Brandi Glanville Went Through “Hell” On Christmas Because of LeAnn RImes


Going through a public divorce with a movie star and making her own name on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has not been all sunshine and rainbows for Brandi Glanville. She shares custody of her two children with ex Eddie Cibrian and wife LeAnn Rimes and while the trio has tried to make it work for the children it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

Brandi appeared on the Nik Richie podcast where she opened up about how they “still battle,” and how Christmas was a tough holiday to celebrate for her thanks to LeAnn’s Instagram posts with the kids.

“I have an issue with her posting pictures of my children on holidays. It’s horrible. If my ex-husband, if their dad isn’t posting pictures, why is she?”

LeAnn took to Instagram and shared a photo with Cibrian and Glanville’s two sons Mason,12  and Jake,8 of her family rocking ugly Christmas sweaters. She captioned, “Looking at pics of the year and laughing at our sweaters & bad 80’s backdrop Eddie’s dad just so happens to have in his garage LOL 😂 Sad Christmas is behind us, but looking forward to 2016! #uglychristmassweaters #unicorns #puglife #felicenavidad #familylove @sarahertelphoto #olanmills #silliness #christmascard”

She also posted a collage with pictures of Eddie and his children, “Happy family moments of 2015! Love these boys with all my ❤️ #family #silliness #stepmom #stepsonlove #hubbylove #blessed #love #year.”

Glanville continued, “I just don’t understand that because holidays are so horrible for me when I don’t have my kids, and then to have the capacity to be able to go on the computer and look and see what they’re f***ing doing. Get that vodka out or whatever it is. I’ll grab three bottles of Chardonnay, cry myself to sleep and look at what they’re doing on Christmas. It’s hell.”

When Nik hinted that LeAnn may be doing it just to piss Brandi off she responded, “Oh, she does 100 percent. I said it doesn’t make me mad; it hurts my feelings. It’s the holidays. I’m missing half of their life as it is. I tucked my tail and I went, ‘Please, just on the holidays, don’t do it. It kills me.’ And she’s like, ‘It’s my family too, and I’m going to do whatever I want,'” Brandi said. “That lack of respect, maybe if she had a child herself, she would understand it a little bit more, but it’s hard. You deal with it.”

What do you guys think? Should LeAnn post pictures of Brandi’s kids during the holidays or respect Brandi’s wishes? Sound off in the comment section below!

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84 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Went Through “Hell” On Christmas Because of LeAnn RImes”

  1. They are Brandi and Eddie’s kids, NOT the homewrecker’s. LeAnn just doesn’t quit using those kids as weapons to taunt Brandi with. She’s insanely jealous because after the affair came out, Eddie called it just a speed bump in the road and tried to stay home. He only moved in with LoonAnn after Brandi kicked him out. Children are not weapons for crazy homewreckers to play with and it should be stopped. Brandi needs to go for supervised visitation only, WITHOUT SkankAnn allowed to be present. Or just wait it out. Slick Eddie can’t keep it in his pants to save his life so I’m sure they’ll be divorced soon.

  2. I really think family court judges should step in on cases like this. How does a child feel when they know someone cheated with their parent on their other parent and that’s why their home broke up, yet they’re forced to accept that person as a parent figure. They should be putting the child first, and that ain’t it.

  3. Leann is their stepmother. Brandi is no longer married to their father. I am sure there is lots of blame to be shared by both Eddie and Brandi for the break-up, but that needs to be put aside now. I don’t think it ever hurts a child to have more people in their life who love them. I also don’t think posting a picture on Instagram of the kids wearing silly Christmas sweaters is abusive. But Brandi going on the Internet saying these pictures “hurt” her is….because it puts the kids in the middle …and makes them feel like they have to choose a side.
    Brandi needs to grow up.

    1. Just what I was thinking. She is being selfish by saying she crys & drinks on Christmas because she’s so sad. Now how are her kids suppose to be able to enjoy Christmas with their father when they hear that? How conflicting for them. I don’t think Eddie makes public statements about drinking & being sad when its Brandi’s turn to have the boys for Christmas. She should want her kids to have fun on Christmas regardless of who they spend it with.

