Brandi Glanville Warns Lisa Vanderpump, “See You At The RHOBH Reunion”


Lisa Vanderpump appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and when a caller asked Lisa if she believes she mothers Brandi like she does her employees at SUR, Lisa explained, “I’m guilty as charged. Absolutely, I do feel when they’re struggling, and I did think Brandi was really struggling at one point, I did want to try and help her because I loved her.”

Andy brought up that Lisa tried to get Brandi and Scheana Marie together on Monday’s episode. Scheana tweeted, “It’s funny how we can all have brunch at Villa Blanca together and be civil, but then there’s an issue again. I’m done trying.”

“That’s true, they did have brunch together,” Lisa admits. “But after tonight I don’t ever think they should cross paths again.”

Jax made it a point to reveal that Brandi was in SUR last week and that she was stepping on Scheana’s territory. This created a big rebuttal from Brandi, who took to her Twitter to sound off. “RU F*CKING serious LV?? U kept her away from me at SUR but then surprised me with her at Kens Bday!! Calling BS on u LV -C u Friday.” Brandi continued, “@LisaVanderpump U celebrate, LOVE, take under ur wing, throw parties 4a chick that f*cks married men with pregnant wives but asks Kristen to go?” Brandi went on to explain why she was at SUR. “1last thing the ONLY reason I went to Sur is because @JLJeffLewis double asked me to walk over from @craigsla and I heart him so I did.”



Photo Credit: Bravo