Brandi Glanville Wants Joanna Krupa To Prove Her Vagina Is Odorless


The lawsuit between Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville is heating up as Glanville’s lawyer has come up with some interesting questions that Krupa must answer under oath about her alleged vaginal odor, TMZ is reporting.

“Is it your contention in this lawsuit that your vagina and/or vulva are odorless? If yes, please explain with specificity why your vagina and/or vulva are odorless.”

As we previously reported, Lisa Vanderpump and Mohammed Hadid are also being deposed for the defamation suit that was filed by Krupa, because Glanville claims that Hadid originally told her about Joanna’s odor problem. Brandi insists that Vanderpump was also present at the time.

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204 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Wants Joanna Krupa To Prove Her Vagina Is Odorless”

  1. Is this really FOR REAL????

    P.s. Don’t think Joanna said it was odor less, just not smelly like Brandi announced on TV.

    1. It’s ridiculous to sue for that, that’s the point. You say you have zero smell. Prove it. Joanna is just dumb, she wasted her money and Brandi’s money on this. #DUMB

      1. Yes, it’s dumb – and comical!
        Brandi’s new lawyer is now claiming that Joanna has to prove that her vagine doesn’t smell?
        That sounds like something that Brandi would say if she were representing herself! ๐Ÿ˜€
        At this rate, IMO this lawsuit will be thrown out of court. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. If you don’t understand that it’s actually a great way to show that the lawsuit is BS and get it dismissed, then I can’t help you.

          1. I can’t help you, Jake, if you don’t understand that that’s exactly what I meant.
            Please don’t reply to me anymore. Thanks.

    2. Brandi Glanville is just so vile and she must really be intimidated by Joanna. Doubt the Judge will allow Brandi’s lawyer carte blanche to humiliate Joanna in court. Brandi needs to answer for her ridiculous lies!

          1. She may be pretty on the outside but she is ugly on inside! I’m not talking about Brandi more the cruel comment to Lisa H!

        1. Why on earth should Brandi be intimidated by Joanna? I’m sorry but that is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard! They both drink far too much, they both have been really bitchy on their own shows! Both have Botox, Both of them had only one friend each, J with Karent and B with Yolanda! There is nothing to choose between them. This lawsuit is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time! Maybe Lisa should have sued Joanna? That was hurtful and nasty!

          1. Well see, Brandi is a few years older than Joanna and everyone knows that if you’re a woman, all that matters is being young and aging is terrible and automatically means you are jealous of anyone who is younger than you. Or that’s what you’d think by some of the stupid things people say, anyway.

            1. AMEN Sista preach. I don’t think most of these women are jealous of younger women….it’s like me saying “oh to be 26 again”. Hell no I would t go back to my 20’s for all the tea in China. Most women actually enjoy the age they are at because the older you become the more you realize how much more comfortable you are with yourself. I can’t wait to be in my 60’s….I have 30 years, but women in their 50-60’s always seem so comfortable with life and in their own skin.

              1. It’s very true. There’s a quote by Victoria Principal, that I love. She said something like “when I was younger, I’d walk into a room and be concerned, if people liked me. As I grew older, I’d walk into a room and be concerned if I liked THEM.” (It’s a great feeling, I can certainly attest to that).

              2. CassyJ, in some ways yes but when you hit your 60’s and you ache!!! That would be the only negative!! Oh and it gets harder and harder to lose weight!! Apart from that yes!! Lol

  2. Brandi is just foul. If she loses the the lawsuit, it would serve her right. She has a big mouth. And she thinks she can just say what she without comsequences.

    1. Isn’t the onus upon Brandi, since she’s the one who made the claim? I don’t think that Joanna needs to prove anything. I could be wrong though.

          1. Can you not try and be respectful of other posters, Please?? You can say what you want to me, I could not care in the least but leave Aunt Bee alone!!!

                  1. Seriously, grow up! I hope you get blocked if possible. You’re just being disgusting because you think it’s funny and instead it’s really immature!

                    1. @One rotten egg, I was thinking maybe Ostrich eggs!!! Maybe about the right size to shut someone up? Lol

  3. This is gross! These two are as bad as each other, Joanna started it then Brandi weighed in with foul remarks. Brandi doesn’t seem to have a filter and if anyone hurts her she hits back harder! Waste of time this lawsuit they should just apologise to each other! They are like two foul silly kids!!!