      That said, if Eddie isn’t instagraming, LeeAnn probably shouldn’t either since she knows it bothers Brandi. Its cruel to do that. Isn’t it enough that she stole her husband? Does she really need to step on her neck on Christmas? Because nothing demonstrates Christmas spirit like purposely hurting someone. Even if it is Brandi who is no stranger to that.

      1. Krista, spot on! Well in my opinion anyway! Totally agree with both paragraphs!
        Sorry about this just a day or two more❤️

          1. I must be getting really tired, I read that as you didn’t agree with me saying she stole him!! Duh!!! Hearts finished now!!

    2. Apple you are saying what I am thinking. If the kids are happy with their stepmom that is all that’s necessary. Kids need to know they are loved and obviously they have 3 who love them. Let’s celebrate that.

      1. I also agree with Krista and Sally but don’t believe all the fault lies with Leanne and Eddy. After seeing BRANDI all these years I can only imagine what married life with her was like. Plus how do we know BRANDI didn’t have affairs during their marriage. There are 3 sides to this. Hers, theirs and the truth. I am just glad that these kids have some stability in their lives.

        1. Hi Aunt Bee, I would hate to be married to someone like Brandy! A nightmare I would think, I’m just not sure he was any better so will anyone ever know the truth I doubt it, I just wish for the sake of those boys they would all get on. It must be awful for them to have to see/listen to this rubbish all of the time. Why is it always the kids who suffer!!! Xoxoxox

        2. Agreed on all counts, Aunt Bee. At this stage if she is in hell for the holidays, it’ s because she puts herself there. There is nothing in her public words or actions that have ever given me the idea that she’s even remotely interested in creating a mature, stable, mutually interrested environment with the other adults involved for the sake of the children. By no means do I support adultery or homewrecking, as Judge calls it, but there are certainly ALWAYS three sides of the story to any marriage that comes apart.

          Based on the behaviors Brandi exhibits publicly and the information she’s shared in her books she is unstable with anihlist tendencies. Is Eddie a coward for using an affair as a means to escape his previous marriage to said unstable woman? Yes. But no man wants to be trapped with that level of hurricane force crazy in his life, and if not via LeeAnn he would have found another way to exit. I have a childhood friend with behaviors very similar to Brandi’s, and in the midst of her antics she can never see her own part in how she contributes to the toxicity of her relationships, or her life falling apart every 3-5 years. It’s always about what the other party did to her, and then the ensuing bitterness and vendetta that follows, usurping all her time and getting her nowhere. I tell you Aunt Bee, there are truly none so blind as those who REFUSE to see.

        3. I am SO glad someone else said that, Aunt Bee. I have always thought Brandy wasn’t an angel wife all faithful and all. What a complete joke. It quits being a faithful situation when a third party enters the bedroom no matter who invited them or what the effing rules were. Wow!

        4. That’s disgusting. If those two cheated together, Brandi and Leanne husband are the victim, blaming the victims shows an awfully disgusting opinion. No matter what she could have done in the marriage, no action excuses him cheating on her while pregnant, if he wasn’t happy he should have ended the marriage and moved on, he had multiple affairs.

          Any proof Brandi had affairs while married, cuz I don’t see the point of speculating, cuz if not you are just lying, That’s like saying how can we prove Kyle didn’t get Kim drunk before filming just so she could pretend to be interesting. Wildly throwing stuff out there is silly and ignorant.

            1. apple, great question. Brandi must have made his life unbearable & he ran far away as he could get from her. Hey, she made us, the viewers, lives unbearable, far less her then husband. I would’ve ran too. Now, she’s playing the same crying game she played with Lisa VP when her daddy was so called dying & so much better than Ken & Lisa VP. She sounded like a sick, immature brat then as she does now. Another try at getting noticed. I truly dislike that woman’s ways intensly.

            2. I think the answer to that is obvious, Leann holds the purse strings. Don’t get me wrong I have no time for Brandi in fact I can’t stand her but I also have no time for Eddie when has he worked since he married Leann?

