Brandi Glanville Talks RHOBH and Admits She Likes Scheana On This Season Of Vanderpump Rules

Former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville joined Andy Cohen in the Clubhouse Tuesday night and shared her thoughts about this season of the show and also her thoughts about Scheana Shay and Vanderpump Rules.

First, Andy played a clip of Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon discussing Kim Richards’ sobriety and asked Brandi for her thoughts. “I just don’t understand why Lisa Rinna, who clearly does not like Kim, is so concerned with her sobriety,” Brandi said.

Andy also asked Brandi to play RHOBH catch up:

How is Yolanda doing since her divorce? Is she dating? “I don’t see her. I texted her over Christmas, but I really don’t see her anymore,” Glanville said, adding that there are no problems between them, that Yolanda is just busy.

On Pantygate: “I don’t understand the big deal. It’s like these elderly women are worried for no reason,” Brandi laughed.

On Dorit’s accent: “I kinda like it,” she admitted.

On Lisa Rinna apologizing to Lisa Vanderpump about last season: “She’s full of sh*t,” Brandi insisted.

On Rinna apologizing to Kim Richards at Game Night: “Absolutely nothing about Rinna is sincere,” Brandi said.

On Dorit & PK saying Rinna and Eileen’s behavior last season might have been because of the deaths in their families: “I think Lisa Vanderpump stacked the deck on that one,” Brandi revealed.

A caller asked Brandi if she thinks Scheana Shay is a hypocrite for bashing Lala Kent for dating a married man. “Obviously I think that it’s hypocritical. Does anyone really know if that’s what happened with Lala? I don’t know. I had Lala on my radio show and she never said that. I like Lala. And honestly Scheana is the only girl I like this season on Vanderpump Rules. She’s like the only one that has the voice of reason. She’s being normal!”

What was Brandi’s biggest regret while she was on RHOBH? “Tellin’ the damn truth so much,” she admitted.

The next caller asked Brandi if Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are really friends or if Kyle is just afraid to cross Lisa. “I’ve been watching the show (the day after, DVRed, otherwise I’d be having Twitter wars). All I know is that if Kyle and LVP are best friends, Kyle, in her interviews, always throws LVP under the bus! So, if that’s your best friend… good luck with that.” Andy asked if she thinks Lisa will be pissed about that. “Oh hell yes.”

Thoughts on what Brandi had to say?

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6 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Talks RHOBH and Admits She Likes Scheana On This Season Of Vanderpump Rules”

  1. wow. I am surprised Brandi had anything nice to say about the girl who slept with her husband. I am sure Brandi is gloating just a little over the news of Scheanna divorce. Yeah. Scheanna can’t be judging Lala sleeping with a married man and Stassi has issues with Lala yet Stassi is ok with being close friends again with Kristen who slept with her man…twice??!

    1. ps…. didn’t watch Andy Cohen last night – deleted it – I never turn on a program if BrandiTwinkle is on… she is too toxic for my taste. I don’t enjoy watching her in anything….so I won’t contribute to the ratings if she is there.

      1. Cin, can you help me out I’m just curious. Why do people like yourself call Brandi BrandiTwinkle? I’ve always wanted to ask and am finally getting around to it after all this time! I see so many refer to her as that how come. Did she do something to get that name? It’s way better than a lot of other ones she’s gotten lol

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