    1. Brandi has publicly apologized on Twitter twice if I remember correctly. This is all Joanna’s attempt to be in the press since her Miami show got cancelled. She’s vile. Go brandi, call the b*tch out

      1. Jake, saying sorry once, twice, a hundred times can never remove the image Brandi has branded in everyone’s minds. She was stink to say what she did. Her “sorries” are no longer acceptable. That’s my opinion.

        1. I agree, Brandi thinks because she says sorry after everything that it gives her the freedom to say what ever she wants and get away with it. Then when no one wants to accept her apologies she breaks down as the dreams queen she is and plays the victim.

        2. Well the image she has branded herself is not to cross her because she will come after you and try to out your shit for the public to see. Which she did. The apologie I think was just a way to try and avoid the lawsuit. Anyway Brandi was standing up for herself when Joanna was rying to humiliate her…

          1. That the problem, Brandi might be the age of an adult, it doesn’t mean she acts like an adult. She needs to grow up, they both do, actually most of the women on the real housewives need to grow up. They need to realize it’s not about who you can go after our hope much you can get from them. Brandi has kids and all she’s doing is showing them that their mother is trashy, disgusting and is less mature than they are. It’s really sad too, mostly because they are old enough to know and understand what she’s doing and how she’s acting.

      2. Exactly. And ya’ know what? Most people wouldn’t still be talking about this if she hadn’t filed a lawsuit. It would have faded off into obscurity.

  4. Quite a few things, saying something about her as a mother, wearing a team Rimes t-shirt to places Brandi would be or not. Saying things on Twitter, too many to list but I can. Brandi just doesn’t have a filter that’s her problem! I still think Mohamed did say something and Brandi repeated it and maybe added to it!!! I do have to say I am not a Brandi fan but I don’t hate her like a lot do on blogs! I don’t hate anyone on a stupid TV programme! This law suit is ridiculous!!! I can list all if anyone wants!

    1. exactly it’s ridiculous! Brandi is making a point and I think it’s a smart move to get the lawsuit to be dismissed or whatever. Joanna is ridic!

  5. These two “adults” are so disgusting, Brandi seriously takes it to an all-time low. She’s a foul mouth and I have to wonder if she is able to use her brain at all. As a mother of two little boys, I’m sure who hear about our have seen themselves, and she could care less what the value of her words are and how they will effect them. She says she doesn’t do these things when they are around but how can she not understand it still impacts the moments when they aren’t around. It’s sad that she’s decided to live her life as though she needs to fight her way through life, it’s even more sad that when she finally wakes up she will have already gone to far and no one will be there for her at all.

  6. Joanna is the one dragging this into the spotlight, I can’t believe this is news, of course this would be a question they ask, it’s the entire premise of the lawsuit.

    It’s not Brandi asking it just randomly, her lawyer is defending herself in a lawsuit that Joanna wants played out in the media, Joanna doesn’t want to settle which means she wants it to get as much attention as possible. If she didn’t want this question asked she wouldn’t have brought the lawsuit forward and wasted the courts time.

    1. Of course. if you’re going to sue someone because they said your p*ssy doesn’t smell, you better be prepared to prove it doesn’t!Thats how it works. You want to play victim and sue for nothing , then you get what you ask for. I hope this will get this stupid suit to be dismissed

  7. Another attempt by this piece of trash to remain relevant. She should prove that she’s not the vulgar idiot she seems to be.

    1. As I said up thread I am not a Brandi fan but Joanna started this whole stupid thing then Brandi weighed in OTT! Joanna is the one dragging this into the spotlight! I don’t know why I am defending Brandi but in this case I am! No she should not have said what she did I agree on that but this isn’t Brandi trying to be remain relevant it’s Joanna!

      1. I agree. People seem to excuse the other HW’s behavior when it is just as bad or worse if BG is involved because they Hate her so much. It’s crazy to me.

      2. Actually, it was Brandi that started it. She was on WWHL and said that Joanna slept with Mohammed and that is what broke up his and Yo’s marriage. Then Joanna called in and said “no wonder Eddie left you.” And that is when Brandi stated that Mohammad had said that famous line and she also stated that Lisa V. heard it. It is on Utube

              1. It’s not about facts, it’s about interpretation of facts and judgement. If you believe that Joanna started it with her “no wonder her husband left her” tweet, that’s your prerogative. But others may think that Brandi started it by gossiping about a woman she doesn’t know to a couple of women she encountered at a work event.

