Brandi Glanville Talks Kim Richards, Reveals She’ll Occasionally Return To RHOBH


Brandi Glanville opened up about Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton during an appearance on KTLA earlier this week. Glanville claims that Kathy actually likes her and believes she is a good influence for Kim, who was recently arrested for shoplifting at a Target in the Valley.

“She’s going through it. She’s struggling right now. All I can do as a friend is just be there for her. I can’t fix what’s going on. I’m there for her. I love her, but unfortunately there’s some stuff going on.”

Brandi reveals that Kim does have a lot of support from her family, even her sister Kyle. “I talk to Kathy a lot just because of what’s going on with Kim,” she said. “I don’t talk to Kyle at all, but I know they’re all in communication with each other.”

“There is a softer side of me,” Glanville continued. A softer side that wasn’t shown on Housewives. “I have my kids half the time, but the other half of the time I get myself in a little trouble. It happens… But that’s when the cameras are on and the kids are gone.”

Brandi also revealed that she will be returning occasionally to RHOBH next season. “Ultimately they didn’t ask me back full-time. Sporadically I’m coming back.” She admits she wanted to return to the show full-time, but “it wasn’t in the cards.”

Now that she’s moving forward from being a full-time Housewife, Brandi teased, “There’s another television project in the works.“

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50 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Talks Kim Richards, Reveals She’ll Occasionally Return To RHOBH”

    1. Well she said it herself that she probably wasn’t the right person for Kim to hang out with since she does drink. Doesn’t mean she’s a drunk or that she can’t help anyone. People have to stop making her this evil person, she’s lovely and funny and being surounded with these horrible women has to be hard. Of course you wanna slap some of them and throw wine haha.

      1. Lovely? Hmmm…..lemme think. Yeah, pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve heard that one to describe her. She’s a pathetic trashbag and a disgusting person. Otherwise lovely.

        1. She’s living her life and was making a show at the time. She was making drama cause RHOBH without her drama would have been a snooze fest and the producers knew it and they told her to act up, are you dumb not o understand that? You’re the pathetic one trolling and hating on a bord when she couldn’t care less who you are. At least she’s not spending her time on blogs hating about you. Guess who’s the loser here ?

          1. Earth to Jake: There is not a completely socially unacceptable TV character named Brandi Glanville that films a few hours a year. Instead there is a person who continues her hateful behavior in her real life- making enemies wherever she goes- and quite often in front of not only “paps”, but also on podcasts, radio interviews, tv shows etc. She throws around hate on a regular basis, trying to cling on to and monetize her 15 minutes of fame.

            Perhaps you’re confusing her with Ashley Abbott and the lovely actress that portrays the character. 🙂

            She’s not evil incarnate, but she’s absolutely a trashy person and mother. Her poor boys deserve a better role model. The real loser here, besides Brandi, is you who fantasizes about a positive character that doesn’t exist. That’s called delusion.

            Bravo had the good sense to fire her and, fortunately, RHOBH will somehow survive.

          2. I very much dislike when posters make out like they aren’t actually writing on the same blog while bashing someone else for doing so. I have never liked sanctimonious, entitled men who have no wife or children saying how a wife and Mother should act. And to use something you might understand, if you don’t understand that kids understand and see things even when it isn’t “her weekend”, you are the dumb one. I am sure Brandy’s world is the crowd that stimulates your “brain” and therefore you identify with her. Go try to see if she will think of you the same as the stranger in Holland.

    2. I am quite sure Kim was being polite by answering the phone, but whoever is helping her to get well, is adamant about her severing this toxic relationship. Being friends with Brandi Glanville sends anybody into a downward spiral into the abyss. She is shilling the hell out of her wine on twitter, to no avail.

      1. I completely agree, gessiewtf.
        Being friends with Brandi would be the worst friendship Kim could have.
        Yes, not only would the friendship be toxic, but Brandi is not a true, real friend to Kim; she is just pretending to be.

        Being friends with Kim gives Brandi relevance and gives her the opportunity to hear about Kim’s family secrets that Brandi can dish out later, when it suits her.
        Yes, Brandi is now desperately plugging her wine 24-7 on Twitter; she’s all about her wine and drinking in general; that’s all Kim needs – not.

        Both Brandi and Kim are, unfortunately, prescription drug addicts and alcoholics.
        They both need to “dry out” at a rehab facility and stay as long as it takes them to get sober and to acquire the tools to hopefully stay that way.
        Brandi should not be endorsing a wine product – the worst thing business-wise for her – LOL.
        That’s like the blind leading the blind. 😉
        Being an alcoholic, Brandi should not be drinking at all – period.

  1. There is something about Brandi I like, not on BH. I hope she does well, I watched the interview and she came across ok! I would definitely watch her in something else!

  2. I really hate how they bring back the admittedly fake and heinous ones just to piss people off. I don’t see the point. Look at Tamra — she’s does’t even know how to act on RHOC anymore, not that it matters much, since viewers basically disregard her role now and comment on how fake she is. Brandi is dead weight, let her go already.

  3. Brandy, the kids are NEVER “gone.” Maybe if you would remember they continue to live when they are not in your house you would conduct yourself in a way that represents them in a positive way.

