the cameras. “I’ve been mugged, I’ve been hit on the side of the head, knocked unconscious, had my money stolen. The carnival prepared me for life in Dallas society.”

“LeeAnn is kind of at the center of the charity world,” Deuber explained. “I don’t know how you get a job drinking and socializing, but maybe I should look into it.”

And while Brandi and Stephanie spent the evening joking around and having fun, Locken was very displeased by their behavior. “It’s inappropriate. I think they want to escape their husbands and kids and come knock a few back and go crazy. It’s not what charity really is about. You either take it seriously or go home.”

But Redmond made it clear her feelings towards Locken are mutual. “I am not going to kiss everyone’s a** in town so I could be in every magazine. She’s using the charity world to shine the spotlight on herself. She makes herself the center of attention when she shouldn’t be.”

When Locken heard Redmond mimicking her, she confronted her for imitating her behind her back.

As Redmond explained how she imitates people “all out of fun,” Locken responded, “I see your spirit. You’re a sweetheart. You mimic people because it’s your comedy. I love that about you.”

But Redmond saw behind Locken’s act, and confronted her for telling her life story at an event for HIV and AIDS the week prior.

Redmond told her “there’s a time and a place to tell your story.”

Locken asked, “Do you see me as a pathetic person?”

Redmond responded, “I feel sorry for you. Being at an event and other people are talking about battling for their lives and you lash out and start talking about things going on in your life.”

When Locken asked if Redmond thought she was lying about caring for charities, she responded, “You need help.”

Locken fired back, “This is a charity event and you’re acting like a little b*tch!”

Brandi ended the feud by calling Locken, “F*cking fake!”

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