          1. You said a few days ago you didn’t attack other posters, wow! I happen to think Eddie and Leann are to blame but SW that is my opinion and I don’t attack others for a different one.

          2. What is disgusting is that she talks of the threesomes and because there are “rules” people like you who aren’t married don’t consider that cheating. Oh, no penetration? So, if he had the affair in front of Brandy and didn’t have intercourse, only other kinds of sex, that wouldn’t have been cheating?
            She herself told us about the 3somes, SW. A lot of us married people consider that CHEATING. I just think she is the biggest hypocrite on any of these shows, and I know you have no children, so you don’t realize EVERY time she blasts her big mouth about how their FATHER and his wife are CAUSING her to drink, which I am sure they know about since she is drunk on screen enough, then once again they blame themselves because they were happy with him and his wife.
            I never once said it was ok for him to cheat. Did I, NO. That was an asshole move. I felt so, so bad for her when I heard the story. I was cheated on while I lay in the hospital almost bleeding to death while I lost my baby son. That was my EX’S way of taking care of his sadness.
            I also never once said she had affairs, only that I believe she did, I also believe as many guys as she screws while drunk, there is NO WAY she could possibly KNOW none of them were married. You really think Brandy Glanvil couldn’t be fooled? And whenever there was a third party in their house or bed, that was cheating.

            1. Sorry everybody else, I just got sick and tired of the tirades SW goes on about everything I say. I try so hard not to take it all personally, but this time the cheating thing did it for me. No one can tell me she knows who the many, many men she sleeps with are, for sure, not married. Anyone can be fooled. I think what Eddie did was awful. I think what she is doing to those boys is worse.

    3. I absolutely agree with you on all that you stated. It is cruel of Leann if she knows that it hurts Brandi but then again, Brandi can choose to avoid getting on the computer and looking at such pics. She may not be able to avoid knowing they are out there, but purposely viewing them and then wallowing in booze and depression isn’t exactly the best move either. Going public on a podcast to talk about her boozing and being depressed is not going to help the kids at all. It’s more like a pissing contest between her and Eddie/Leann and the kids are the pawns.

      1. Ding ding ding ding! SCORE 10 for all of this. Particularly the part about going into a MEDIA forum, for God’s sake, to dish on how you can put 3 bottles of booze away when you can’t handle a situation not going in the way you would like it to; it’s not a good look for a person desperate to prove that she is a stable influence in her children’s lives. Get it together, already. There are scores of blended families the world over who put their energies into having productive relationships for the sake of raising happy, healthy, well- adjusted children. Either get with the program and choose to thrive, or choose to suffering & bitterness, and pass those toxic behaviors onto the children so they can repeat your mess…

    4. For God’s sake no kidding. Yes Brandy, be sure to get out the trusty vodka because the step mom has a smile and YOUR SONS have a smile too. Sheesh enough with the sob story. I am just reminded again. poor me, poor me POUR me another drink. Have a few xanax while you’re at it why don’t you. Don’t you know the boys are going to see this constant F**k you on the pics of them happy? What happened with you and Eddie was a long time ago. Those boys know nothing of the pain YOU felt and never should know. It should never be part of their reality. Gosh I wish just ONCE Brandy would do the right thing.

    5. AMEN! It just pisses her off to see ALL if her guys happy without her . She is such a nasty person. Grow up and be happy your kids are being treated well by somebody !

    6. I agree. Would it be better if Leann hated the kids??? It should be about the kids & if they don’t mind then mom needs to put on her adult pants, take the high road, & put on a smile.

  4. Brandi needs to move on and get over Eddie. While she may not like this, the only thing that matters should be her children. She should be happy that LeAnn treats them so well. it’s not always like that.