        1. @tibi, I agree with your take but it goes back further than the WWHL episode.

          What got this ball rolling was that Brandi and Yolanda were at a Bravo event also attended by Joanna and her RHOM castmates Adriana and Alexia. Joanna approached Brandi, who was with Yolanda, and Brandi and Yolanda walked away to avoid Joanna which was witnessed by Adriana and Alexia. Adriana and Alexia caught up with Brandi and asked her what was going on, and according to Adriana, Brandi told them that Joanna and Mohamed had an affair which broke up of Yolanda and Mohamed’s marriage and that Joanna is a homewrecker. All of this came out at the RHOM reunion. Brandi was the guest on WWHL that night, hardly a coincidence, and when asked Brandi firmly said that Mohammed and Joanna had an affair, but instead of saying that Joanna and Mohammed’s affair is what broke up the Hadid marriage, Brandi’s version was softer and that Mohammed had several affairs and that the affair with Joanna was not the only reason behind the Hadid divorce.

          IMO Brandi gossiping about her friend with two women she did not even know is what sparked this whole thing.

      3. I love Joanna but I wouldn’t have even known about this whole thing if she didn’t due Brandi.
        She should have just left it alone

    2. you’re sooooo dumb. She’s being sued, do you get that she’s making a point that it was ridiculous to sue for this? Of course Jonna can’t prove her vajayjay doesn’t smell. That is the whole point. Before trolling blogs you should use your brains a little

      1. Do you get that Brandi crosses the line too many times trying to damage other women’s reputation by making horrific and obscene claims? There are laws against defamation, and it’s about time Brandi had someone challenge her vicious mouth. That aside, the reason you riled me is you calling others on here “dumb” when it is you who are factually ignorant on the law. In a lawsuit over defamation the onus is on the ACCUSED to prove her statement, not the VICTIM. #WHOISDUMBNOW

        1. Well you proved that you’re dumb cause she can’t prove anything regarding the smell of her private parts. Really if you think someone can win a lawsuit by saying “Oh she said I smelled!” Boohoo. All Brandi did was gossip and repeate something Yolanda & Mohamed told her. If they want to back out now it’s on them, but I’m sure at least Yolanda will testify that Jonna had an affair with her ex husband. Then Joannas credibility will go down where she belongs

            1. That’s just it, everyone keeps saying BG is trying to stay relevant or she should pay. SHE OFFERED TO SETTLE AND OFFERED A PUBLIC APOLOGIE. Joanna refused the offer to keep the case open and stay in the press. Sorry guys but hating Brandi doesn’t mean she is the one trying to keep this in the media or that Joanna is suddenly a sweet innocent girl who was mistreated by Brandi. She is a snake who is just as vile and is crying because when she bit off more than she could chew by publicly trashing Brandi and when Brandi struck back it embarrassed the hell out of her.

    3. Yes, let’s be sure to teach our kids that this is how we conduct our lives. BG’s boys will be able to see this forever and know that this is how their mom fights back. Soooo classy.

  8. Well, kudos to brandi and her team. Johana wanted a ridiculous lawsuit, here’s one, prove you don’t smell! This is insane! #SmellyJo

  9. This is what happens when you can’t pay your attorneys so you get some law student you are schtupping to do your depositions for you. Trashbox.

    1. She’ll be putting labels on the back of her wine — “HELP! Need Free Unfiltered Legal Advice. Please call call 1-800-IMASKANK”

  10. Both of these women are gross. Just because you hate BG don’t forget how nasty, mean and just as offensive Joanna is. They both said and did things that were below the belt. I will say this one BG retaliated and Joanna started it, the problem is BG isn’t mature enough just to say FU and move on.

    1. Totally agree!! Some are blind in their hatred of Brandi and can’t see past it! This has been a great day for me! This story saying prove it and Kim Z doing Dancing with the Stars, I’ll be giggling all weekend!!!

  11. Two stupid classless Bimbos trying to outdo each other. I don’t feel sorry for either one but we know B does not have the money to do this so I think she may be a little dumber than J.

