Brandi Glanville’s Book Cover! ‘Drinking & Tweeting And Other Brandi Blunders!’

Brandi Glanville

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville is very excited for the release of her book titled, ‘Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders.” The book will be released on February 12th, 2013. In our EXCLUSIVE interview, Brandi described her book to me, “It is basically a funny guide for what not to do during a break-up, and how to ultimately get the F over it! It will come out right around the same time as the Reunion for Season 3, which airs late January or mid February.”

Brandi also shared with me, “I find writing cathardic. I always wrote poems and letters to Eddie, and I wrote a journal throughout my divorce to help remind my brain exactly what I could never go back to.”

Brandi was excited to tweet an exclusive first look of her book cover, saying, “SO EXCITED to share with you all…. my NEW book cover!!” You can check out the cover of Brandi’s book below! To pre-order a copy of her book, click here.

Brandi Tweet

Brandi's Book Cover

Photo Credits: Getty Images/Brandi Glanville


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