  5. I’m not a Brandi fan so I guess I’m biased but ENOUGH about the LeAnn whining!!! It’s been years and years !!! Get over it already ! You’re not going through anything that every divorced couple who share custody , goes through. Please don’t make excuses as to why you need to drink !!! You BRAG about drinking, LeAnn didn’t go that to you . The delusion level of this woman, and total lack of taking responsibility is just laughable

  6. Brandi needs to stop and realize this is the way it’s going to be for the rest of their lives. Christmas or any holiday is going to be hard. Turn off the computer – don’t look at instagram. She’s bringing this one fully on herself. Although I don’t care for LeAnn, but she has every right to post any picture she wants. The best thing Brandi could do is say – this doesn’t bother me at all – sometimes, she doesn’t play the game well at all!!!

      1. The thing is Brandy would have so many fans if she would just once show she has grown as a person, as a woman and as a Mother. Quit putting guilt on those boys, they are children. CHILDREN! Yes abofuckinglutely let’s show them that whenever there is joy that you are not personally involved in they should have feelings of pain and remorse for smiling. SHAME on you Brandy.

        1. OOOoooo 3D’s – please don’t use my post to slam Brandi. I was speaking from my heart as some who is a step mom and my children have a step mom. I see a woman who loves her children VERY much and is still very hurt regarding the break up of the marriage. Who are we to say when it’s right for her to decide not to be angry anymore?

          1. I am sorry, kt. I hit the wrong reply button. it wasn’t intentional, honest. a lot of times a comment goes under the wrong one, but this time I realized what I did. I know she loves her boys.

    1. I’m going to amend my post, now having the knowledge she asked Leanne to not post pictures and her response was I will do what I want, BG is right to be upset. Leanne didn’t have the right to post, Eddie did but not her. Does BG take it too far with her comments, yes. But, she didn’t run to TMZ, like another HW or more. And I stand by what I said who are we as outsiders to tell her or anyone when it’s time to get over it…course I don’t like being told what to do, how to feel, but think how it would feel if someone said it has been blank number of years get over it. Anyway…there’s my amendment.

  7. Seriously, this is what ruined her Christmas, someone showing her children love? Eff this stupid drunken attention whore. My mother was thrilled that my stepmother cared about me and wanted to spend time with me. She never tried to use me as a weapon against her.

    1. Agree completely she needs to stop being selfish and grateful their step mother loves them so much. People need to put their children first, rather than their feelings.

      1. Mark my words, when her children grow up and read about her behavior using them as a weapon in her little publicity war, they won’t be quick to forgive her. She will be lucky if she gets more than a Christmas card from them. This behavior is not acceptable. It is harmful to her children. If she has a problem with how their father takes care of them, she should address it to him, not to the press. And trust me, this is NOT a problem.

  8. As much as I think both Eddie and LooAnn are slime (cheaters), I have a feeling Brandi acted the same way in her marriage that she does now. A drunken, foul-mouthed, unremorseful mess. Too bad if the stepmom posts photos. That’s what happens when people re-marry. And here we go again with the words “my life was hell on Christmas”. What’s with these spoiled bitches and not knowing vocabulary? Do they all need a thesaurus? This is hell to Brandi? Seriously? And don’t tell me it’s all relative either. Go enlist and get deployed to Iran and come back to tell us what hell is. Get diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and come back and tell us what hell is. Her and Yo, delusional, spoiled, attention-seeking wastes of oxygen.

  9. Not always the popular type, but I have appreciation for someone who truly says it how it is and doesn’t put up a fake facade, so I don’t mind that Brandi makes some of her drinking comments, etc. Let’s face it people we all do it, but may not be as bold and honest about it. Anyway, LeeAnn has a right to put them up, but honestly, if you know it bothers their mom that much, have a heart and don’t do it. Me personally, I would just block LeeAnn. What ya don’t know can’t hurt ya. It is about the children and you can only control you, so I would just be amicable, and be a kind, confident, role model and mom and let karma do the rest. Every dog has their day and I believe what goes around comes around and it will happen; wait and see!

