Brandi Glanville Talks Mauricio’s Apology & Marisa’s Comments About Dean!

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. First, Brandi apologizes for not writing a blog last week and says she wants to clear up a few things from the previous episode. She talks about Maurico’s apology and Marisa’s comments towards her husband, Dean. Brandi also talks about the women’s trip to Vegas and teases who will get on the pole on next week’s episode! Read below!

Brandi writes, “While I appreciate Mauricio’s apology, it was a personal attack and a half-hearted “I’m sorry. It wasn’t personal that’s just how I personally feel” were his actual words. Contradict yourself much?

On to Marissa. I was in no way trying to take a dig at her when I said I thought she was hard on Dean. I actually really like Marissa and Dean a lot. I just don’t think she realizes that she is saying these things to a national audience and that they never ever go away and are forever chronicled.

My parents got married at 19 years old and had three children back to back-to-back. My mother has been with one man her entire life, and I’m sure has thoughts about the things she missed out on. However I know she would never say a negative thing about my father and especially not about my father on television. My parents have been happily married for over 40 years now, but not without a few hiccups on their journey. I wish and hope the same long-term love and joy for Dean and Marissa.

Vegas! I invited all the girls to come help me prepare for a new hosting gig I have. It’s a trial run and thought it would be a fun time and something we all really needed after all the dinner parties from hell.

I had not originally planned on inviting Taylor but caved when we were all together at the art show. I am not going to lie, I was relieved when she said that she couldn’t make it. I wanted to keep the group as happy and drama-free as possible.

Prior to leaving for Vegas my good friend Amy suggested we go see Sheila Kelley, a personal friend of hers and the founder of S Factor. I had taken a few of her strip classes years prior and wanted to brush up on my skills. They are still not perfect but it was really fun! Thanks Shelia!!

Off to Vegas — woo hoo. Lisa had decided that she was happy to come and support me, but would not be getting on any kind of pole. . .we shall see!!

We arrive at the Four Seasons to our beautiful rooms, freshen up, and head to a dinner I had planned for us. We all ate drank, made and “vagina” jokes (much to the chagrin of Lisa, she despises that word).

I told Marissa that it seems Dean loves her more then she him. She expresses that she loves him very much, but long term marriages can be tough especially when you marry so young. I’m glad she professed her love for him and realizes she is lucky.

The “vag” jokes took a turn into some serious conversation of my past marriage, divorce, and Eddie’s current new wife. I think the women’s comments were just their way of showing me they cared and were being protective of me. After all, three of these ladies are happily married and can’t imagine what they would feel if this had happened to them. Camille was supportive of me because she was going and still is going through a very similar situation of her own. Eddie’s new wife took a bit of bashing from the ladies, but they were just being protective friends.

Tune in next week to see who gets on the stripper pole and who starts World War III!”

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    The only thing Brandi is right about is ,Kim needs to distance herself from her manipulative sister she does not care for her,she wants to be the it girl,that is all she is about.She wants to be about friends.I lost respect for her last season when i saw her disgusting treatment toward her sister.She barely ever has her sister’s back,and now to see her husband disrespected whether it was his place or not its up to her to tell him not Brandi. Her true colors are being shown now by Lisa who feels the sting now.I dont know why she thought it would be different with her.Kyle rarely defends her sister and husband. Lisa and Yolanda are so phony and materialistic but dont know anything about true friendship and loyalty.Yolanda is another phony who was speaking down to every woman there with her sweetheart and all Kyle and the other woman can say to Brandi and Yolanda is your beautiful and i like you and think you are a great person.Its pathetic ,if Nene Leakes was on this show, i bet Yolanda and Brandi would be in tears and their true insecurities would show.They are weak but pretend like they are right because the other woman are more concerned with being popular than being respected.Brandy would need a brandy once i finished with her.She is a vindictive snake and being used for Lisa’s cause but when they are done with her,she is going to be sorry about all the instigating and sabotaging people’s relationships..All these females have no class in my opinion.Leann Rimes is now sorry she ever had any involvement with Brandi’s ex because she too like Adrienne is feeling the wrath and putting eveyone thru hell for what her ex did to her.A woman scorned is now on a rampage to destroy other people’s lives, and relationships ,even Leann almost had a nervous breakdown the other day because of Brandi.People need to stop pretending like they can’t see that what Brandi is doing is morally wrong.Mauricio is the only one that can speak the truth.Again i say, if Brandi spoke to my husband like that she would not be so easily off the hook. Brandi, and Kyle should be ashamed of themselves.