Brandi Glanville Talks Kim Richards, Kristen Taekman, and Yolanda Foster


Although she is no longer a Real Housewife and was known for her controversial personality, Brandi Glanville has kept friendships with co-stars Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster, along with long-time best friend Kristen Takeman of the Real Housewives of New York City. All three stars have been in the press recently; Yolanda for her battle with Lyme disease, Kim for her two arrests and sobriety, and Kristen Taekman for the Ashley Madison scandal that her husband Josh was involved in. The New York Times best selling author recently dished about her friends to Entertainment Tonight.

When it comes to Kim Richards, Glanville says, “We do talk. I’m a friend. I’m not you know, a sober companion. Obviously I’m not a coach. You know, I’m there for her as a friend. I will always take her calls, and that’s really all I can say about it right now.”

Brandi also did confirm that Kim skippedย her recent court date due to a “disgusting foot injury.” She even said, “I was like, ‘Oh my God! Go to the doctor.’ She was like, ‘I can’t.’ I think she didn’t want to go to the hospital because of the press.”

Yolanda Foster has been battling Lyme disease for the past few years and Brandi has remained close to the Dutch beauty. “She’s just not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. She’s doing every treatment under the sun! And luckily for her, they have the money to afford these amazing treatments and they’re just not helping.”

She continues, “She’s so strong She was in surgery for 6 hours. They took lymph nodes and everything else. She’s already on the treadmill. She’s shooting ‘Housewives’… I’m like, ‘How do you do it!?’ She’s the strongest woman I know.”

And finally, Kristen and Josh Taekman. It was recent public knowledge that Josh was one of the 37 million Ashley Madison users, a site that encourages married individuals to have an affair. Brandi is known to be one of Kristen’s best friends and even attended her bachelorette party years back.

“You know, the hard thing is whether its true or not when it comes to the rumors, and I believe it’s not, going through anything in the public eye is so difficult. Even if it never healed and it’s all a lie, he’s gonna be judged for that for the rest of his life, and she’s gonna have to deal with it, and people shaking their heads going, ‘Why are you with him?'”

“It’s just unfair but at the end of the day, it’s what we signed up for. Kristen is a strong woman, and she will hold that family together no matter what.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Isn’t Brandi going to be on this next season?

I think she will only be on if she is called to be on and that will only be with Yolanda.

I am sure her “friends” are thrilled that she is using their struggles to keep her own name in the press. Trashbox Barbie.

The guy asked, it’s not as if Brandi was talking about Kim all day long. Let it go. Brandi is a great friend

I just came on to say same! ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, because all great friends sit and guzzle wine in front of their recovering alcoholic friends.

I don’t really think it matters who drinks what in front of her. Kim likely has a flask and a bottle of little blue pills hidden in several places

you don’t hang out and drink around your friend if she is struggling with alcohol… no brainer

And say things like “I take her calls” to point out she doesn’t call Kim, Kim calls her. I guess she is not up to speed on Kristen’s situation either since she said she “doesn’t know if its true” when Jughead himself confirmed his Ashley Madison account.

She had lunch with Kristen two days ago there were lots of photos. I think she said that because she didn’t want to say any thing else!

That is probably the most ridiculous comment on this entire thread! It was Kim’s choice to befriend Brandi! They both needed a friend for the filming! Mutual choice. Kim is an alcoholic and drug addict and has been for 30 years! Brandi made no contribution towards that! Kim was around alcohol whenever she was filming, even prior to Brandi being on the show! I really feel you should get a new hobby other than Brandi bashing.

This was to ChristopherM

Actually, Sally, yours is the most ridiculous comment on the thread ( and that’s saying something because there’s always Jake…), because regardless of whether problems started 30 years ago or yesterday, she’s struggling with horrible addiction and abuse. And brandy used Kim because every right minded person thought brandy was a pig and didn’t want her around. End of story. Exit stage right.

Funny how you weren’t commenting that under an article where Lisa vanderpump talks about kim yet they aren’t even friends

Some people can’t see beyond their dislike, it’s sad for them!

Sorry, but turning everyone on your friend, someone you called family, instead of discussing with them personally what was bothering or hurting you, is not being a good friend. Exposing a family secret about the friend who got you on the show in the first place, is not being a great friend. Contributing to the animosity between two sisters is not being a great friend. Sitting on your friend’s husband’s lap and acting classless in front of their company and calling out their daughter for having a drinking problem, is not being a great friend. It’s not mindless dislike, more… Read more »

well said Bravo Junkie!!!! I think Brandi is in the house again!!!!

I’m not a particular Brandi fan, I know everything she has done wrong but I do not hate or call names anyone from a silly reality programme! I also haven’t said she was a good friend to anyone from RH. She is a good friend to Kristen and has been for twenty years. I said it was sad to hate or call names to anyone from a show that you don’t know and probably never likely to! I don’t see that as a problem!

I agree Sally, when I read this I thought “Brandi didn’t say or do anything wrong or even bad in this article. She showed support for her friends and said nice things. Let’s see how many people bash her over this.” Guess she can’t even say nice things without being called names. I don’t particularly like her or her antics either but seriously is she the cause of global warming and the national deficit also?

This is what I don’t get!!!!! What has she done to people here and other blogs??? As I have said many times I don’t like her behavior at times but to keep bringing up the ‘tampon string name’ to me is sickening! As women we all have periods! It was a revolting photo but it was years ago! My life is too good to hate a character from a TV show! If I don’t like someone I don’t watch but I don’t spew hate on a blog! That’s me off my soap box now! Lol I’m off for a weeks… Read more »
That’s not calling it like it is, thats calling it with a lot of bias. People that decide to be bitch and flaunt your husbands skanky bit on the side around you deserve to be turned on. Brandi was scouted for the show, and the producers made a connection for how to get her on the show, Where do you think she learned that secret from, her best friend at the bobby fischer of Beverly Hills plays the game well. When two sisters put themselves into the firing line sacrificing their already terrible relationship for fame, they have no one… Read more »

Bravo Junkie, hats off to you. Well put.

