Brandi Glanville Speaks Out About Reports She Has A Drinking Problem


After previews for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed Brandi Glanville heavily intoxicated, along with Brandi’s co-star Joyce Giraud telling her she needs rehab, Brandi is finally speaking about the matter. “There are all these articles now, like does Brandi need rehab? I’ve never claimed to be sober. Never. Not in my life,” Brandi said during her Podcast One show. “I do celebrate on my birthdays, god forbid. I went out with a bunch of my friends. I was tripping while we were sipping. I had a little too much to drink, we went dancing and then we went home.”

Photos emerged of Brandi being carried out of a restaurant while celebrating her 41st birthday last month. “There are a couple ladies on the show that are going around trying to discredit me,” she said, adding that the trip to Palm Springs made her want to drink more. “We’re on vacation. I’m having some drinks and sometimes with these ladies, your only friend in the room is a drink.”

Brandi explained she never drinks in front of her children. “I take care of a household [and] pay all the bills. I don’t have help, and I take care of these two little kids. I don’t know how I’d get anything done if I was just drunk all the time,” she said of the rumors she has a drinking problem. “I do enjoy drinking. Sometimes I overindulge, but I don’t drink when I have my kids.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images