    1. She’s not the one suing the other though. brandi is the victim here. If you can’t insult the woman who said that she “understands why your ex husband left you”, then who can you insult? Johanna asked for it. Period. You don’t sue and play victim after that. Doesn’t work

      1. Brandi can insult Joanna all she wants but she cannot lie about her. If Brandi said, “Joanna has a skanky reputation and I bet her [vagina] smells,” that would be one thing, but it’s another thing for her to state that a man who Joanna allegedly had an intimate relationship with told her and another woman that Joanna had a smelly vagina if he did not say that, and according to Mohamed he did not make the comment.

              1. If this link is designed to show Mohamed is not lying all it has done for me is show he can’t spell! I’m sorry I think we are just going to have to disagree on this point. I don’t believe him! You do! That’s ok we can’t agree on everything! ๐Ÿ˜€

                1. The link is in response to the question, “Who said she lied?”

                  You are being more unequivocal that Mohamed is lying than I am that he is telling the truth, I am relaying that Mohamed denied he made the comment, called Brandi a liar leading to this being a key element in Joanna’s lawsuit.

                  Now I am being unequivocal that Brandi has a history of lying, distorting and misleading.

                  I’ve stated that I find neither Brandi, Mohamed nor Lisa Vanderpump all that trustworthy, but in this matter my eyebrows were particularly raised when Brandi’s story changed from Mohamed made the smelly vagina comment and Lisa Vanderpump witnessed it to saying that her comment was based on internet gossip.

                  1. The whole BG lying, did she really lie, or did she repeat gossip other people told her knowing she would use it and spew it at them (because she can’t shut the hell up EVER!) that was false. Please don’t hear BG is the victim in all of this because I don’t think she is a victim at all, I do however think LVP used her when she was fueding with Kyle and fed her info true or not because she knew BG would throw it at Kyle. I think Kyle did the same. I just don’t know how much she actually out and out lied and how much of it was untrue facts the other women gave her because they knew she would repeat it. Which is not right by any means you shouldn’t repeat info others give you for this reason.

                    1. I agree Cassy! I think they all used her included the producers. I don’t like it, I know If Brandi has felt a person has ‘wronged’ her has hit back way way over the top. None of these people are innocent including Joanna. ๐Ÿ˜€

                    2. What are untrue facts? Either they are factual or they are untruths…so perhaps they led her to believe they were in fact truthful, however they were never factual. They lied…would have been easier. Just saying. ;). I don’t actually care. The more we respond to a thread that is in such poor taste, the more we promote and give credence to both of these mostly vile creatures (Brandi and Joanna) in Bravo’s eyes. We keep them relevant by doing so. We feed their egos and those of the internet trolls who enjoy it when everyone gets incensed over their distasteful remarks. This is my last post here. No need for a response. Have a great day!

                    3. I know you said no need for a response but I just wanted to say. I agree with you, the comments have gotten grotesque on this thread. Except the one where they quoted the smelly cat song from Friends. I laughed because as a mom of 3 boys I sing that to them ALL the time. Well because little boys and teenage boys all stink. You also have a great day.

                    4. I think that Lisa and Brandi both used each other and agree that Lisa used Brandi to do her dirty work, first against Adrienne and then Kyle. Although I don’t think that Lisa always knew what Brandi would spill or that she always “guided” Brandi. I think she “guided” Brandi (and Yolanda) when it came to discussing tabloid stories about Mauricio cheating, I don’t think Lisa “guided” Brandi towards outing that Adrienne used a surrogate but do think that she made it known that Adrienne did her wrong. Also on Brandi’s end she wanted to get in Lisa’s circle and stir up drama to be relevant, so she had her own agenda.

                      Regarding the smelly vagina comment, I don’t think that Mohamed would say that to Brandi with the intent of her spilling it on national television at some later point, so even if Mohamed made the comment, which he denies, I don’t think the “Brandi was used to do someone else’s dirty work” scenario applies. And as I already said, Brandi told Ross Matthews a different story, namely that the comment was based on internet gossip.

                    5. I agree thank you, your wording in the first part was much better than mine and conveyed my thought much better. I also wasn’t excusing using the info or repeating the info is just as bad. About Mohamed I don’t think he said that to her for her to repeat, but he is not known as an honest or ethical person. So him lying that he never said it is actually something I could see happening. I don’t know I can also see him threatening her or paying her off to take it back. I just have a hard time thinking any man who continuously cheated on his wife is an honest truthful nice man who doesn’t say inappropriate things bout women.

