Brandi Glanville to Appear On E!’s New Reality Show Famously Single


Reality TV can’t seem to stay away from former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. After she announced she will not be a full-time housewife, she still filmed with the cast, she will now be starring in a new reality show by E! called Famously Single.

The show will focus on eight single celebrities where they will live together and get deep about their romantic past, present and future with host Dr. Darcey Sterling. They will go through therapy sessions, dates and overall learn how to find true love.

Joining Brandi: Jessica White, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Somaya Reece, singer Aubrey O’Day, Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, The Bachelorette’s Josh Murray, pro football player Willis McGahee, and British model Calum Best.

Will you watch Brandi on E!’s new reality show? Will she find true love? Sound off in the comments below!

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52 Replies to “Brandi Glanville to Appear On E!’s New Reality Show Famously Single”

    1. Oh, my. Aubrey O’day. I wont give the American slang for her name, Sally. I wonder how Brandy and her will get along. She is a spoiled little brat. I am happy for Brandy, she will add lot’s of drama to the show. Good for her.

        1. I only know her from Celebrity Apprentice, and it was ages ago, but from what I remember she was the only competent one on her team a lot of the time.

          You seen they’ve announced 2 new housewives cities Dallas and Potomac!

          1. I have another question, to watch the clips I have been using hola is that what you use? My free trial has expired and I don’t want to buy it if there is a better way. Thanks xo

              1. I had hola but the free trial has run out, I’m quite happy to pay but I wanted to know if there is a better one it’s mainly for the clips. I know how to get the programmes thanks to Sidewinder. I haven’t got the clips on you tube so far a lot of it is so distorted. The glides sound like men’s!!

                  1. I’ve just looked at it, do you have it for laptop or iPad. I have an iPad so the first one I tried didn’t work? Sorry to be a pain!

      1. Just looked at her can’t see her and Brandy getting on but who knows! I’m glad Brandi has got this. Good for her and the kids.

  1. Called it! I narrowed down that this would be the show she’d be on when she announced she’d be appearing on an E! show and signed a development deal with them for her own show.

    I don’t know who most of these people are, but Pauly D was among one of the only likable cast members on Jersey Shore and Aubrey O’Day was great on Celebrity Apprentice.
    Though she was terrible on Brandi’s podcast a few weeks ago, be interesting to see how they get on.

    Do people in the states have any idea who Calum Best is? Like any idea at all even more so than regular d-list celebrities?
    He’s basically famous in UK and Ireland for appearing on every Reality show!

    1. Posted too soon, he. Has lived in the States for a long time now even has an amarican accent, I’m sure you know who he is, but for any one else he is the son of George Best one of the greatest footballers ever. But not famous in his own right.

      1. Yeah I know he’s actually famous for being Georges son, but would only know him from the various reality shows.

        Like he’s done Irish reality TV here, I don’t even know what level of fame that list, like there isn’t a letter low enough on the list that could paint how desperate that is.

        Has he actually done stuff in the states though, like is he a “celebrity” there too?

        1. I have just looked him up on wiki, he has done a fair bit of stuff in US but some quite funny things, well they amused me, more in uk! I think he has done BB I’m a celeb and several others. I can see Brandi liking him but she might be a hit old for him he does like the younger ones, but then so does Brandi!!! 😀 😀

          1. Come to think if it, E! has more of an international market, so Calum would actually be more of a celebrity than Brandi in the UK when the show it on the UK E! channel, since Housewives isn’t really a big thing over here.

    2. I have never heard of Callum? When you say footballer do you mean soccer? Never watched a soccer game in my life! I live in Massachusetts, die hard New England Patriots fan! Going to Monday night football the 23rd! Don’t believe what you hear, teams are obsessed with taking the Pats down, and Karma has hit the 2 teams that tried to set Brady up, their both having hilariously bad seasons!! Go Pats 😉

      1. Oh yeah our footbal so soccer! His dad is a very famous soccer player so he’s more a child of a celebrity, who’s bult a career on reality TV.

        1. The Beckham’s I am familiar with, they are very popular here! I believe he played soccer in the states, not sure for who as I have no knowledge when it comes to soccer!!!

          1. David Beckham played for the LA Galaxy.
            UK football is what we in the US call soccer. Our American football is very different.

    3. I can answer that I live in the states and never heard of that person, I even thought it as a girl until I saw Sally’s post about liking HIM.:) I agree that Pauly D was definitely the most likable from that show.

    4. Never heard of him. But I am not a regular reader of gossip or news about celebrities, models or otherwise. Reality TV has become hot and the best way to be seen these days. I thought Aubrey was a brat, but absolute good TV. Should be interesting.

    1. It’s not her own show, it’s a group show, her own show is only in development. All housewives are big mouthed women thats why they are picked as housewives

  2. I do not like Brandi but I understand thaf she needs to earn a living and provide for her kids. I won’t be watching the show but I wish her the best

  3. I won’t watch. The only other thing I ever watched with BRANDI was Celeb Apprentice and that was only because she was on with Kenya. I must say Kenya was a whole lot worse than BRANDI.

  4. ChristopherM you said is perfectly…… Or Undateable Mess. Who in their right mind would take her home to meet the kids or parents, She will NEVER EVER EVER find a smart, educated, honest, good man. She has been around the block so many times her tires are bald. If there was only a way to get this woman to disappear.

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