Brandi Glanville’s Son Mason Rushed To The Hospital In NYC


Brandi Glanville’s oldest son, Mason, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance Saturday night for an undisclosed illness. “8 hours in the ER this trip to NYC Mason will never forget! 1st trip in an ambulance! All will be fin,” Glanville tweeted Sunday morning, later in the day, adding, “Just want to thank all the hard working Dr. Nurses & EVERYONE that put up with my crying panicked ass and help save my babes life!”


While Brandi is working on The Celebrity Apprentice in New York City, her sons Mason and Jake were visiting her. Apparently, Brandi didn’t notify Eddie Cibrian of Mason’s emergency because stepmom LeAnn Rimes was angrily tweeting about the situation. “My husband need (sic) to be notified. Period,” Rimes tweeted.

“Got a text from a friend at 4:30am asking if mason was ok. THANK GOD! Mason just called Eddie himself!! It’s been a panicked morning not knowing anything and mason being all the way across the US. Relived to know he’s ok.,” Rimes wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter


2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville’s Son Mason Rushed To The Hospital In NYC”

  1. He was in the ER for eight hours. Not admitted, apparently. Yet they “saved his life”? Exaggerate much, Brandi?

    I get that she was worried. All parents would be. But I don’t think it’s beyond Brandi to use this to get attention.

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