Brandi Glanville Is Single Again, Disgusted By Someone Who Said They Loved Her


Brandi Glanville has been extremely happy in a recent relationship, and she even admitted it inspired a chapter in her new book Drinking and Dating: How Social Media Is Ruining Romance. But it looks like Brandi is single again, and she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the breakup. “I’m BEYOND disgusted & disappointed in a man who claimed 2 love me right now,” she wrote, adding, “Well at least I have a chapter in my next book!”

Brandi is wishing she could take back the chapters she’s already turned in where she dishes about her latest boyfriend. “Dear HarperCollins I know I’ve turned in my book already but I really need to change 1 chptr. My hero turned in 2 a zero.I will pay 4 reprint,” she wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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