Well said BJ!!!!!

ITA Sally .

The difference is that Lisa doesn’t need Kim for any sort of media attention. Also, Lisa does not claim to be Kim’f friend. Trashbox Barbie is the only friend she has left evidently.

Your kidding right? Lisa 100% needs Kim for media attention.

The press don’t print photos of LVP just pottering about her restaurant, they print pictures when she’s walking out with a stumbling Lady GaGa.

The press don’t print stories on her for no reason, she needs to say or do something to give them a reason to print something, and talking about the hot topic like Kim Richards will get her name all over the press.

Oh yeah. I am sure she is at home in her mansion with her doting husband that she loves, worrying about her next “storyline.” Let me see, three restaurants, two children, many true influential friends, two TV shows and the star of one, charity events, vacations to England and anywhere else in the world she wants to go, five or six dogs and her beautiful gardens. I can just see her sitting there worried sick about Kim Richards ability to give her “storyline.” That word is used up now BTW. She could lift the phone and be invited into any… Read more »
lol, you know what all the loving husband, mansions, trips to england and dogs can’t get her – Attention. Fame. She is already a millionaire, why do you think she did the show? Just like she said about Adrienne, all the money can’t get you fame. She had to do a trashy reality show to get fame, and she’s stuck around. Like I said, all the mansions, trips and husband wont get her name printed in the blogs, you want proof of that just google her name you won’t see stories about her sitting at home in a mansion eating… Read more »

She is already famous now, though. and, press, well, it goes with. My point is that I bet money she does it for fun now, not fame.

I misspoke earlier. Yours was the most ridiculous, delusional comment in this thread! To say LVP needs Kim for ANY media attention is being comical. Fact is, they absolutely WOULD print pics of her planting flowers.

The only *blind* people here are the trashbox pig’s loyal following. You should be a fiction writer SW. You’re good at it.

What he is saying is true about all HW, not just LVP. They all need media attention, part of reality TV is talking about the reality of the other people on the shows lives. That’s what they are paid to do, so LVP uses Kim’s story for press just as any other HW does. What he is saying isn’t a bad thing it is the way RT works, it is why when they go on WWHL they talk about other cast mates happenings, or you see blurbs in gossip columns from them so their name stays out there and we… Read more »

15 minutes are up….

anything so this piece of tampon-string swinging piece of trash, “I’m a good mom”, stays in the public eye……

She said nothing wrong! Just answered questions about her ex cast mates. All ex housewives are asked questions so are they to be called vile names as well?

Naturally Kim had an INJURY. She’s always injured when she doesn’t want to do something. It’s called crying wolf. Poor baby couldn’t go to the doctor (insert baby voice) because of the stupid press.

Are you on your period today or are you normally this grumpy?

Only before my coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not a Brandi fan AT ALL, buy boy , would I love to see her take down Meghan (dummy Barbie) Edmonds ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I know! Evil

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve no doubt that Brandi is extremely fond of Yolanda and that she regards Yolanda as a true friend and a person whom Brandi admires a lot. But Bandi is still Brandi (sigh). Brandi unfortunately spills the beans in the press – or on twitter (same thing) – about intimate and sometimes embarrassing things that real, true friends (except for Brandi – LOL) would keep strictly private. A case in point: Brandi dishes about Yolanda being in surgery for six hours and adding, “They took out lymph nodes and everything.” One doesn’t know how to interpret that. It sounds very… Read more »

The comments are comical as she didn’t say anything but show support for her friends. Yet somehow she can’t even show support without being called names.

I agree CassyJ, I have left an apology to you on the Cynthia thread, I was really stressed yesterday and typed my reply poorly! I did correct after your comment but have been pulled up on it by someone else and quite rightly so! I should have stayed away yesterday until I was thinking straight! Apologies again, I love reading your comments so would not want to be snarky with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh sweets it didn’t bother me at all. I think we were actually saying the same thing, but because it is written conversation opposed to verbal something’s are lost. I just assumed this was one of those times. Also super jealous of your holiday. Hope you have and amazing time.

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

No one needs Kim for media attention…. except maybe Brandi.

They why does Lisa V Keep talking about her? Not just the once but multiple times.

Because the press keeps asking. And if she refused to comment, that would get her negative attention instead of just people like you making anything she does negative. She has a great life, not just money. Money, love, fame and fans. No. 1 housewife of all time. I am pretty sure she cares not for the few naysayers.

Which is exactly the same thing that happens to BG, the reporters call, ask questions at a step and repeat, or ask her while she is out just like they do with all the HW. You are correct Lisa has a great life from what we see, but without the show she wouldn’t be know and without being in the press she wouldn’t stay relevant. Bethany said on WWHL all the money in the world can’t buy you fame, and these women wanted fame. That’s why they did the show to become famous. To stay famous they need the show… Read more »
I never said one word about BG speaking to the press. I only spoke about Kim and Lisa’s different levels of need where the press is concerned. Maybe you were reading someone else’s comment and referred to me about that accidentally. I do see less and less about Brandy though, as I knew would happen, and even this blog page speaks about others more than her. I don’t believe Lisa would fade into obscurity as Jill Zarin did, though. She said herself in an interview early on that one of the things she thanked the show for was being able… Read more »