      1. Thanks, Guys. It is nice to agree on something! I just watched season 3,4,5 and 6 of OC. And I am shocked at how mean Gretchen is, and entitled. She used to be pretty, and she thinks pretty gets you what Jeff gave her. But now all full of botox, she just looks hard and mean. And the douche (manwhore) she chose to boss around just makes it clear she just wants a slave, not a man. But Tamra. I like her, I just don’t like her Son. But we always love our kids, no matter what. Simon really didn’t like her for who she was, only who he thought she should be. And she wasn’t happy, no matter how good his other qualities were. I thought she tried with him, and I don’t see her as a tramp, like her nick-name. She never went around screwing everything in sight and she owns who she is. She tries to get along with others and in her own way, still believes what she believes in.

        1. I agree, I was done with Gretchen when she told Lynn just because you pop a kid out between your legs doesn’t mean you know how to raise them. Coming from a woman who doesn’t have kids. Now I think Lynn’s kids needed discipline but it’s different when you have kids.

    1. I guess when you become a mom you’re supposed to shrivel up and never go out, start wearing granny panties, mom jeans and allow cobwebs to form between your legs. Even when your kids are at their dads. I would hate to have friends like that. I would hate for my kids to think that when they grow up life becomes boring and no fun just because you have kids. You all act like she is in the press daily with drunken behavior. Two stories in two years does not make you a bad mom. I feel bad for talks children. Must be hard to live up to your standards. Or they are not truthful about their lives away from you.

      1. Correct. But being a bad mom makes you a bad mom. You’re never too young, nor too old to model good behavior for your kids. Some people just don’t get that.

      2. You don’t have children, or the guts to identify yourself from all the other anon posters. And, my kids think I am the coolest Mom out there. No granny panties or cobwebs. And no wine thrown in someone’s face because I am in a drunken movie. No screwing a guy 5 hours after seeing him on the street of a foreign country. No calling my kids assholes or saying you feel left out when a friend tells you they were molested as a kid. God, I could go on for days. it’s not 2 drunken views in 2 years. Just because you FEEL love for your children doesn’t make them secure, well rounded people. You must TREAT them with love in your life. Love is a verb, not a noun. She has the ability to keep her private life PRIVATE. She is just to selfish to realize it.

  4. Well it looks like Brandi is trying to weedle her way back on the show lol bet that would go over like a lead balloon with the other cast members. How are they working her in even a little amazes me. Let her go Bravo!

  5. Kathy thinks she is a good influence. Kathy is also proud of her own kids. That should tell you something, Trashbox Barbie.

  6. Brandi wants her 15 minutes to keep going forever. She’ll do whatever to stay relevant otherwise, what’s she gonna do? She needs a steady income. She needs to get a job like a normal person. She’s very shady.

  7. I thought BG said she quit RHOBH, now another story/lie? Same goes about Kathy, I’m sure it’s a lie as well. As for occasionally returning, who would she film with, she has no more “friends” on the show? If she comes on, I’ll just change the channel, not interested.

      1. Lord, another Brandy story and out pops the Irish troll to defend her. It’s like Groundhog day. Top of tha mornin to ya! Ya can’t have me lucky charms!

        Wrong. She actually said she got fired once. So she was either lying then, or you are now. Either way, neither of you have an ounce of credibility.

      2. Sidewinder, as a fellow Celt I agree story has never changed! Reporting of it might have but not her side of it.
        IMO you aren’t at all like a troll!!!

        1. Thank you!

          Yes unfortunately there are a couple of uneducated people here who can’t see the difference between someone having an opinion other than their and a troll – like someone who wont log in to give any indication who they are talking with.

          1. I don’t understand why people don’t log in its not as if they have to use their real names if they don’t want to. Perhaps it’s the same person logging in with dual identities? I haven’t posted for a while until recently but I have read the comments. I have never once seen you be rude to another poster even when one or two have been rude to you! They are the trolls!

            1. I do believe you hit the nail on the head! It’s one thing to have a different opinion it’s another to stalk and be rude while being, so called annoyingmous! (misspell on purpose)

            2. Yeah I agree, I think it’s someone purposely speaking as themselves and anonymously. We’re all anonymous here, logging in only helps people here identify you. No real way of knowing one anonymous person from another.

  8. IMO, there are no plan at Bravo to bring Brandi back occasionally.
    I think that Brandi is just trying to save face.
    I imagine that Brandi asked Bravo i she could occasionally come back, and Bravo pehaps replied, “We’ll think about it. But don’t call us; we’ll call you.”

    IMO Brandi also does not have a new show in the works.
    She’s hoping to, so IMO, she’s putting that idea out there…..
    Of course, Brandi is her own worst enemy.

  9. Kathy Hilton has an entirely new level of social standard to maintain now that her daughter has become a Rothschild. I think she has her hands full enough trying to keep a handle on her son, her sister, and nephew without purposely inviting someone as publicly messy as Glanville into the family fold risking further potential stain connected to the Hilton name. Just doesn’t sound plausible to me, particularly as we’ve seen on the show how forceful a presence she is over her baby sisters.

  10. How do you figure? If we look at this objectively, Hilton money is long and tall, placing them squarely within the same circles as the rest of America bar

    1. (sorry, misbehaving keyboard at work!)
      So ummm yeah, squarely within the same circle as America’s great baron families. Paris used to be an annoying attention monger, to be sure, but has since retired from the spotlight to become a rather formidible business person clearly about fortune building. All the great financial dynasties and monopolies of the world are ridden with scandal (if you know history); the Rothschilds, like any other family, have their share of ink blots in their family lineage too. That said, game recognizes game and in certain social stratas power begets power: Nicky Hilton clearly passed the vetting process with lineage the Rothschilds found an asset to wealth building and power preservation, trashy sister nonwithstanding.

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