    1. So LeAnne should just pretend the boys don’t exist, and never take pics with them , becuause it ‘bothers’ Brandi????

      1. I was thinking how much I love my step kids, and how I would just say “Kids” but that part might piss off their Mom who I am friends with. I am even closer to her Mom, the kid’s Grandmother. We can make good on the family we are given, or allow it to be a constant source of unhappiness. Our choice. I claim them and have always loved them, and if my children had ever had a step I might have been a little jealous at first, but always rather someone loved them and treated them well. The more people who love your children, extended family, steps, whatever, is that many more chances they will feel important and have someone to go to in times of need and in times of joy. About time for Brandy to get over the divorce, does anyone agree? Wow. Talk about manufacturing a storyline.

            1. Thanks girls, but it was the kids that rocked, honestly they were so easy to love they made my life, and still do make my life much fuller and definitely more full of love. My Step-Daughter is one of my closest friends, and she along with her Grandmother, my husbands ex’s Mom, who I adore, all got to watch my other Daughter get married this last Summer! It made me feel sad for Kyle and her girls because it is so easy when we put them first.

            2. I know that what 3D says is true. She has embraced her steps and their family in a most loving way. If only 3D’s attitude could be adopted by Brandi what a wonderful life those two boys could have.

              1. Totally agree Aunt Bee, She is an awesome step mum and treats the ‘kids’ as if they were her own but with the utmost respect to their mother. Brandi and Leann should take a few lessons from 3Dxoxo

              1. Children need love. Children deserve love. If LeAnn loves them and they love Her then BRANDI should thank her lucky stars and quit the poor me crap.

    2. We all do it? What? Have things we say while shit-faced, that the world sees and hears and that our kids see and hear? Ok. The last time I was drunk was the day I got divorced from my cheating ex. I had a baby sitter (my sister) so they WOULDN’T hear me or see me. I was embarrassed enough without them seeing or hearing me. No moral hi ground here, just that I have an educated opinion about it all. I raised my children to be wonderful adults. I made mistakes and did stupid things. I taught them it is human to make mistakes and forgiveness is human, even Mom can make mistakes. I will tell you what I never told anyone for my kids to hear tho. I never told the world that I effed a guy I just met or told the moving guys to pull up their shirts so I could decide who to tip the 50 bucks to and so I could F him later. And not because I wasn’t young enough or beautiful enough or healthy enough. I never went around with this superior attitude bashing every person seen to have done something bad in their life all the while making myself out to be the victim. I never got shit faced and took xanax to hide from reality and I never taught my children that my feelings of pain were important than their happiness on any given day. I am sick of hearing excuses for abusing the psyche of kids because she is what? Hurt from being cheated on? Wow. Just because one “feels” love isn’t the same as treating a child “with love.” LOVE is a VERB, not a NOUN.

  10. Wait a minute Brandi!! You have the kids every Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Why are you complaining because Leann posted a picture from Thanksgiving or a random day in December? Oh that is right, you need to pay the victim and spreading hate for Leann is always the way your go about it. One day your boys are going to read all the nasty things you have said about their father and the stepmother they love

  11. Brandi…. Get OFF Instagram and spend quality time with your kids! The time your spending bitching about photos could be better spent being with your kids. And….. Take your own photos you moron!!!!!!

  12. I understand how Brandi feels on this one. Some bitch comes along, sleeps with your husband, steals him from you, and then takes your kids away for Christmas all the while posting the pics on social media. That would be very painful. When my first husband cheated on me I am just glad there was no facebook to add to the pain. (he did come to his senses and try and win me back but I kicked his ass to the curb)

    I am not a fan of Brandi but I do understand how she feels.

  13. Regardless of ALL the bad behavior in the past from these adults, what I see here are happy boys. Not pawns to be made to feel guilty by their mom because they love their dad, too. Brandi needs therapy. Or a heart. Or a brain. Something!

  14. NICKI, THE COMMENT AT 11.18 from Sally IS NOT ME!!! I DO NOT LOVE BRANDI, AND HAVE NEVER DONE SO! I ALSO DO NOT DO >>> ON ANY OF MY COMMENTS! ❤️ the hearts are from me! I thought these had been stopped!!!