            1. I would not believe Mohamed Hadid if he said the Pope was Catholic! He is in trouble himself for building a house far too big for the permission. In UK it would be Planning Permission and Building Warrants. I don’t know what they are called in U.S. I still think he said something on the lines of….. But maybe Brandi exaggerated them who knows? Joanna is nasty and also lied about Joe Francis’ allegedly!!!

              1. I get shady businessman vibes from Mohamed, he was also caught up in legal entanglements involving Taylor Armstrong’s late husband. However Brandi’s hands aren’t clean, she has a history of making strong declarations that were later found to be false, distorted or misleading.

                In the end it’s going to be Brandi’s word against Joanna’s, Mohamed’s and maybe Lisa Vanderpump’s. All of them have credibility and/or character problems, but based on information currently in the public domain, Brandi’s (metaphorical) bodycount is the highest.

      2. Brandi is a victim? Please. Joanna made a statement that was an opinion (and a valid one if you ask me). Brandi made one that purported to be a fact, that Joanna had slept with Yolanda’s husband and that he told people that her vagina smelled. It isn’t the smell comment that is at issue (which Brandi’s bargain basement attorney clearly missed), it was the fact that Brandi is stating that she knows Joanna slept with this man and that he made comments about her vagina. Opinion is not slander. Stating something as fact that you know not to be a fact, as Brandi has done COUNTLESS times, is in fact slander.

        1. But she is not suing about the statement of her sleeping with Mohamid she is suing because she said her lady bits smelled like fish. The lawsuit states it is over saying her lady bits smelled and has caused her emotional distress and public embarrassment. So her attorney is only responding to the claim of the suit. It’s all so stupid and discussing. I’m so glad a suit like this is costing time and money of our judicial system.

          1. Joanna is accusing Brandi of making two false statements:

            1. Joanna had sex with Mohamed Hadid while he was in an intact marriage to Yolanda Foster
            2. Mohamed Hadid told Brandi that Joanna’s “pรขโ‚ฌโ€sy smelled” and that Lisa Vanderpump was there when Mohamed said such to Brandi.

            1. I sincerely hope Joanna wins this ridiculous suit and that Brandi has to spend an entire season’s salary on it, just so that MAYBE she will shut her over-inflated toxic trap and stop telling the world how her enemies have had people deported, declared bankruptcy, and broke up marriages. There are consequences to that sort of behavior.

                1. Joanna gave an opinion. It is the difference in saying, “I think Anonymous is a twatwaffle” and saying “My friend’s husband told me that his marriage ended because Anonymous slept with him, and I know because he said Anonymous’s vagina smelled.” One is actionable, the other isn’t.

  12. When you were born in the gutter, brought up in the gutter like Brandi was, she can only behave like gutter, that’s all she knows. I hope she loses, it might teach her not to open her trashy mouth. Her remark about Joanna was unkind, uncouth & disgusting.

    1. Not excusing BG’s comments but what were the comments Joanna made about BG first? Kind and loving and meant to uplift BG? Sorry but Joanna started this and is now playing the victim.

  13. It’s disturbing to me, how vulgar and crass our society has become. I read an interview with Rosie O’Donnell (not my fav, either) and apparently she wanted to “smear her menstrual blood (which she no longer has) all over her face,” to prove a point to some politician. Why do women have to continue to degrade themselves (and others) in this way? I really feel that I don’t belong on this planet.

    1. Me too, women are viscous especially to other women but transgender women are more rabid toward women in general…come on women stop the vile!!!

  14. รขโ‚ฌล“Is it your contention in this lawsuit that your vagina and/or vulva are odorless? If yes, please explain with specificity why your vagina and/or vulva are odorless.รขโ‚ฌย

    Joanna’s response should be, “no that is not my contention, as my legal letter clearly states, my contention is that Brandi Glanville lied when she claimed that Mohamed Hadid said that my vagina smelled and that Lisa Vanderpump witnessed him saying it.”

    1. Now the big problem with this is We all know Lisa will do anything for Mohammed even lie! I love Lisa she is my favourite housewife ever! But she will never back Brandi even under oath! I’m just putting this out there because it’s what I believe. Lisa has lied under oath before!! Allegedly!!!!! I also believe he did say something on the lines of! Maybe bring Joe Francis in as well!!!!!

