Brandi Glanville’s Biggest Bombshells From ‘Drinking & Dating’


Brandi Glanville’s second book ‘Drinking & Dating’ came out on Tuesday and in case you haven’t picked up a copy yet we have a summary of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s biggest bombshells from her newest book. Glanville has plenty more plenty of OMG moments about famous men she’s dated, her ex-husband, and more.

She takes a few (subtle) digs at LeAnn Rimes.
When sharing lessons she’s learned since splitting from Eddie, Brandi can’t help but take a swipe at LeAnn, Eddie’s new wife. “When you write an entire c–try album about your affair with a married man, most people won’t buy it. #JustSayin.”

She used to have some unhealthy habits.
Brandi reveals that picking up the pieces after Eddie wasn’t easy. In fact, she developed nervous tics while spending nights alone. “I’d relapse so bad into my skin picking addiction that I’d wake up the next morning with my face looking like a pepperoni pizza,” she writes.

She’s refreshingly candid about her age and her looks.
“Getting older is inevitable,” she writes, “People who say, ‘Forty is the new thirty,’ can suck it. Just look at our knees. Forty-year-old knees are not the new thirty. I never had armpits that looked like vaginal labia when I was thirty.”

She hasn’t given up on love.
She reveals that she went through a crippling depression following her divorce from Eddie, but she did her best to stay strong. “I’ll let you on a little secret: I…hate being alone,” she writes. “I think putting on a front was a way to help me get through the days and nights when I was so depressed and pathetically sad.” She says that she’s in a better place now: “I am, in fact, a hopeless romantic. I want someone to wake up with each morning, to take out the trash on garbage day, and to care deeply about me. I wanted my date on New Year’s Eve to be the same man who took me out on Valentine’s Day.”

She’s been used for her fame.
“More gay men than I care to count have asked me out because they’re hoping dating me would allow them access to all things Housewives…and Bravo,” she writes. “Maybe they were really after Andy [Cohen]?”

Her dating stories are doozies.
Brandi shares stories about some of the bad dates she’s been on since her divorce. The best one involves a scarf-wearing venture capitalist who may (or may not) have a criminal background. Their fling comes to a head after he tries to persuade her to come to a Hollywood party at Brendan “Encino Man” Fraser’s house. “It’s funny that in the end it wasn’t his shady history that came between us, his poor parenting skills, or even the fact that he wasn’t as fabulous as he let on,” she writes of her mystery man. “It was Brendan Fraser.”

Her hook-up stories are better than blind items in Page Six.
Part of the fun of reading about Brandi’s exploits isn’t the exploits themselves—but figuring out the IDs of her suitors. (She assigns fake names to them throughout the book.) There’s the famous actor, described as the biggest television actor of the ’90s, who had an “incredible appetite” for pleasing Brandi. There’s the sober, A-list movie star named “Marty” who has “sparkling” eyes but wasn’t so great in bed. Then there’s the “actor/rapper/political hopeful” and Oscar-winner with “chiseled abs” and “luscious lips” who “has to special order condoms just to fit him.” Any guesses?

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  • Aunt Bee

    Sounds like fiction to me

  • Joan

    Buy her book? You have to be kidding. If it was given to me as a gift, I would have to flush down the toilet like she should be.

  • Tim

    Biggest TV actor of the nineties? George Clooney, any of the guys from Friends, Jerry Seinfeld, or Mark Paul Gosselar.

    Blue eyes? Rob Lowe?

    Rapper/Political Hopeful? Wyclef

    Oscar winner with chiseled abs? The most confusing of all.

  • getreal

    Sounds like she just asks random guys out on dates only to fabricate ridiculous outcomes. Notice how she has zero healthy relationship with a man at present and continues to be obsessed and stalkish over her ex. You’ll find her book in the psycho teenage fantasy section.

  • Joan

    Brandi has to “expose” everyone, talk like a drunken sailor, because on her own, she is just a plain mean, idiot that everyone with a brain can see. I feel very very sorry for anyone that comes into her life because sooner or later, she will turn on them, just to get attention.

  • Tailisin

    Fiction should stay in the Fiction secttion.
    Although, this book might be useful to College Students that need “Honest” Sociopathic Ramblings when writing their Abnormal Psychology thesis!
    Brandi, go away..

    • t haJoan

      Tailisin, you are hilarious. You hit nail on head.