Brandi Glanville Suffers From Low Self-Esteem?

Low self-esteem is a major issue that most women face, no matter how beautiful or thin, sometimes you don’t see what others see. RadarOnline is reporting that this is the case for the beautiful model and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville. When her husband, Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with Leann Rimes, Brandi’s self-esteem was damaged, according to an interview with a Bravo producer.

Dave Rupel, the show’s Emmy-winning Executive Producer, candidly assessed the show and its stars, confirming that Brandi has a photo shoot phobia and is never happy with the way she looks in the pictures. “It’s true. Brandi was very unhappy with how she looked in the photos,” Rupel said. And he reveals why, “Her divorce really took a toll on her self-esteem,” he added.

I can relate to Brandi’s story, but I hope she soon realizes that she is absolutely stunning, hilarious, and now more famous than her ex-husband OR Leann Rimes will ever be. #justsayin

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Photo Credit: Bravo


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