Brandi Glanville’s Friends Worried She’s Spiraling Out Of Control!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville is picking up the pieces after she was photographed Monday night drunkenly stumbling into a hotel in West Hollywood. And now friends of the reality star are telling RadarOnline they are concerned she is spiraling out of control. “We’re all seriously concerned for her right now. It’s bad. Something like Monday night can’t happen again,” Brandi’s friend tells Radar.

“She’s an amazing mother and is hardworking with a successful career, so we just don’t want her small demons to take her down,” the insider continues. “Brandi likes to have fun, but there’s more going on and it’s something her friends are hoping to help her through.”

“She’s lucky to have friends that care so deeply for her and we just hope she comes out of this okay, before it’s too late,” the insider concludes.

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8 Replies to “Brandi Glanville’s Friends Worried She’s Spiraling Out Of Control!”

  1. I’m not sure true “friends” take those comments to the press instead of just to Brandi privately. But at least I’m hoping she realizes her behavior just went too far, for the sake of herself and her children.

    1. Brandi is a ***** and a ***** and the worst most uneducated mom that doesn’t deserve her children but the breaking story on Andy Cohen will be in the news sometime today !!!!!! He’s a **** and every housewife is a mental case with a side of **** !!! My OPINION!!!!!

    1. She’s just 1 of the many sluts of the real housewives whether they stand on a street corner or have Bravo pay them!! Its still suicidal to be on any casting couch with Andy Cohen!!! Just remember , with everyone he has been with comes 500+ that his lovers have been with !! Every housewife can explain to their families now they sold their SOULS for a dollar !!!! Andy better be worried about the story to be released before Teresa and Joe face the music. Its been told by several close sources that she will inform the public about Andy’s past and his last visit to the doctor. T-Cell count lowering!!! Tell the truth Andy and stop using people for a dollar you drama !! Look for the story !!

    2. Lala??? It must of been real hard to have to be given a name that small so your ¹ brain cell wouldn’t forget how to. Spell it !!!!! idiots!!! You can’t sing so keep up with the same tired beat with words you may not even know how good spell especially if the words are longer then your name hahaha can’t stop laughing!!!! Hood rat for sure!!!!!

    1. Brandi and others never did nor will ever have any sense of self worth and the most difficult words for EVERY HOUSE WIFE OF BRAVO IS MORALS VALUES and ETHICS ! They have given up friends , family , freedom , self respect , and they traded those important parts of life to be liars , cheaters , scammers , alcoholics , drug addicts , unfaithful and will take their clothes off in a New York second !!! You will soon see what your ( in everyone’s opinion ) pimp Andy has sold you and your family for !!!

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