Brandi Glanville Wishes Lisa Vanderpump Would Be Genuine, Feels Used For Vanderpump Rules Storyline


Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after she was seen questioning her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville and Vanderpump have had a very public feud, and Brandi spoke to Andy about their former friendship and didn’t hesitate to slam Lisa’s spin-off show, Vanderpump Rules.

Having hosted The View with Jenny McCarthy earlier in the day, Glanville let McCarthy answer some of the questions viewer’s had about Lisa. When Andy asked if Lisa’s mothering ways are out of love for Brandi, Jenny chimed in, “I think Lisa is looking out for her spin-off.” Brandi added, “I think you’re right!” Brandi continued, “She doesn’t mother me off-camera so I feel like if you’re gonna mother me be genuine about it. Do it when we are drinking until 4am at SUR.”

When asked if she’s had a real friendship with Lisa, Brandi said, “Oh I love her. Of course I’ve had a real friendship. I love her, it’s hard.” Jenny asks Brandi, “But do you ever feel manipulated when she tries to cause drama with her SUR employees and drags you into it? Don’t you go, ‘Wait a minute, I’m starring in your show and my show and that’s not fair because this is your show?'” Brandi was quick to reply, “Yes. Yep. Exactly.” Andy commented, “You two have been chatting…”

Brandi was also quick to comment on Lisa’s spin-off, Vanderpump Rules. “Favorite, favorite, scripted show on television,” she said to Andy.

Next, a caller asks Brandi why she thinks everyone in the cast is so afraid to cross Lisa. Brandi replied, “Because she’s the smartest woman on the planet. I promise.” Jenny adds, “She does seem like she can manipulate anybody into doing anything.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Two whores bashing a happily married woman on national TV. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and have always liked Lisa. To me it seems like all the women are ganging up on her this season. Why??? Because they are jealous of EVERYTHING she has and accomplished. And Kim – you are so wrong to dish Lisa about missing your event when you are the most guilty about “not showing up”.

    • Teresa

      Kim is being stupid. Is that all she has to hear about? They have explained it so much to her that I get it, and I am slow. Lol. Tell me, why is Kim even on the show? What does goofy bring to the show? Yes, she looks goofy and acts strange. Not trying to gang up on her but I have wondered for a while why she is on. Guess it is because she was a child star. And Kyle, I am sorry but I finally got sick of her too. I really did think they were supposed to bring something to the show. Kyle should dress more classy like her age. But not my problem. About ready to quit watching this fake Bravo anyway. I like Lisa, but I wonder if it is true what they think about her? I hope not Lisa was always my favorite. Did not like how she did about Adrienne. Brandy too, bringing all that up. Brandy involved the kids.

  • deonn

    what vanderpump rules story line? she was on there for like 2 episodes relax brandi yourand scheenas foolishness is not what the viewers are watching. trust me

  • DebBrenn

    Could it be that Lisa was trying to protect Brandi’s public image and leaving her alone when it’s private. It’s absolutely chilling to hear Brandi try to destroy Lisa at the same time she says she LOVES her! She even admits that Lisa never told her to say anything, but somehow it’s Lisa’s fault that Brandi has a big, vicious mouth.

  • the only thing I like about this is Jenny’s hair! I can not stand brandy and her mouth

  • Aunt Bee

    Brandi needs to listen to tapes of her conversations and interviews. She is so full of contradictions and cruelty. she truly needs deep psychiatric help and years of continuing therapy. I have never been able to stand her yet I am beginning to feel sorry for her because she is sooooo messed up.

  • Judy

    Lisa has gone way out of her way to befriend AND mother Brandi when Brandi is drunk at 4 am. Lisa just got enough of Brandi’s rude mouth this season.

  • Joan

    Jenny McCarthy is siding with Brandi?! Well, I will never ever watch ANYTHING with Jenny in it. She has now stooped down to the gutter with Brandi. On another note, has anyone noticed how skinny and unattractive Brandi is? She kept going on like she was all that in the looks and shape department when she first appeared on RHOBH. I was wondering why because what I saw was a skinny and ugly woman. And as time went on, she has shown that she is ugly inside as well.

    • Teresa

      Joan, your right. And I used to just love Jenny. Nomore. She is about like Brandie. I know this though, that Leanne rimes is about ugly. I remember when she first started. We went to concerts, her mouth and eyes looked funny then, but now even her body is ugly. No muscle, just skin over bones. I know she has psoriasis. Makes me feel sorry for her, it’s embarrassing but then comes the arthritis with it. My mother has it. It’s a bad thing. Runs in family too.worst arthritis as far as the pain their is. I maybe wrong but sure she does.but hoping Lisa is the good woman I thought and hope she is. I just love her. I know Lisa and ken have been wrong on certain things but aren’t we all.

    • Teresa

      Got off Jenny. Sorry. Jenny has changed as I have been watching her on different shows. She is still pretty but not the same personality. Maybe people and jenny know nice things about Brandie we don’t know. Lol

  • vallygirl

    You got a point Joan!
    But what is even more disgusting about the picture of Brandie up at the top with the pink dress is this, that dress is so short that she’s sitting in the chair pretty much in her underwear,which only goes to show just how little respect Brandie has for other people because she announced she has gen. warts. It’s just so sick knowing someone else is going to sit in that chair.
    I wouldn’t sit in that chair after Brandie even if someone offered me a million bucks that stuff she has is very contagious now mind you someone else would have to be sitting on their skin too after her but still it’s gross!

  • starr sabga

    Jealously becomes you Brandi. Get it–written in red–Lisa can Never be friends Ever again with you. You lost big time by you own stink hands.