Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Told Her Lisa And Ken Filed Bankruptcy


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville pissed Lisa Vanderpump off when she said she lived deep in The Valley and filed for bankruptcy, and now she is blaming Kyle Richards for her remark. “The one thing I do want to clear up is that I don’t know if Lisa and Ken lived in Calabasas and filed for bankruptcy,” Glanville admitted to E! News after Lisa addressed the statement many times. “Kyle Richards told me, I looked it up on this site where you pay $9.99 it said yes, they lived off Mulholland drive in Calabasas.”

“How do I know if they filed for bankruptcy? Kyle Richards said Ken and Lisa were going to file for bankruptcy and lived in Calabasas. It’s something I repeated, but if they say it’s not true, it’s probably not true. I don’t know it for a fact. It’s something Kyle told me and I repeated it,” Brandi admitted. “I just don’t understand why Ken and Lisa care so much.”

Kyle took to her Facebook to respond to Brandi’s accusation. “In response to Brandi’s comment re Lisa & Ken ….Brandi must have misunderstood an innocuous conversation we had in which we discussed the fact that Ken himself had made a speech at a party in their home where he said that he and Lisa had owned businesses and properties in Calabasas and discussed the course of their journey,” Kyle writes. “This was not “classified” information. The other claim made did not come up in this conversation and is not something I have heard. For all the issues that Lisa and I continue to work through, I have tremendous respect for the hard work and success they have achieved in their life together.”

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7 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Told Her Lisa And Ken Filed Bankruptcy”

  1. And there it is….. KYLE said it. Brandi is not a precision weapon. She’s a shotgun full of bird shot that splatters gaping wounds to victims in every direction.

  2. What is wrong with you Kyle? I ALWAYS stand up for you! Having any conversation with BRANDi in which you discuss someone else, especially Lisa is NEVER going to turn out well. How on earth is it that you don’t know this by now? The haters will have a field day with this one! You just can’t explain this away. And that “explanation” is pretty rough to say the least. Just stop talking about Lisa! And stop talking to Brandi period. I can’t believe this, really.

  3. Brandi, can’t you keep your big mouth shut at all? You just want to stir the pot to get more attention. You are just pathetic. You just keep proving how ugly you really are. Both inside and out. If you don’t know something for a fact, why repeat it? Sure would not tell you ANYTHING unless I want to hear on the news.

  4. I do hope that the powers that be read this. Get rid of Brandi. She eventually is going to do real damage
    to someone’s character. Don’t give her such a broad stage to do it on. As they say with friends like
    that you don’t need enemies.
    Seems to me that she is the real witch as she keeps stirring her cauldron.

  5. lol all of you are sucked in lisa’s ass. if all the ladies are against her, obviously there is something to it, not just jealousy

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