Are Brandi Glanville’s RHOBH Co-Stars Trying To Get Her Fired?


You either love or hate RHOBH star Brandi Glanville and a new report claims that Glanville’s Bravo co-stars are forming a union to get her kicked off the show. There is no doubt that Brandi brings the drama this season, including two separate occasions where her fights with the other ladies turn physical.

“At this point, Brandi hardly has a friend on the show… Yolanda is really the only one who tolerates her,” a show insider tells Life & Style Magazine. “Everyone is so over her, especially Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.”

“They think she is a toxic addition to the group and want her gone!” the insider adds.

Do you believe this report? Do you think Brandi should be fired from RHOBH? Sound off in our comments section, but please remember to follow our comment guidelines. 🙂

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30 Replies to “Are Brandi Glanville’s RHOBH Co-Stars Trying To Get Her Fired?”

  1. She should be fired from the show just for the fact that she is nowhere near any of these ladies cash wise (might sound stupid, but hey, it’s RHO Beverly Hills, not downright first trailer trash on the left)… also Kim should be chopped…

    1. I completely agree! She’s so trailer constantly moving & nowhere near BH I bet! 0 ,class, should be on a bet reality show. Damn she would be perfect there!!

  2. Anyone who hits or slaps someone else should be fired. Brandi is a professional “victim”. She always feels that she is right and everyone else is wrong. I change the channel when she is on!

  3. I say give Brandi the heave-ho for several reasons. First- she isn’t and never was a housewive. Second- she is so low class, crass and trashy, she brings the BH “brand” down- way down. Third- her storyline of relentlessly attacking other cast members is played out and too negative. Forth- her victim act is just as old and played out as her drunk and slutty act- which is more Jerry a Springer than Beverly Hills.

    1. Oh yes, I forgot to add she has also physically attacked cast members- and Bravo has “Zero Tolerance.” -supposedly anyway.

  4. If Bravo has zero tolerance for physical contact, she should be gone. She brings nothing to this show, except drama. She’s never been in their class, she’s a misfit and always jealous and insecure. Should have been gone a long time ago.

  5. Money has nothing to do with being a Housewife. Nor being married nor having children.
    Brandi has friends on the show: Yolanda, Kim and Lisa Rinna. She’s fighting with Kyle and Eileen. Lisa she’s just in a bad place. I don’t think the other women are that pathetic… This is all fake

  6. the fact that she’s hated means she’s not going anywhere. like it or not, the show needs the drama. i imagine housewives contracts aren’t like they used to be where housewives can flat out refuse to film with her, thereby almost forcing her off the show? so a “union” seems pointless to me.

    1. Not necessarily true (think Jill Zarin). Plus, they could make it so awkward when they film with her that it would be useless footage. Also, LVP & Kyle are producers on the show so they definitely have input on certain things. Remember, Kyle is the only reason Kim is still on the show. Let’s hope she goes!!

  7. i think the show needs her. Yeah the diamonds and money is good but without drama there’s no show really. Seasons 3 & 4 couldn’t have really happened without her. Even season 2.

  8. I think they need her. Brandi has a good heart and brings something different to the show. Without her the show would be terribly boring. Season 3 & 4 would’ve put me to sleep without her.. Even season 2. But also, throwing wine in someone’s face and the light slap on Lisa’s cheek is probably being so blown out of proportion. It’s tv !!! It’s supposed to be outrageous. Personally I don’t want to watch a show that soley consists of women shopping and having lunch ……

  9. Everyone has been saying she should be off the show since she started. She is evil she brings nothing to this show. Bravo keeps her because everyone talks about her the more we talk the longer she stays.

  10. Brandi is going no place. Love or hate her she is media wise the most popular of them all. Each show needs a Villain (Kenya, Tamara ect) it’s departmental for the shows dynamics and equals ratings. We need the Drama people or why would we watch??..

  11. Brandi can’t keep up with these women her lifestyle is totally different . Every season she comes off as bitter I really wish she stops talking about Eddie we get it your husband left you move on……,

  12. She should be fired and then get the mental help she needs. Real ladies do not and I repeat DO NOT get physical with other women. Especially at her age. Of course her husband left her. I can only imagine what her son’s friends say about her. My sons would not be allowed in her house, whichever house that would be at the tiime. She is true trash and it is her choosing. Bravo…. listen up…. the viewers will turn their back.

  13. Well I cannot stand Brandi. I know that Bravo likes ratings from the drama she causes and may think that’s a reason to keep her, BUT it has gotten to the point with me that I literally leave the room or change the channel when she comes on. I hate how she talks, looks and acts. She’s definitely not on the same level as any of the other ladies and never will be. I like Kim but she’s so boring this season so she can go too. Please take Brandi off the show, she makes my skin crawl.

      1. It’s not the drama… it’s the fact that she gets physical with other women. It’s disgusting and crude and not something most women want to witness.

  14. Brandi is a housewife reality tv brand. Anticipate what she is going to say next? Boring is fake hair, tight clothes,hair, makeup, smirks for the camera and pretentious statements. I am bored out of my skull with Bravo’s pumped up shows promoting Lisa Vanderwho.. Yolando is the most genuine..unless, of course we include Brandi.. Ah me, I have one sided conversations with a narrow minded wall every time I tune them in.

  15. Yes I agree and Porsha should be fired as well for putting her hands on another woman! Does Bravo allow violence on the show now for drama?

  16. She was amazing season 2-3 but she turned nasty in season 4. I do think she generated a new direction for the show. :/ I would love to still have her if we could see more of her life, i.e. kids and not only people she lives with and friends. Right now her only storyline is telling everyone how much she doesnt care about LVP but then still does everything to regain her friendship

  17. I agree with many of you. I think Brandi has run her course and she needs to move on and find something else to do. Look at her and look at the other housewives. She does not fit in at all and she is just so unfiltered, classless, and just so disgusting. I stopped watching any parts of the show that have Brandi in them, my FF button gets used quite a bit during the show. I just cannot stomach her any more. She has the intelligence of a 12 year old. She really thinks that because people bought her book that she is so desired in Hollywood. Bravo enough is enough. Take her off the air. Let her go find something that fits her personality like “Trailer Trash Housewives of east LA.” She will fit in right away!!!

  18. Her abuse will get worse of her costars why because she can until someone gets hurt and bravo is possibly facing a lawsuit. She is a very abusive person with 2 children to wreck along the way.I have stopped watching when she is on I fast forward.

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