Brandi Glanville Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Her Digs at Kyle Richards


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi discusses her relationship with J.R. (Jonathan Ruiz) and explains it’s definitely a complicated one. She also says she was disgusted and shocked at the digs Lisa Vanderpump was taking at Kyle Richards. Brandi slams Lisa for joking about Mauricio’s cheating in front of Kyle’s daughter, Portia.

Brandi writes, “In writing these blogs it is always difficult to go back in time and remember exactly how I was feeling in that momen — because my relationships and friendships with these women have all evolved and changed. So much has happened in all of our lives since the first episode was shot but I will do my best to recollect my feelings at that particular time and try not to be to biased as to how I feel right now!

This year I was able to move into a bigger home so that we could all have our own bedrooms and the boys could have a fancy new pool. While it may not be a mansion by any stretch I am very proud to call it home. I do also realize my children would be happy in a studio apartment with all of us sharing the same bed, but I still wanted them to have some of the luxuries they have on their dad’s time on my time as well.

My real estate agent-slash-on-again-off-again-boyfriend-for-over-a year-now Jonathon Ruiz (better known as J.R.) helped me find my new place, as you all saw on the show. He is a great real estate agent but other then that I don’t want to delve into my relationship with J.R. just yet because boy is it ever so complicated.

Yolanda and I go shopping for furniture that is just a bit out of my price range, but amazingly stylish. It gives me some good ideas for what I should be looking for at a lesser price. I really admire Yolanda’s strength and beauty, the fight that she has inside, the way she bear hugs her modern, combined family and the amazing way she is raising her beautiful children. I am really learning so much from her.

Now getting more into the show,  I urged Yolanda to go to Kyle’s party mostly because I needed a date. The fact is that Kyle, Kim and myself at this point were still working out issues and our friendship.

At Kyle’s party we finally meet the two new Housewives and I actually at the time found them both very lovely… but definitely felt more of a connection with Carlton and David.

I was honestly shocked to see all the digs that Lisa took at Kyle in this episode. . . .not to say that Kyle and I won’t have many future digs for one another along our path.

But this one really stuck with me and I just found it so inappropriate: when Lisa was speaking of the Mauricio’s cheating rumors in front of Portia, Kyle and Maurcico’s five year old daughter!!! Portia is five and she and my son Jake are almost the same age. Let me tell you these kids hear and understand EVERYTHING that gets said to them and around them.  Listen, I am all for putting the elephant in the room on point, as I always have been, but you never do that around someone’s child. We are grown ups we pick the time and place.

In closing I would love to say I am shocked about the level of closeness and ass kissing between Lisa and Scheana. At that particular time I would have been quite shocked by it, but sadly I now know better — and it is hard to pretend otherwise.”

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  • Pinky

    These comments coming from a sleeze of a woman who, her entire time on this show has made inappropriate remarks and digs to others constantly . What a ho.
    As far as Lisa’s JOKE about the younger,,,,, in front of Portia, get over it. Portia did not appear phazed and I, as many of us, also have little ones – nope – not at all affected or comprehended by Portia. Give it up, and stop the absurd nickpicking on the silly stuff. She and Kyle both are more than familiar with Lisa’s sense of humor. Lisa was trying to make light of something that we all know is Kyle’s storyline if which she signed off on. Come on – typical bravo fake reality.

  • DebBrenn

    Geez, I wish Brandi would be able to move on a little more, for her sake and her kids. This Scheana character is NOT going to be her best friend, and I wouldn’t recommend it. But, she slept with a guy that she thought was no longer married, at least according to her. And hating Scheana for life for a vow that was broken by Brandi’s husband, not this girl, is misplaced anger. And Lisa has had a relationship with Scheana for longer than she has with Brandi, both professionally and personally. Brandi cannot expect Lisa to hate the girl for a stupid but seemingly innocent choice of boyfriends she had several years ago.

  • Gidget

    Loved you. Now you are toast. Watch and learn you complete idiot. Love when someone helps get another along with true kindness and sincerity only to get slammed when the greed and insenserity come into play. You were no one without Lisa. Let’s see how long Kyle the biggest backs rabber keeps you around. Wow. Had faith you had a brain. Soooo done with you and your whorish ways that I totally swept under the rug because, like Lisa, thought with some taught grace and integrity you could amount to something more than a profaned laced sleaze. Lisa better stick to her guns and never give you another chance. I can not believe you bit the very hand that fed you. Shame on you. You are right up in same category as Kyle now. Have fun with that you thoughtless inhumane waste of skin.

  • MRealHousewife

    Okay, I dont understand why Brandi has a problem with Lisa being friends with Scheana. Lisa did not know Brandi when her husband was sleeping with Scheana so it would be completely ridiculous for Lisa to hate someone for something that has nothing to do with her. BRANDI SHUT THAT MOUTH OF YOURS, ONLY SHIT COMES OUT!