Brandi Glanville Speaks On Current State Of Lawsuit With Adrienne Maloof!

Brandi G

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville co-hosted Anderson Live Friday and answered questions regarding her newly released memoir, ‘Drinking & Tweeting.’ Brandi also set the record straight about all the stories surrounding a lawsuit involving her and co-star, Adrienne Maloof. Anderson asks Brandi, “What is going on with you and Adrienne Maloof?” Brandi laughs and pretends to zip her lips.

Anderson asks, “Is she suing you?” Brandi responds, “During the show, she was threatening me with a lawsuit if I didn’t sign a piece of paper saying I wouldn’t say anything really, especially that specific thing. She was also suing you’re good friend Andy and Bravo to take it out [of the show]. She was very litigious during our Season.”

Anderson asks Brandi if she is currently being sued. “She’s not suing me now. We resolved it, but because the show is airing and it’s coming back up, there are a few phone calls from lawyers getting passed around. So, it’s scaring me a little. I just don’t want to talk about it,” Brandi responded.

Anderson asked Brandi if she had to hire a lawyer. “I had to,” Brandi said. “You can’t get around it. I don’t ever wanna do it again. I will not sue you no matter what you do to me,” she laughed. “I do not want to spend money on lawyers.”

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6 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Speaks On Current State Of Lawsuit With Adrienne Maloof!”

  1. so now it’s “she was threatening me w/ a lawsuit”?! STFU BRANDI-TRANNY!!
    you said she was “suing” you over, and over again. i hope your boys marry a disgusting liar just like you.

  2. Oh, so Adrienne really DIDN’T lie……..can we please move on now? I’ve never watched a season of RH where the only conversation at every meal and event was the same every single friggin time. Do what the rest of the world has to do. Shut your mouth, you havent been sent here to tell all truth Adrienne, and move to the next topic. And truly, Brandi has only replaced Cedric. Lisa likes those who cant help themselves.

  3. Kossak,
    The jury is out for me on whether I like Brandi or not. But in her defense, she did explain a couple of times on the show of what the lawyer’s letter did say which is that she had to stop talking about Adrienne or else be sued. Maybe in her lose lips sort of way (no pun intended), she just shortcutted the issue to say she is being sued for dramatic effect. For her, it translates to being sued because Brandi knows she cannot “STFU” – lol.

  4. read what she said please she sent a letter threating 2 sue her she meaning brandi hired a lawyer because of the threat of being sued she spent money she didnt have 4 that purpose 4 a lawyer, now its resolved because its many months later but its still on the show real time get it now and im still team brandi………..

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