Brandi Glanville Tries To Make Amends With Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd


During this week’s episode of RHOBH, Brandi Glanville tried very hard to make amends with her former friends Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd when Kyle Richards hosted a BBQ at her home for the ladies. However, Glanville was surprised when she received a cold shoulder from both Lisa and Ken.

“Every time I see them I get teary,” Brandi admits in her interview. “Then I see Ken and I think, ‘Remember me? We used to love each other,’ but it just takes time.”

After Lisa and Ken give Brandi the cold shoulder when saying goodbye, Brandi insisted she would love for them to attend her Housewarming party later that week. When they said they would “try” to make it, Brandi quips, “Whatever, I’m not going to kiss her ass forever…”

Watch the clip below.

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20 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Tries To Make Amends With Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd”

  1. Brandi please crawl back into the hole you came from. These women want no part of you. If it weren’t for this show you would never see them. Kyle, Yolemon, and crazy Kim are only nice to you for the air time. Lisa is the only one with guts to stay away from you. You are a toxic witch.

  2. Brandi only makes these “attempts” when she has an audience. Never in private. That way she can use her audience to put her victims, in this case Lisa and Ken, under pressure – thus manipulate- to accept whatever she is pushing. Never does she try to fix her relationship in private. Not only that she spends most of her time bashing Lisa either to her face or behind her back. Just drop the whole issue Brandi- it’s very obvious you hate Lisa’s guts and you are only pursuing the “I want to be friends with Lisa” storyline because that’s ALL you have going this season.

    1. You could not be more correct. It is always for the attention. Maybe if she tried SHOWING that she is sorry for the horrible lies she spread last year instead of trying to make Lisa look bad in front of others for not forgiving her, Lisa might actually forgive her. And how much am I loving this take no crap attitude of Ken’s?! He doesn’t trust those tricks as far as he can throw them with his bad hip!

      1. I think Ken would tell Brandi to shove it if there weren’t cameras around! LOL! BTW- Brandi could have easily taken Lisa aside, like she did Adrienne at the White a Party, to talk to her privately, but she never afforded Lisa that kindness did she? No she, like Yolanda, choose to CONFRONT -both with a slightly hostile undertone – Lisa in front of others. Which,Yolanda, is terribly rude to both Lisa and the other guests you made uncomfortable by dragging them into your drama. So, in my never to be humble opinion, the bullying continues, just in a more subtle form.

    2. You are absolutely right! Otherwise, Brandi would have attempted this reconciliation during their off-season and when she did call, it would have been w/o Kyle. I’m not enjoying the poor Brandi storyline.

  3. I don’t blame Lisa for not wanting to be friends with Brandi. Brandi thinks she can attack people and just say “sorry” and all will be forgiven. She doesn’t understand when someone trusts you and you betray that trust, things just won’t be the same again.

  4. Remember me -I’m the one who started stuff last season. She can never understand why -poor Brandi. She doesn’t know what friendship means. Her only storyline is drama. She is a misfit with these women and always will be.

  5. I agree with all the comments. Brandi should not be on this show. RHOBH should be high end and fabulous, because that is what you expect for BHs. Brandi is none on that level by any means.
    The new cast members (Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna) are fantastic. Keep going in that direction…dump white trash Brandi.

  6. Lisa has hit the nail on the head once again–why would Brandi try so hard to be their friends and invite them to her party when she is the one who said Lisa was basically evil, a manipulator, calculating person. Brandi looks like such an idiot. Lisa just tell Brandi “NO” I won’t be at your party, thank you”… and move on. However, we see she does make it.

  7. Why would Lisa & Todd want Brandi as a friend. Why would anyone want Brandi as a friend. Would any Mother want their kids hanging over at Brandi’s house – whichever house that would be… I would not want her influence on my children. Her kids are going to get a backlash from her behavior. Imagie what the boys friends say about her…. especially when they become teens.. She only takes herself into consideration….

  8. Brandi the trashbox is having to beg/kiss a$$ because she has to attempt to make amends so the viewers witness her pony & show theatrics, she’s not fooling anyone but herself. I don’t blame Ken for dodging her at the party, good for him, now if only Lisa would follow suit!! Ugh, Lisa Lisa Lisa!!! I’d thought she learned her lesson with trashbox!

    1. That scene was pathetic- ewww! A grossly clingy Brandi trying desperately to flirt with a man who obviously can’t stand her. He looked like he wanted to puke! She pathetically believed that she could viciously attack Ken’s beloved wife and stab her in the back, and betray a friendship between the three of them and he is such a shallow man that with a little hug and a flirt she’s back in his good graces? Obviously she never knew Ken. Obviously she doesn’t understand the bonds of true love.

  9. This to me is symbolic of a larger problem I see on Housewives, and Brandi epitomises it: The overworked phrases “we need to get past this ” and “move forward.” How many of us need to “get past” or “move forward” with our friends on a regular basis? If you aren’t a big jerk or a recalcitrant 5 year old generally you don’t have to make bi-monthly apologies. And the bottom line is that an apology is not equal to not hurting someone in the first place.

  10. Lots of haters on here! Cheers and enjoy your like stop hating on people that are on TV ! haha Brandi is awesome and she tried. Lisa said it, she’s still the horrible person she was before! Move on!

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