  15. I will try again, Nicki the person above above ‘Sally at 11.18’ is not me, I’m at the point of giving up I’m so angry about this I thought it was sorted out. This is me re our emails this morning, you know my email address I only post under Sally!

  16. Nothing like a Brandi story so really show peoples unjust bias, People have some interesting opinions on step mothers and boundaries all of a sudden, some of you should go back and read your comments in the news articles about Meghan King Edmonds when she was discussing being a step mom, there was a very different attitude.

    Eddie didn’t want his kids on camera, so they couldn’t film with Brandi. Brandi doesn’t want Leanne posting public pictures of her children to the world, for the press to pick up, and she says no, tells you all you need to know.

    1. Sidewinder , people are entitled to their opinion dear ! We are not in court and I don’t think we just call people out for being hypocrites, biased or what have you , I’ve disagreed and agreed with almost everyone here. And yes I’ve admitted to favoring certain HW had giving them much more latitude vs other HW who utterly wind me up. It’s a personal emotional reaction most of the time and that’s fine. We are not all here to make a logical, measured (hmmm what was my opinion last time) type of thing !! ;)) you and I have agreed and disagreed plenty but I still enjoy reading your comments ( yes, even the long ones haha) and the comments of many people I disagree with . Don’t obsess too much about who’s changing their opinion about this or that. As a man, you should know that we women have the right to change our minds often and as we please , I know you’re jealous you’re not a woman babe but we can’t all win 🙂 :). Xoxo

      1. I don’t remember there being an argument or hurt feelings with Meghan and her step-daughter over those photographs, do you? I thought Hayley’s Mom was there, that’s right, she was there for the only photo’s I saw being taken. But then I don’t watch a lot of the interviews outside of the actual show and I don’t read the gossip mags. For all I know there could have been a huge scandal.

  17. Brandi needs to grow up.. yes i know she has two kids by eddy. But look I have a child with my ex and we both have remarried. go on with your life brandi because if you just keep fighting with them then down the road your kids will dislike how each one of you treated the other parent..take it from me, it has took me years to get back to a good place with my oldest son. and i hate how it all went when he was a child..

  18. Not a fan of Brandi, but I can see where this would upset her. LeAnne can take pics with the boys and share with friends and family, maybe not social media. Respect between people co-parenting adults can go a long way for the entire family!

  19. Don’t ask me to choose. Eddie is their father as Brandy is their mother. Who can show any respect at any time to Brandy & why shouldn’t Leann show Christmas pics? weren’t they spending Christmas with their Dad? Why not make it memorable? The boys looked very happy & frankly, I think Leann is a far better influence on them than Brandy could ever be. I do believe I chose a side.

  20. It looks like the instagram pics were out, right? Too late to stop that from being out there. Whether I agree or not with that decision, Brandy just did one more thing that is so selfish. I meant it when I said “Shame on you, Brandy” Not only are they in the middle all the time day and night, at Brandy’s, at Eddies, in public, but when what looks to be a happy moment is captured she takes to twitter to talk about her pain and how she needs to dull the pain with wine and/or vodka. IMO, now not only do they feel guilty for loving their Dad and Step-mom, they are now saddled with being responsible for her drinking. Kids think it is all their fault as it is, so why does she continue to make choices that tells them that?

  21. Uh, she is posting because they are her family too – they do not belong to you and you alone – they do not BELONG to you at all – children are not possessions. They are human beings. A family is many many different dynamics. Any unselfish mother knows that… duh!

  22. Its a bad situation, and Leann probably does it out of spite, but Brandi has the power to not look at the photos. She is helping create her own misery.

  23. I think its ok. The problem is really between Brandi and LeeAnn. Kelly Clarkson post photos of her husbands kids for the holidays. But Kelly gets along with the mother so they all get along. I think LeeAnn should try to have her own kid.

  24. Brandi needs to grow up and accept its over and move on. She should also try to forgive LeeAnn. It was just as much her husbands fault for divorcing her, LeeAnn is not all to blame. If LeeAnn and Brandi would try to get along, then it wouldn’t be so hard between them.

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