Brandi Glanville SLAMS LeAnn Rimes After Drunken Night Out!


Brandi Glanville has been making headlines this week when she stumbled into a hotel in West Hollywood Monday night, displaying her lady parts for the paps. But now, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star is taking to Twitter to deflect the criticism and majorly diss LeAnn Rimes! “You drank too much and got papped. U didn’t drive drunk. U didn’t f*ck a married man with two babies. Ur ass looks fine,” Glanville retweeted from a fan.

Then, Brandi tweeted, “I’m not perfect but I do the best I can and apologize when I’m wrong.”

And she also defended her parenting to one tweep. “My kids R great they flourish at school they didn’t get teased wen [sic] step mom had a nip slip or went 2 rehab it was 1 bad night,” she wrote.

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7 Replies to “Brandi Glanville SLAMS LeAnn Rimes After Drunken Night Out!”

    1. I agree from the way i see it they are the ONLY two celebrities who have ever gotten divorced and remarried, and as for Brandi who the F cares. She is a big girl. Anyone seen Sonja on the RHNY? She is almost 50 with a young daughter and she is sloshed at every function she goes to. Also isn’t she now dating like a 25 year old. Im impressed how about you?

  1. I really like Brandi. I do hope this is a wake up call that she needs to take back control. This sloppy drunk thing isn’t working.

  2. Her tampon string was hanging out! Okmwhatever re her sillycones falling out, and her stumbling blind drunk, but her tampon string was hanging o u t !!! That is a massive FAIL. Pathetic! At her age. At any age!

    PS Joey Gorga was biting at Giudice’s unit in that little midget wrestling attempt poor tiny Joey caused by trying to ram big, thick Juicy with his weeny little cranium. Headbutt? Okiefine there, liljoey, you go, girl, but refrain from nibbling Juicy’s acorns, eh? That had to be a surprise to Giudice. “My bro in law tried to bite my nutsack!”

    Sorry. Left field there. Did I mention the tampon string hanging down between the bonythighs?? Not The Look, Mom!

    Maybe teeny beeny joey G and Brandiwhine should hook up. Maybe then next time minimousekaJoey gts all roided out she can let him ride his favorite pony – her knee – until all his tiny tears have fallen.

  3. THose who have never gone out and had too much to drink may cast the first stone. I am a mother of four kids grown and on their own. I have had a night or two of two much. Who the F cares

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