Brandi Redmond Believes Kameron Westcott is Judging Her

Brandi Redmond is taking to her blog to react to hearing that she doesn’t fit in with Dallas society. Redmond says if she doesn’t have anything in common with new Housewife Kameron Westcott it’s because she’s judging her.

“I’m not gonna lie, hearing that I don’t fit in and the BS about not living in Dallas is exhausting. For the record, it takes me about 15 minutes with no traffic to get to Highland Park and three minutes to get to a Dallas zip code from my house, so this nonsense makes me laugh. If I don’t have anything in common with Kameron Westcott, it’s because she’s judging me. I’m pretty sure I love the color pink, we both have a little girl the same age, and we both love Mexican food. I think there might be something there, but oh well.”

Brandi also spoke about the gift she gave to Kameron in this week’s episode and how she intended it to be a nice gesture.

“I thought me giving a gift to Kameron was going to be a funny but nice gesture to move past my etiquette foul. I did not want to have the conversation in front of everyone, but D’Andra Simmons was insisting on everyone being open and honest in front of the group. I was honestly over the entire issue and wanted to move on. I called Kameron a bitch because I felt that she was being one by not listening and trying to make it more about herself when the reasoning for the gift had nothing to do with her in the first place. I walked out because I was over the conversation, and I didn’t want to be at the Honest Tea to begin with. It’s petty, it’s ridiculous, and it’s not for me. I walked back in because the ladies were insisting, and all I could think was, “You know, I dressed up in pantyhose, ugly ass shoes, a dress that I thought who cares if someone spills some tea on for these bitches.” Was I shocked that my attire was not up to their standards? No, not shocked at all. I’ll admit, I wasn’t raised in the debutante world and I guess I should have Googled “tea attire” before attending, but I just thought I was supposed to look like a whore in church.”

Finally, Brandi weighs in on Cary Deuber an LeeAnne Locken’s fight.

“LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber’s clash was clearly from my doing, and I had no idea it would end up being a moment of WOW! LeeAnne knows better, I know she does, but it had been such a long night of drinking and honesty that I think her honesty got the best of her. LeeAnne crying makes me sad for her. Especially that D’Andra is not being supportive, so I took it upon myself to let her know that I do care and love her. She is such a wounded soul, and we probably should have had her therapist sit in for her questions so we could all better understand her. I felt that the room was cold and not supportive of her, so I was proud of myself for being there for her.

All in all, I think the Honest Tea was a joke. I could have addressed all of my issues directly with LeeAnne. Who knew that D’Andra was such a nosey cold bitch! But hey, we are going to Mexico, and you know nobody likes a good time better than me!”

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5 Replies to “Brandi Redmond Believes Kameron Westcott is Judging Her”

  1. I like D’Andra…so far I wouldn’t characterize her as a cold bitch. Bravo Housewives are always hosting these kind of parties (perhaps it’s in their contracts) in order to bring up drama. Par for the course.

      1. Exactly. I don’t know if you watch the OC Housewives, but it’s almost becoming unbearable to watch them because they seem to really dislike each other so much. There’s drama and then there’s too much drama,

  2. Kameron makes me gag. She says she is not a dumb blond but she sure does act like one. Maybe the gagging comes from the thought of pink dog food????

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