      1. I don’t find Lisa particularly trustworthy but Brandi did an interview with Ross Matthews and seemed to be backpedaling and saying that her comments about Joanna were based on internet gossip, so she seems to not be sticking to her original story. Also Brandi has said things before that turned out to be false, so it is certainly not far-fetched to believe that Brandi lied.

        1. I am at the point where I don’t find any of them trust worthy! I can’t think of one housewife that I would trust what they say!!!

        2. Oh! charrelle, I am so surprised that BG changed her story! Maybe Hadid, with his undeniable wealth, reminded her that she never really rose out of the gutter she lives in and simply by going one for one in a legal battle will break her. She really did make a mistake saying something involving him.

      2. Yeah Lisa and Ken have a pretty awful past with lying under oat and destroying evidence to help a sexual harasser.
        Not to mention Yolanda and Hadid have children they may want to keep the truth from, plus Yolanda has never said they didn’t sleep together, she’s specifically said Joanna didn’t break up their marriage, and said that, and tweeted that only Hadid, Joanna and God know the truth, which doesn’t sound like she doesn’t believe like some people seem to think her comments meant.

      3. I don’t think Lisa will do anything to actually HURT Brandi. As much as I despise LVP I don’t see her doing anything to hurt Brandi. But of course she’s probably going to back out and say she has nothing to do with the issue. She’s not going to help. As usual.

    2. Actually the legal letter says that Brandi knew that Hadid didn’t say those things, so doesn’t say she’s suing for saying Hadid said those things, but is claiming Brandi made up the fish comment so is going after her for the actual comment not for saying Hadid said it.

      1. Joanna Krupa is suing Brandi Glanville for making “false and malicious statements” about her (Joanna), the letter states:

        As you are aware, on November 11, 2013, on Bravo’s, Watch What Happens Live, you falsely accused Mrs. Krupa of having sex with Mohamed Hadid while he was in an intact marriage to Yolanda Foster (i.e. adultery) and that Mohamed Hadid told you that Mrs. Krupa’s “pรขโ‚ฌโ€sy smelled,” claiming that such was the truth and that Lisa Vanderpump was there when Mr. Hadid said such to you.

        1. Because joanna is suing doesn’t mean it’s not true. I think she’s just doing it to drain brandi of her money, cause Joanna doesn’t care to throw thousands at lawyers. It’s sad. Joanna was nasty she should own it.

        2. Eh yeah exactly. She’s suing Brandi for making “false” statements not suing Brandi for making false statements that Brandi said Hadid said.

          “Again you knew your statements were false and that such were damaging and hurtful to humiliating to Mrs. Krupa and/or her husband”

          If she were being sued for saying Hadid said it, Hadid would sue her. But she’s being sued for the actual fish comments, because that is what the case is about.

          1. One of the “false and malicious statements” that Joanna is suing for is Brandi’s claim that Mohamed Hadid, a man who not only knows Joanna but allegedly had sex with her, said that Joanna had a smelly vagina. Attributing the comment to Mohamed is what put Brandi in a position to be sued. If Brandi thought Joanna smelled she could say that all day long as long as she presents it as her own experience/feeling/conclusion, just like Joanna can make the comment, “no wonder her husband left her.”

            1. No she can’t. She’d be saying the comment without fact, so would still be open to libel and slander.

              The letter also states that Brandi lied that Hadid said the comments, and completely made up the comments, which removes blame from Hadid and places blame for the comment and the blame for origin of the comment on Brandi.

              1. If Brandi was in Joanna’s presence, thought Joanna smelled bad and said it, it would be difficult for Joanna to prevail in a libel or slander suit, all Brandi has to do is stick to her story. Talking about another person having bad BO is the lowest of the low blows but it is really no different than calling someone ugly, fat, plastic, delusional, a jerk, or even saying you understand why her husband left her. Things like this get said all the time about public figures and it would be difficult for a public figure to try and take legal action over being insulted, especially if that public figure has thrown out insults herself.

                Brandi saying that Mohamed said Joanna had a smelly vagina is a lot more clear-cut assuming that Mohamed is willing to confirm or deny making the statement.

  15. this is so disgusting, I’m not going to say anything other than Brandi is such attention-seeking, trailer park trash that NOTHING shocks me anymore with her.

