Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards’ Behavior Isn’t Helping Kim & Kim Agrees!

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up what she really meant when she said Kyle wanted to see Kim fail. She explains using the world “fail” might have been the wrong word to describe the situation, but she always feels like Kyle was rolling her eyes and saying she wasn’t sure if Kim was sober. Read what else Brandi said below!

Brandi writes, “The second part of this reunion mostly revolves around Kim’s sobriety and her behavior in Paris. I was a little mean to Kim about the pillow talk in Paris. But I just couldn’t sit there and let Yolanda be attacked by Kim knowing that Yolanda (out of all of us) carried her bag her pillow through the airport and doted on her completely. I definitely used the wrong word when I said it seems like Kyle isn’t supportive of Kim’s sobriety. When I said “fail,” what I meant was that in every episode Kyle is rolling her eyes, saying she isn’t sure if Kim is sober or she isn’t acting sober. I don’t think that saying that on national television is helpful to Kim in any way, and Kim clearly agrees.

The men join the reunion and Paul has a video message for all of us. He says that I didn’t ruin his family. I honestly never felt responsible for that.

Mauricio and I make up, but I am glad I got the point across that he was out of line with the way he spoke to me. I am sure it is hard for Mauricio to separate his client life from his friendships but it did seem convienant to me that he was so defensive of Paul and Adrienne while selling their 20 million dollar home.

I was very glad to leave this season with all of us somewhat getting along. We as a group (yes, even Kim) but minus Kyle and Mauricio all went to the Polo Lounge to have sliders and relax after the long day!”

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  1. well stated,
    Best wishes and I am sure that Kyle and Maurico went to have snacks at Fayes after the show, just to catch up! lol,
    Hope you get a raise this season!

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