Brandi Glanville To Scheana: I Hope Her Husband To Be Doesn’t Cheat


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie recently told RadarOnline that she was banning Brandi Glanville from her wedding, and it sounds like that is the right move because in Brandi’s new book ‘Drinking & Dating’ the RHOBH star slams the “silly f*cking cocktail waitress” and says she hopes her soon-to-be husband doesn’t cheat on her.

“How was I able to sit down with this person?” Glanville writes. “How could I look her in the eye? She knew he was married. She knew he had children. But she kept f*cking him anyway. Three reasons. First, I had already done it with my ex’s new wife. My close friend had asked me to do it so that i could help her … Second, while I don’t feel sorry for that silly f*cking cocktail waitress, I know my ex-husband f*cked her over too. She went through her own heartbreak, which she deserved, and for the rest of her life when someone goolges her name, she’ll be identified as the girl who sleeps with married men, and John Mayer, and who sold all the tawdry details to the press. We’ll never be friends …”

“Apparently she’s getting married now,” Glanville writes, “although that didn’t stop her from flirting with my date all night long at a recent dinner party, on camera. I only hope that she never has to experience firsthand what I endured.”

Scheana has responded, telling RadarOnline she plans to up the security at her wedding, ensuring Brandi doesn’t crash. “She is absolutely not invited,” Scheana tells the site. “And if she tries to crash it, I will have security escort her to the street and throw her out.”

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4 Replies to “Brandi Glanville To Scheana: I Hope Her Husband To Be Doesn’t Cheat”

  1. Brandi, be quiet and get over it. Your husband would have been with somebody else. Your mean remarks are pushing us all to like and feel sorry for this girl. Let it go! Your better off now than you ever were.

  2. When is dirt mouthed Brandi going to grow up and shut up. Doesn’t she realize how sick and tired we all are hearing this crap from her. She just goes on and on and on. on last nights episode she was still whining about her swollen throat. Yuck.

  3. Brandi Brandi….. what are you going to tell your boys when they get their hands on one of your books? Remember… all their friends will read your book too. You aren’t too careful when it comes to your children’s feelings…. your boys will be humiliated by you….

  4. Brandi has bragged about having sex with all types of men. How do we know that some weren’t married? Get real Brandi. Other women have had cheating done to them and have moved on to very productive and beneficial lives, if not for them, for any children they have. You just wallow in it. How you are speaking before any reference to Scheana is very telling how much you “hope her husband doesn’t cheat”. As I have heard you say of others, “contradict yourself much”?

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