  16. Now I am wondering what Lisaร‚ยดs vajayjay smells like…she also shouldbe tested since she was a witness to the incident

  17. Joanna should do Summer’s Eve commercials now that she is so cleansed.
    Brandi could do mouthwash commercials. She needs it.

              1. Real Sandra, I’m coming off this thread I don’t like revolting remarks just for the sake of it! Getting too silly for me! ๐Ÿ˜€ have a good weekend! And you Aunt Bee!

                1. Sally, I just don’t get it either. MV is one I don’t waste my time with, because clearly he/she is a troll. You can’t argue with those who refuse to hear. This thread started off with a revolting topic that the trolls just ran amok with. I too wish they wouldn’t treat Bee so disrespectfully, but manners are what they lack. We can only show by example that we can agree or disagree yet still respect each other no matter what. #WRAP ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Brandi needs to get out of the limelight, she is tarnishing whatever reputation she has
    left. Again this whole thing is ridiculous and vulgar.. Stop already!!!

  19. Folks, Joanna is one smart cookie and is a successful model / businesswoman BEFORE RHOM, Joanna has numerous rental properties in Los Angeles and Miami making her $$$ as well as her successful modeling contracts, Joanna is beautifull and married to a wonderful guy—all this is tampon string’s jealousy and feeble attempt to destroy someone who is better than her—–and yes, when you go after a successful person and slander their name – then you attack their income (present & future), brandi/tampon string should be held liable and have to pay Joanna for lost wages as well as pain & suffering (since brandi did this just to be her usual cruel self). People like brandi like to destroy others who are more successful and happy because brandi is a miserable human being with a vulgar mouth and a black soul……

    1. I think it is funny when people want to prove how vile someone is by calling them a name…..calling her tampon string makes you sound just a gross as you are accusing BG of being. Also as an adult “tema” anything sounds ridiculous.

        1. What the hell is your issue? It obviously was either an autocorrect or typed two letters out of order. Team. You don’t have to try and make people feel stupid. For all you women talking about “this used to be full of nice respectful people” sure don’t follow your own rules. And don’t try and say “no I was really wondering what it was” because no one believes that BD.

            1. The majority are nice including 3D but (I Can only speak for myself) this weekend I think the trolls on here were so ridiculous you just got caught up in it! We are nice! But with any blogs you will get stupid people commenting who think they are funny and spoil the enjoyment for others! They are often the same person with multiple identities! Don’t give up, I did, for a long time because of trolls and I’m really pleased I started again!
              If only this site would stop people commenting without a ‘name’ it might help a bit!

          1. I still didn’t get an answer to what it was tho, and every time I asked I actually wanted to know, and no one ever told me, except about what an emoji was. Which I really didn’t know. I started googling things after this because no one told me. i shouldn’t have said “what the hell” but even so, no one answered.

    2. Oh cause Joanna saying “I understand why your husband left you” via tweet on national TV wasn’t cruel right? Please. Brandi & Joanna went back and forth but don’t picture Joanna as a nice person. We’ve all seen RHOM and how joanna turned and attacked her own friends for a storyline. joanna is just a thirsty fame seeking model who knew she’d get a reaction out of brandi. and you know it.

    3. Sorry but deeply stupid. Joanna brought the suit, Joanna didn’t want to settle, the only reason this gets half as much coverage as it does is cuz Joanna wants it in the spotlight.
      If Joanna didn’t want the spotlight, she’d have accepted Brandis settlements, instead she’s forcing Brandis lawyers to fight back in a case she is prolonging, so naturally they are going to have to go after the subject matter at hand.

      Joanna is suing saying Brandi said the things to tag along to Joannas celebrity ( ha! canceled show ) yet Joanna made the first comments about a cast member on the much more successful Beverly Hills show, She said the press did her damage, yet she wont settle the case and is dragging it out – Doesn’t take a genius to see she just wants the attention.

  20. Is this tampons strings (cliff notes, lawyers for dummies) protocol for court cases—LMAO, hope Joanna’s lawyer’s wash the floor with tampon string…..It’s called karma—-

    1. I know that photo was bad but do people still need to call her that? We all have periods and most at one point or another have problems.

      1. Lol people are pathetic. That happened once to Brandi. If it happened every weekend I’d be calling her that. But it’s been years. Get over it. It’s the to go thing to say since it was a one time thing. people are funny and act like angels. Poor you

        1. I’m not sure why you are getting at me when I was one of the first to Back Brandi on this thread!!! Why ‘poor you’? Just interested! I think a lot of the comments have been stupid classless and revolting! I only came back on this morning to see if a few people I like had commented. Seems like there was a lot of trolls! They think they are funny but just show their lack of education!

          1. I agree with you Sally. I am both amazed and disgusted by some of the comments I have read on this site. And to think I was drawn here, in the first place because people seemed polite and respectful of each other. I had a comment on supplements that was deleted, but people can be vicious and nasty to each other over some “celebrity,” that wouldn’t give them the time of day in real life?

            1. I know, last night I came away I was so disgusted! I’m not a prude but some of these comments are absolutely revolting! I don’t know why people think they are funny but I guess trolls just throw out comments to shock! I’m not a Brandi fan as I have stated numerous times BUT I would like to see her get a show, she has to bring up her boys, I know She has brought a lot of it on herself but why would people make comments to say they want her to lose the case and lose all of her money!!! I just don’t get it! As you say Queenie, they will never meet her so why hate??? I think they are sick!!! They might not like my comments here, I don’t care!!! If this is the sort of thread in the future I don’t think I will bother anymore! There are quite a few I really like to read their comments so it would be a shame! I’m sorry if I am prattling on but aghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

              1. Queenie the majority of commenters on these blogs are really nice people. Only a few are really nasty and rude. I know I’ve had my moments but decided to just enjoy the ones that are kind or make me laugh. These “celebrities” need to keep their names in the news any way they can even if they are uncouth and unfiltered.

                1. Aunt Bee, you are right the majority are really nice, that makes it all worthwhile! Who cares about a few trolls with multiple identities!!! Queenie, if you don’t give up I won’t!!!!! Deal????? ๐Ÿ˜€

                  1. That’s sweet of you to care about me & other people, Sally. Maybe the person running this blog will wise up and start blocking some of these posters.

                    1. That’s ok! It’s just nice when you can swap points of view without all the rubbish from this thread! You were all so nice to me when I came back! No one needs to agree on everything, it’s nice to read different views! Sometimes it makes you question your own views and sometimes not! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Sighhhhhhh…..what happened to ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ where we could read classless, stomach turning words and no one was forced to read with us. Television forces is to listen/read faster than we can change channels.

  22. I’m just really surprised how much attention this has gotten just on the original post. The fact that their is even a debate as to who is at fault over a case that involves who someone slept with and if someone had a smell. This is the kind of stuff I heard people in high school talk about and it was just as disgusting and juvenile then, as it is now.

      1. OK, I won’t comment on a group of adults talking about two women being pety and fighting about who’s right. Or that they are actually discussing the anatomy of a woman and how it might smell. Thank you for letting me know that my comment wasn’t mature but the rest were. Gosh, I don’t know what I was thinking.

      2. Should you not be mature and use a name instead of Anonymous! I think this site should stop people commenting without a name!

          1. I think some people come here and only post once or twice. Because you don’t have to register just put in an email people don’t worry about a name. Mine automatically pops up when I hit view comments from my email, a couple times it hasn’t but when I realized it I also posted under it was me. But I think a lot of times anonymous are people who just post one time and don’t come back. I don’t know why I think that, I just get that vibe.

          2. I agree as well, but as someone else said, there are people coming in with several names. It should, if possible, be only one name or not posted. I know myself that I thought about changing my name because one certain person, no matter what I said even if it was the same as what the person posted, that person attacked me left and right. That’s I can understand but doing it to just have several ways to attack people, it’s b.s….

  23. It’s not the point whether or not her privates are odorless so Brandi’s lawyer’s question is just as rude as Brandi..
    The point is that Brandi made this disgusting remark on national television in front of millions of people and cast a very un-beautiful picture of over someone who makes her living being beautiful.
    She thinks it’s okay for her to humiliate others and she has a track record of doing it to many. I truly hope she loses big.

  24. I think they are both having to part with plenty of money and both looking like idiots over this. Maybe both of them will realize that when you harass people, you will get something back, and both keep their big mouths shut in the future!

  25. One thing I notice, love her or hate her, Brandi’s stories always seem to get TONS of posts. Stirring up BS apparently pays off very well! I bet we’ll be seeing much more of Brandi Glanville.

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